Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

lundi 30 août 2010

11 days to go- update

sorry for the counting days title, well, im not really counting days, otherwise i will just freak out instead of feel excited, but i cudnt find any proper title.

worst, i dunt even know why i opened www.blogger.com in the first place. but i am pretty sure there is something that bothers me right now, starts to occupy my mind, which makes me feel uneasy. org kate, makin kite dekat ngan tarikh nak kawen, makin besar dugaan rite?i 100.9% agree with that! ::sighh::

normally, when i jump into this uneasy-unsecure zone, i will just talk talk and talk with others. And I can talk about everything, not specifically about the thing that bothers me. The only prob is, only a few come to the office today (haha) and i am too lazy to dial my bffs numbers and pour them with my concerns.

enough of crap. the real updates are:

1. bunga pahar: my wedding is very the simple. and i clearly said to my parents that i dunt want any merenjis or tepung tawar as from what i read, it is not advisable to do that because tersangat meniru adat org bukan islam dan ade yg ckp haram. thus i have to say No no and no (but this dilemma is still under nego, because my parents nak sgt buat merenjis ni).

As we dunt have this renjis merenjis, then wat's the use of bunga pahar? well i decided to give each of them to rombongan pengantin lelaki. So they will have normal doorgift + bunga pahar. Kinda special la kan? Tak payah sy nak pening2 nak kasi ape kat diorang utk kasi diorang nampak special sket from normal guests. with my mom, we decided to do by ourselves. My mom sgt suka bunga stoking..so we did bunga pahar stoking for 100 people.

Mule2 i tot, i siapkan separuh, then my mom siapkan separuh, but akhirnye sy buat semua all by myself..tp tak siap lagi la opkos..baru 50 cucuk..another 50 cucuk to go..huhu.. rite now, sy tgh consider nak beli 50pcs just for the sake utk decor pelamin..boley? nak buat sendiri another 50pcs mmg tak sempat..mau bengkak jari sy nanti..hihihi

2. Borang nikah: Those required documents for nikah dah serah kat my papa. Redzuan personally handed the document last Saturday as he is currently in Kltn (miss u) for this long weekend. So nanti papa serah kat tok imam, and insya-Allah, tiada halangan utk akad nanti.

3. Dulang polystrene-bantal: is still on going. Dah siapkan 3, another 5 to go. Total hantaran is 9 balas 9, so sy fikir, utk cake, tak payah kot buatkan dulang polystrene segala, bukannye nampak pon, because cake yg my mom slalu buat mmg agak besar :D

4. Biskut raya: (nothing to do with wed prep) during the weekend, with my eldest sis, kami dah siapkan hampir 20 balang beraneka biskut. esok nak buat dua jenis biskut lagi..maybe tambah lagi 3 balang kot. my only concern, macam mane sy nak muat segala balang tu (bersama dgn barang2 utk perkahwinan sy) dlm kereta saya yg kecik itu utk di bw balik ke kltn..erk!

5. Honeymoon: everything has been booked and paid (hotels and car) tinggal nak bayar kereta je..as for the itineary, it is pretty much done. Cuma im not sure about snorkeling because:
  • saye mabuk orgnye. tak kesah naik ape pon, confirm pening (except car i guess). FYI, each time i naik flight especially long distance like kl-paris, confirm i akan amik ubat tido ..ngeeee..and paling best..klu naik flight balik kb which is only 45 mins, before flight take off, i dah siap pejam mate and tido awal2..sedar2 flight dah nak land.! but i love swimming, and dunt have any prob about that, except the facts that i mudah mabuk bile main ombak. last year, mase i pegi snorkeling kat perhentian..omg it was hillarious, i tak masuk dlm air pon dah start pening, and after 5 mins, i requested pakcik bawak boat tu bawak i pegi pantai, sbb tak tahan sgt dah..hahahahha
  • another concern is the proper attire for swimming..mase i still dlm zaman jahilliah, bleh la kan pakai sesuka hati yg i nak..but when i decided to become his wife, i have started consider everything about the aurat and such..so im still not sure, shud i buy a muslimah swimmung attire or just forget about the snorkeling.
6. Baju pengapit: frankly speaking, i dunt have official bridesmaids like other B2Bs, except for my lovely married best-friend-forever-s (bffs) who are very good in listening and giving advice from the beginning. yes, my friends are all married, except me..hahaha..so there's my excuse for not having any bridemaid LOL. however, i indeed wanna have pengapit utk perarakan rombongan from pintu pagar to pelamin. and for that, i chose my little sis (which is taller than me..who's little now?hahaha) because i know she loves it. My only concern is the baju..well utk kenduri belah my side, my sis mmg tempah baju raya kaler hijau, and adik redzuan mmg ade baju melayu kaler hijau, so no prob psl tu (tona color is not my concern)..cume utk kenduri belah lelaki, shud i buy ready-made baju kurung color maroon for my sis?before this i tak kesah sgt if tak same color, tp tetibe rase cam better samekan jugak utk bertandang..hurmm hurrmmm

