Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

lundi 27 septembre 2010

job hunting

i am still feel lazy to blog (and to work of course)
after 3 weeks being away from office, it was a blast!
both of us buat muke pagi tadi bile dah nak sampai office..muahhaha
but i was happy as well, as now im going to work with my hubby..yeay! (but not so long)

on the other hand, i am looking for a new job as well
being in the same office may be not so wise for both of us
thus, we decided that one of us has to rend his/her resignation letter
and i offered myself, because
  • my post here has not been confirmed
  • he was here earlier than me
  • regarding my qualification and expertise, i rather seek a better job somewhere else which can give me more satisfaction and can give me extra money..haha
  • i always wanna be a lecturer =)
therefore, i start looking for a lecturer post for any univ in Selangor..and I am considering applying for SLAB too..
am I ready to start PhD study now? i dunno, and will never know..huhuhu..lebey2 lagi tgh2 nak build up family ni kan..takut jugak jadi haru-baru..but i guess, i have to serah segala urusan dan perancangan kepada yg Esa..as He is the only one who knows what is the best for me.
btw, any idea on how to apply SLAB?

ok.that's about job hunting. how's about my wedding, reviews and pictures??haha..sorry folks..we just touched down yesterday, very early in the morning..only had a couple of hours to rest, unpacked stuffs, did house-cleaning, attended open house..phewww
futhermore, i dont know where shud i start. maybe i will let pictures to do the talking..and i just add some words la kot..seriouss rase sgt malass nak menaip..huhuhu..which made me sad as well, as now i didnt have much idea about what to be told in my blog..dulu mase prepare the wed, idea dtg mencurah2..hahaha miss those moments!

friends..thanks a lot for the wishes..

mercredi 22 septembre 2010


we are currently in Sabah =)

lundi 20 septembre 2010

i am happily married

Salam my dear readers,

dah lame rasenye tak jenguk blog ni..my last entry was one week before hari raya
time tu pon dah bz packing utk balik kampung dan jugak utk my big day
and once dah sampai rumah
i didnt have time to blog, to check emails or even to reply every sms

alhamdulillah, the akad went well, as well the kenduri for both sides
of course there were hiccups here and there
but i just remembered what Huda and Nahwal told me
smile smile and smile during ur big day
and all the hiccups wud just fade away.

i am deeply thankful to my parents, my siblings, my uncles, my aunties, my cousins and relatives for helping me in the preparation and for making my day so wonderful.

i wud like to express my gratitude as well to my photog, Jukie for those lovely pictures (tak edit pon dah chantek), and for his time spent with us, starting from the akad till end of majlis bertandang (poor him tak dapat raye sakan because of us..huhu).
my gratitude also goes to NTouch, for the pelamin and mekap (akad and sanding) and Nuha & Mea utk mekap utk bertandang(thanks jaja sbb introduce diorang..mekap dia mmg chantek..even org ckp lagi chantek dr kak long :D )
btw, i will try to put some review about all these (bile saye ade kelapangan ye :D)

about DIY, alhamdulillah sume dapat dibuat dgn jayanya. But as i just only have 2 hands, i had to give some tasks to someone else.
Kaklong, thank you for the pomander ball, which are sgt chantek terletak kat meja beradap =)
Kak Tik, thank you and thank you for those lovely gubahan hantaran!You did really make my dream came true =)
Cikja n Cik Nurul, terima kasih sbb sudi jadi bidan terjun utk hias wedding cake..hehehehhe

now i am a happy married wife. extraordinary happy.

ps. i will be away for a while for our second lune de miel =)

samedi 11 septembre 2010

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

now i am excited!

a lot of things happened today which provided me a lot of adrenaline in my vein
i am thrilled..i am excited..i am happy..i am smilling
owhh yeahh bebehh

ok first thing first.

i arrived at my office very early in the morning ..which is 7.30 am
muhahahaha..my colleagues were surprised to see me that early
as normally i sampai around 9 gitu..hahaha
and tak sampai 10 mins, my colleague dtg kat meja, kasi a plastic of henna leaves =D
dia siap tunjuk gambar dia kwen..mmg merah gilee wehh...i likee!!!!
i mmg jarang sgt pkai inai mase kecik2 dulu
so bile dah besar panjang ni baru nak pakai for the sake of my wedding
of course teruja wehh..cant wait to see my hands with henna! =)
but sy just nak pkai inai kat jari je..no ukiran or anything
sbb sy mm tak suke ukiran di tangan, rase tak sesuai ngan tgn saye
n bile ukiran inai tu pudar, sungguh tak chantekk tgn tu nanti
so a big no to ukiran inai..n my mom agrees with me..phewwww

then another colleague came, giving me the napkin table yg i mintak dia jahitkan =D
i was looking for napkin, but i cudnt find any that fit with my theme color or my budget
and suddenly, out of no where, i asked my colleague if she cud jahitkan 15 napkins for me
and she said yes! thanks babe!
so total damage for 15 napkins is RM15 + sebalang biskut crispy chips yg sedap =)

in the afternoon, with my fiancé, we went to Nilai 3 for the last time before being husband n wife =)
actually we planned to go there right after office hour like we usually did, but he suddenly got planned with his friends and i suddenly received orders for blueberry cheesecake, to be delivered tomorrow.
so wat did we buy?ribbons of course, for my wedding cakes, my bunga pahar and corsages. 3 boxes of bunga pahar, and 2 stands for bunga pahar.

