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jeudi 27 mai 2010

la lumière d'amour

before i start mumbling about my wedding plan
i wanna tell a story about me and mon prince charmant
well..our relationship is about 9 months old
and i have known him for about 10 to 11 months..huhuhu

im pretty sure, people must say that our relationship is still young
but that always happens to a person whose heart had been broken once
luckily i found him =)
in our first meet, i told him that i was no longer interested to cintan-cintun type of relationship, i wanted something serious and some commitment from his part
and he agreed!
it sounds a bit crazy rite? but i really told him that.. :D
and the most important, i believe him, and i trust my decision to be with him
so there was no proposal..huhuhuhu

from then, we started to know each other, to understand and to accept each weakness
and at the same time, we started talking and planing for our wedding
and that happened for several months before we decided to engage.
actually it was our parents decision as we didnt want to engage in order to cut cost..hahahahaha
what do you expect? i just got back with no saving and just started working for not even a year..and mon prince charmant, he has been working only for one year and a half..
opkos we do not have money to do everything..

but as everyone knows, money is not everything
it turned out that our engagement was great in a very fine day, eventho with one week notice for both side..huhuhuhuhu
owh yes..it was simple, but it was more than enough for me

my engagement attire was from kain sulam padang that my mom gave me and terperam in my wardrobe tak berjahit..huhuhu
luckily, one of bridal boutique at warta bangi was happily to accept my request and to deliver my attire in 3 days :D
the hantarans, i did it by myself, one day before the e-day
i didnt have pelamin, but my mom nicely set up one place with two chairs and fresh flowers for the occasion
as for food, my mom cooked by herself

and now, both of us are heading to our dream
slowly, hand by hand, we step together towards our happiness =)

the end.

2 commentaires:

ElyaElmo a dit…

dear...tak nak letakkkk gamba ur e-day????
salam kenal:)

Amalina a dit…

salam kenal too
i will put some pictures..tak sempat lagi..baru je balik dari kampung =)