Fact: i got a missed call fr my-ex this morning. and i have this unpleasant feeling since then.
ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan perkahwinanku ini. Jauhilah ia dari sebarang halangan dan rintangan. Amin.

mardi 24 août 2010

17 days to go mood

mood 2: ceria

i finally managed to settle a couple of things:

  • doorgift utk meja beradap: done
  • bunga pahar: 50% dah siap
  • barang utk gubahan hantaran my side: dah beli, tinggal nak buat aje
  • flowers utk gubahan hantaran: ordered! yes, finally i changed my mine and decided to use fresh flowers utk hantaran..kak tik..hellppppp =D
  • hantaran: completely done!!! yeayyy!! last Sunday, pegi cari seluar utk cik abang =)
  • met photog: also done!! finally managed to meet him, and we briefly updated him wat type of pic and scenery that we are looking for.
  • anta baju nikah utk altering: done!! tp sakit ati ngna makcik tailor yg tak puas hati i nak kecik kan baju tu..dia siap cakap..i kurus sbb puasa je..after i kawen nanti sure gemuk balik..tak padan la baju ni nanti..hello makcikk..ade sy kesahhhhh???? ::geram::
  • distribute invitation: almost done! =)

17 days to go mood

mood 1: geram

(a couple of months ago)
my mom said, utk meja beradap, she wanted to cook by herself..im ok with it..i despise fancy food..like ayam golek berhias ke..tembikai berukir ke..udang berhias ke..because it must be difficult utk makan secara bersopan..nak amik lauk yg cantik berhias tu pon dah susah gile..and as pengantin..i nak makannnnnn (ngeeee) opkos lapa wehh mase ur big day..my priority is the taste..not the way they are presented.

Then, weeks later, one of our relative msg me on fb, asking who will be in charge of catering..he was a chef, and wanted to lend some help..the thing is..my mom, she has her own taste, and she is the one who is in charge of catering (awal2 lagi she warned me that she wanted to handle about the catering) so i said to our relative tu yg my mom yg in charge..and i tak tau pon same yg my mom hire. if he was really interested, i asked him to deal with my mom.

After a while, my father called, told me that our relative called, saying to my father that he wanted to sponsor makanan utk meja beradap. That's fine. But, he also told my father that i wasnt interested with his offer. I was like..when did u tell me thatt?????
My father marah la sket, awat sy tanak terima pertolongan orang..dah dia nak sponsor..terima je la..huhuhu tak pepasal kena marah..eeiiiiiii

Yesterday, i called our relative, to confirm and to remind him that he will be in charge of makanan utk meja beradap. Yang tak best..he quoted me RM XXX just utk beli barang2 mentah..upah memasak and serving dia kasi free..
aikkkk..ckp ngan my papa lain..ckp ngan sy lain pulak..and mahal gile ke ayam udang bawang cili kering carrot timun tembikai sekarang sampai kne rm XXX..mind you, it is for 12 pax.

seriously i didnt expect this..not even my budget..now i have to cut here and there in order to pay him..and this is my main reason WHY i dont want any of our relative to interfere in my wed preparation! Once it happens, i dont know how to say NO, afraid of creating unpleasant feeling between families. But dlm hati..ya Allahhh..geram tak terkata.. my parents dont know about this yet, and i bet they will feel the same.

jeudi 19 août 2010

worth sharing

Businesswoman launches first British halal make-up

BIRMINGHAM, England, Aug 19 - As a Muslim, Samina Akhter was disturbed to find some of her make-up contained pig by-products so she came up with a solution -- a range of halal make-up, free from alcohol and animal products.

Under Islamic law, alcohol and certain meats are forbidden with pork especially taboo so Akhter was shocked to learn some of the products she used contained alcohol and even pig placenta.

So she devised her own make-up line, Samina Pure Make-up, launched from her home in Birmingham in June this year after two years of testing which now boasts to be Britain's first company to sell halal-certified cosmetics.

"This has been on my conscience," Akhter, 41, a mother of five, told Reuters Television.