back to the office, i received call from bridal boutique, saying that they already wanted to go to my house to set up the pelamin. terkejut kejap..awal gile tauu..but i likeeee it too!! at least takde cuak or panik or risau if dia pasang last mins rite? so i gave them my papa's and home number as i will only be back on Saturday..cant waitt to go homee!!

then i emailed jaja about her veil, i love her veil very much, but i am just not sure if it can suit my nikah dress.watever, nak try jugak kot2 match la kan..bergaye sy dgn veil jaja nanti..hahahahha (cross all my fingers n toes for it..as well hoping that kb wont be too packed on thursday)

pestu i placed order for swimming suit muslimah at http://islamicbajurenang.blogspot.com/ (moose jgn gelak kat aku ok..haha)..that means, snorkelling is on bebehhhh!

last but not least, my sis and my bil, along with their lovely kids are going to take flight tonite at 8 (uk time), and will only arrive here tomorrow at 10pm (m'sia time) yeayyy!! x sabar nyeee nk jumpeeee =)

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

update tak merapu: igauan veil

ok..sy still tk decide lg nak pakai veil mane utk akad nikah, bole?hahahha
lagi 9 hari..tp veil masih tak setel.adoii..pening2.

mule2, i mean awal2 dulu..ingatkan nak tempah veil nikah ngan KV
but then, bile sy decide utk tempah sendiri songket utk bersanding
sy tuka plan..nak tempah dua2 veil ngan KV
tp disebabkan kemerosotan ekonomi yg dialami diseluruh dunia
so sy just tempah veil (n tambah tudung plak) ngan KV..hahahha

pestu sy ingat nak sewa je veil nikah ngan bridal yg buat pelamin tu
tp ehemmmmmm veil dia kurang menarik..yg kaler cream pon nampak dah comot n kusam je (or mate i rosak kot ari tu)
pestu i tot nak singgah beli kat jalan TAR
and till now tak tersinggah2 lagi beli eventho dah beribu kali pegi sane bulan ni
(ecehhh beribu kali kunun)

memandangkan skang jln TAR sesak gile
and sy pon takde mase dah nak singgah..i think i just have to sewa veil bridal tu
tp before im going back to kltn
nak jugak tanye this Q:

ade tak any of u yg ade veil kaler cream/gold yg bleh i sewa/pinjam? =)

haiii..lagi 4 hari nak balik, baru terpk nak tanye soklan cemni kat blog..haha

update merapu

ok..i start loosing my grip..it becomes harder for me to handle all the stress, conflicts and thoughts about my wedding..of course deep inside my heart..i am super duper happy to be married..cant wait to live happily ever after (insya-Allah) with mon prince charmant
BUT..this is too much! i didnt know that a wedding can really drive me crazy (i am not a bridezilla..just not yet!)

i dunt know where shud i start..and hell no, i dont know how to complain..people may see me as a b2b who is excited about her wedding and handle so well all the tasks.. but not so many can see my gloomy-not-so-cheerful side.

major source of the stress comes from me..where i start to have some thoughts..and questions start with "what if" become common in my mind right now. And those questions touch every aspects, including past life, life after marriage and you-know-what. And i dont have any answer for those Q, thus it kinda scares me..well a lot!

and i already have nightmares ok. started with the one that i have months ago. bole tak sy mimpi terlupe yg ari tu supposed to be ari my akad nikah, sampai le my tunang sms me ckp he's on the way to my house dgn rombongan keluarganye for the akad ceremony?panikkkk ok!

mimpi seterusnya, me n him was dlm jamuan makan2, and i saw a simple pelamin on stage (i guess dlm dewan la kot) and a lady sat on it..and suddenly my fiance asked my permission to be on stage, as he's married to that lady (bulat mate i when he said that) but he gently promised me that he's going to file a divorce asap so that we can get married afterwards.. jumpe kat opis keesokan harinya, i directly asked him who was the lady in my dream..bole takk??hahahha

Tadaaaaaa! that's current me.. result of being away from him for 5 days + an ex who tried to reach me.

makin nak dekat makin, makin tak tau nak update pasal ape dah..hahhhhhaaa sorry guys