"I realised many do contain ingredients that are not permissible to Muslims to eat and I just started thinking, well if it's not permissible to eat, then why should I put it on my face?"

The range, which is mainly sold online, includes items like foundation, blusher, eyeshadows and lipsticks, priced from about 8 pounds and is initially targeted at the almost one million Muslim woman living in Britain.

Mascara is still unavailable as the process of making a halal version is still being studied.

Akhter said in keeping with Islamic law, her make-up is made by manufacturers in Australia and Europe from plant extracts, minerals, essential oils and vitamins.

The cosmetics are certified by the independent Halal Certification Authority Australia.

Akhter said she now has more than 500 customers and interest in the cosmetics has come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East.

She said the halal range, free of chemicals and animal products, had also proved popular with vegans and vegetarians.

Some Muslim leaders have criticised Akhter for exploiting a religious concept.

But she argues there is demand for halal make-up with about 1.6 billion Muslim worldwide but only a small number of companies offering cosmetics or other bath products that conform to halal standards.

"The reaction I've had from women so far has been so positive and encouraging," said Akhter who is looking to expand beyond Britain and to get her products into pharmacies and stores.

"I really feel that this product has ... actually filled a gap in the market. So it's not a case of trying to cash in. It's a case of providing people with something they're looking for."

(Reporting by Reuters Television, Editing by Belinda Goldsmith)


dinar emas ii

mon prince charmant dah dapat beli dinar emar kelantan!! alhamdulillah
specifically wang syariah yg baru dilancarkan oleh kerajaan kltn..
pheww..after all the waiting..tercapai jugak hajat dia nak grab the dinar.
u cant imagine how relieved we were when ar-rahn ckp ade stock utk dinar yg baru dilancarkan tu..

i tried to find some info about this matawang syariah, but i cud only find this page (selain dr www.dinarkel.com)

from http://islamicmint.com.my, baru i tau yang dinar yg dikeluarkan adalah dari 1/2 dinar till 8 dinar.
dulu, paling tinggi rasenye 2 dinar je.

but we are still looking for 1 dinar, which has the highest demand. klu boleh nak jugak grab satu.huhuhuhu

how to buy?kindly contact cawangan ar-rahn, contact number boleh didapati di sini:ar-rahn

last week, we did call ar-rahn kajang, but they said stock blom lagi tiba. dinar yg kitorang dpt tu from ar-rahn di kltn.

i know there are a lot of political issues arose around this matawang syariah..but i cudnt care less..politicians always talk about politic (regardless the party) so i am not interested with their points of view. wat do i know is, this dinar is a 916 Gold, and valuable in years coming, and i have no intention to use it as matawang..just utk simpanan.thank you very much. =)

mercredi 18 août 2010

be a diplomat, will ya?

where shud i start?

errr..well it is still difficult for me to be a diplomat between the two families..to practice diplomacy. The only thing that i know is to be frank..thus it is difficult for me to bring bad news to the loved ones, without making them sad or hurt.

on the other hand,while im preparing the wedding, i realize how important it is to have that skill, as me and mon prince charmant are the orang tgh for both families. we have to know how to negotiate or to say unwanted things in a pleasable manner, and to ensure that the message has been passed through clearly, without too much of pushy, otherwise someone will raise his/her eyebrow and start to wonder. we definitely have to avoid that kind of situation, otherwise, both of us will be in trouble.takutttttttttt!!!!

both of us (and i think it is also the case for all of you) were raised in a family where manner is always important, not only the way you behave, but also the way you talk and the way you present yourself. if silap cakap, haruslah kne caras kan. ngeeeee

and when it comes to a wedding, which is not only a union of both families, but also a union of two different traditions, originated from the family background. for example, family A who live in kampung A normally get used with one type of wedding, while family B who live in kampung B get used to another type of wedding. thus it takes a lottttttttttttt of explanation and a lottttttttt of diplomacy skill in order to accord both traditions and to make everyone happy and satisfied..i can imagine, it must be difficult for B2Bs and G2Bs who both come from different states..pheeewwww gud luck u guys.

luckily, our case are far from being severe..there are times when we were keras kejung tak tau camne nak ckp ngan family masing2..but thank god, both parents are supportive. but of course, my hands were dem cold while talking to themm..hahahhaha

okieh..tu je yg i nak bebel..selamat berbuka puasa
and have fun being a diplomat! =)

mardi 17 août 2010


sy tgh mencari napkin table, plain, kaler kuning cerah (bukan yg kuning tok sami punye tau)
but to no avail..sape tau mane carik aaa?pnat dah panjat parkson, jusco, sogo, tapi tak jumpe2
i ingat nak pegi jenguk home & living kat OU..tp jauhh la pulak rasenye
agak2 ade tak kat situ ek?
i need lebey kurang 15 pieces utk meja beradap.

on the other hand, utk lipat napkin tu, sy nak ikut seperti gambar dibawah
macam nehh..simple je..bukan bentuk angsa segala..

utk tahu cara nak melipat, sile tekan source
kat situ ade dia ajar step by step
menu card nye pon chantek
but i dont think i will put it..maybe just letak fork n spoon instead

p/s: mekap setel!yeay! tq jaja for the tips =D

lundi 16 août 2010

hectic weekend

1st mission: hunting for barang hantaran
locations: berjaya times square, lowyatt, jalan Tar n Sogo

notes: supposed to continue our hunting till wangsa maju, but it was already 6pm when we went out from Sogo, thus we just proceeded to JM Beriani, TTDI Shah Alam to break fast.
it left us only one item to buy, so we consider it as done! yeay!!! (biggggg relief)

p.s : jaja, tok payoh runsing doh pasal ni..hahahha :D

2nd mission: distribute the wedding card invitation (ore kelate kato gi madoh )
locations:usj height, bandar sunway, gombak

notes: supposed to continue to serdang and cheras, before proceeding to bangi, but my sis and i already tired and exhausted (she felt asleep, and my eyes were halved open), thus we decided to continue next week.

p.s arrived at home around 3pm..tido sampai 6..penat gile sey
p.s card2 sy dah start post jumaat lepas..insya-Allah sampai minggu ni =)

3rd mission: start making bunga pahar

assisted by my sil and my bro..muhahahha..semua kne kerah :D

luahan perasan: bengang dgn wp pasal make up..aci? :( :(

vendredi 13 août 2010

dinar emas

Currently im trying to settle the essential part of our nikah
which are mas kahwin/duit hantaran and documents

well well well..borang nikah and the required documents sy dah isi and post laju ke rumah
everything is ok, except for borang nikah and surat kebenaran kahwin luar mukim from Redzuan's side.
tok imam sebelah dia ckp 2 weeks before majlis baru nak keluarkan surat..errkk
pening kejap..my personal opinion, ianya agak lambat la as my papa nak kne anta borang nikah sy asap to our tok imam, tp dokumen tak lengkap lagi..

on the other hand, pasal mas kawin ni pulak
ermm kat kltn, tiada had utk mas kawin
in fact, duit hantaran is mas kawin and mas kahwin is duit hantaran in kltn
so mas kawin/duit hantaran semua dpt kat pengantin perempuan

my only prob is the amount
let's say dia bawak 10k mase akad nikah
there will be dua bisik2 among makcik2 yg kepochi

situasi 1.
  • 10K je?sikit benor, tak padan utk pengantin perempuan! at least bwk le 15K ke..hishh klu anak perempuan aku..takkan aku terima mas kahwin sikit tu
situasi 2.
  • 10K je?manyaknye..nampak macam mata duitan..hishh klu aku jadi diorang..malu gile
in both cases, it will never look good for them, and there will always be cakap2 belakang. and of course it will hurt us, terribly. Even sekarang pon, if sy pegi kenduri or makan2 sedara mara, mesti ade org tanye berape duit mas kahwin nanti..kepochii btol la. Ape diorang ingat nilai diri saye either more than 10K or less than 10 K??it is farrrrr beyonddd that ok!

That's why i opt for dinar emas. So nobody will know the exact amount of my mas kahwin, and it is good for investment. Do you know that harga emas naik almost 100% if 5 years and up to 200% in 8 years!..muaahahhahaa..mokcik kayo! I have no intention in using the mas kahwin immediately, so if saya peram for 5 years, klu initially 10K, haruslah jadi 20K kan?in 8 years dah dapat 30K..bling bling blingggg

ok enough dreaming.

With mon prince charmant, we have been looking for dinar emas for months. We prefer to buy Dinar Emas Kelantan, as hasil dari bacaan sy, dinar emas kelantan ni antara yg terbaek utk pelaburan. senang untuk dijual semula. Cuma, it is currently banished from the market..mane2 Ar-Rahn yg sy call, semua ckp sold out. :(
and from website www.dinarkel.com, diorang baru launch dinar emas baru, tu pon cam dah takde jugak..uhukkk sedeyyyy...mmg takde rezeki.

Second option is (just for me, as mon fiance tak berkenan sgt) Kijang Emas. Ianya wang syiling emas rasmi Malaysia dan dikeluarkan oleh Royal Mint of Malaysia. Bole dibeli di cawangan Maybank yg terpilih. Sy dah call and dia ckp ade dlm stock.
Yang tak best is, contrarily dgn dinar emas, syiling nie kena jaga elok-elok, tak boleh bengkok atau terguris sewaktu nak jual balik, kalau bengkok, mungkin Maybank tak akan beli balik. So once dah dapat, sealed dlm bekasnye, n jgn bukak2 sampai bile mase utk dijual (sekali takde sbb tikus dah amik..hahaha). Satu lagi point yg tak best (yg buat mon fiance tak berkenan) is nanti akad nikah, if pakai kijang emas, kena sebut berat emas itu, like "saya terima nikahnya..bla bla bla bla..dengan mas kahwinnya emas seberat 1 tan" (cth sahaja) ..for me, i cudnt care less, but ntah dia ckp dia tak suke..adoii cerewet jugak dia ni ye.

So Second option for him is (sy pulak yg tak berkenan) is dinar Public Fine Gold. Tp cawangannya hanya di Penang, and sy tak sure if it's under public bank ke ape..sounds a bit fishy there..so mmg sy tak berkenan (tp dia pulak tak kesah...adoiiii)


owhh saye kebuntuannn..but we have to move fast..lagi 28 hari!!

wake up call! wake up call!

lundi 9 août 2010

dlm hati ade taman

blk kltn ari tu, i pegi ordered fresh flowers for my w-day
- hand bouquet, room decor, living room decor, flower table -
no no no..sy tak jadi pakai fresh flowers utk hantaran..
terpakse cut cost...huhuhuhu..lagipon sy masih tak confident utk gubah n letak kat hantaran
so im going to use artificial flowers for that

btw..jumaat lepas, rite before bertolak
sy sempat google2 pasal handbouquet (i know..it was seriously a last mins job)
macam mane nak buat..and what type of flowers org slalu pakai
just sempat catched roughly the idea..and i ended up saying lantak pi je lah
pilih mane bunga yg berkenan
buang semua daun..ikat ngan reben..sudahh

so wat did i ordered
of course a lot of roses!
utk bilik, mama dah pesan soh beli red roses manyak2
it is her idea to combine gold with red..so saye ikut je lah
malas nak pk lebey2

as for handbouquet, i ordered

pink roses utk hari bersanding

white roses utk hari bertandang

and cerise carnation utk akad nikah..initially nak pkai red roses jugak, tp serious sgt jatuh cinta dgn shocking pink ni

finally, some baby breath, chrysanthemum utk meja makan.

owhhh..sungguh teruja! (tp poket makin rabakkkkk :( )

vendredi 6 août 2010

im going home!

saye nak balik kampung petang ni..yeay!
it will be very short, as we will come back to KL on Sunday!
simpan cuti for our wedding + honeymoon + raya haji + wedding adik ok..so harus berjimat cermat yang amat.

btw, sy tak bleh update manyak sgt
sbb ni pinjam broadband colleague
internet kat opis ade prob connection since this morning
hishhh tension btoll

anyway, gubahan hantaran belah his side dah siap!
gigih i godek2 till 1.30 pg
so ari ni dah bleh angkut semua balik kltn
dan jugak kad jemputan kahwin for both sides
(harap2 muat lee ngan kete sy yg kecik iteww)
wat else, ermmm...baju sanding and nikah pon nak angkut balik jugak
dan doorgift skali

sy angkut semua ni sbb my next trip balik kampung is utk balik kahwen
which is 5 days before 1st Syawal hahahahahaha
so better clearkan sume barang yg bole diclearkan skang
takut nanti kang tak muat bile nak balik kahwen..susah pulak

owhh..sunguh tak sabar nak balik
so many things to be done
in my list, there are 13..and i just have Saturday and Sunday morning to execute each of them..
nak makan durian lagi..wohoooo

wish me luck. wish me safe journey.

35 days to go.. ALLEZZZZZZ HOP HOP!!

jeudi 5 août 2010

it has been a year

Love is not as simple as candlelight and roses...

...love is day-to-day living,

taking time, making time to be there,

with open arms and a giving heart...

Love is the special life we share.

Happy Anniversary sayang.

Je t'aime,

mercredi 4 août 2010

entry koya: cuti-cuti europe

smlm entry gelabah..ari ni plak entry utk hilangkan perasaan gelabah itu..
which is about holidays/vacations/ or the most important - HONEYMOON!

when people asked me, where will be my fav destination for my honeymoon
definitely Europe and Australia+NZ! whyy?

Europe: there are a lot of beautiful places, cities yg sy blom pegi walaupon 8 tahun tinggal di sane..like Ireland, bile tgk cite PS I love u tu..sure meleleh2 air liur nak pegi national park tu..cantik sgtt (tu lee dulu mase belajar gatal tak nak pegi..berangan nak kije sane..skali kne balik..hahahahha)

Australia+NZ: saye nak gi bilang biri2 yg ade kat NZ, to confirm btol ke jumlah biri2 kat sane melebihi penduduk NZ, dan juge nak jumpe koala bear..hahahha :D

but pls..jgn ingat sy honeymoon overseas plak ye..sy pegi local jehhh..cintailah Malaysia wehhh (tp sbrnye takde duit dah nak kuar dr m'sia..hahahhhaa)

on the other hand..i'm not looking for any beaches or islands..walaupon sy mmg suke sgt pegi ke pulau..dulu teringin gile nak berhoneymoon kat Bora-Bora..hahah..but then..bile sy pk2..klu pegi ke pulau yg bukan di m'sia..mmg agak boring sket..aktiviti nye agak terhad..nak mandi pantai pon tak best..why is that?sbb sy tak pakai swimming suit or bikinis! mase kat france, sy pnah bercuti di bhgn mediterranean, even minggu orientasi kitorang pon kat bhgn sane..tp sy cukup tak suke bile org asik pandang sy bile nampak sy mandi ngan short n tshirt :( cukup tak suke..rase macam alien je..so i ended up dok kat gigi air main pasir..hahahahahha

worst, they may prevent u from snorkeling for safety reason (pkai tshirt kang tenggelam katanya..hahahhaha)..dulu mase sy attended kelas belajar bawak kapal layar kecik (type 406) tu pon jenuh nak berjawab dgn instructor knape sy dtg ngan track suit n tshirt..muhahahaha..it was my second year in france..innocent lagi =D

ok enough of crap, actually i put this entry because i received newsletter from Thalys, high-speed train from Paris to Amsterdam (singgah kat Brussels of course)

sorry, it is in French..so i translated it for u guys:

Happy Hours Thalys

from 5pm to 9pm

buy on the 3rd and 4th of August

travel from 6th of September till 23rd of Oct

from Paris to Holland

90Euro for Comfort 1 for 2 people

50Euro for Comfort 2 for 2 people

seriously, it is very cheap! Comfort 1 tu first class..dulu sy slalu amik this train when i did my internship kat Holland..amsterdam-paris is like 3 hours train..n i always grabbed this offer..sebab comfort 1 ni dia ade skali ngan makanan..i didnt eat non-halal food of course, tp ade je salmon or seafood dishes..and air tin n chocs, bleh mintak manyak2 for free..ala2 macam flight gitu...i loikee!

but comfort 2 is comfortable enough =)

~teringin untuk pegi ke sane lagi..or have a couple of years staying there..lalalalallaa

my offer:
sesape yg teringin untuk berbulan madu/berjalan2 di sana and looking for tips on travel cheap,on interesting places to be visited, on where to eat halal food, you can kindly email me, insya-Allah saya akan jawab =)

p/s: dah dua tiga hari mon prince charmant asik dok usha tiket pegi london..ade match Manchester United vs. Liverpool katanye (both of us are manchester united supporters :D)..harap2 dimurahkan rezeki untuk memenuhi impiannye ke sane..aminnnnnnnn

mardi 3 août 2010

entry gelabah

well well well..sy asik dok tgk Nawal dok countdown bape hari lagi dia akan jadi isteri mithali (chewahh), so sy rase terpk jugak nak kire berape hari lagi sy ade utk THE preparation

of course sy ade daisy path that keeps reminding me about my big day..
where i realise that i have one month one week and one day to go..phewww
rase lambat lagi kann...puasa pon blom lagi
puasa ganti dah?haha

but then, i tried to figure out how many days exactly that i have..
so sy try kira2 pkai jari..errr the number that i got was unbelievable..terkejut badak
terus kire kali ke dua, still got the same result..
tak puas hati jugak, sy google2 days countdown counter..and it gave me same figure!
sy ade 38 days lagi!!! it is definitely less than 40

rase cam cepat la pulak..n terus gelabah pk ape yg blom saya buat lagi
and listed down bende yg sy plan nak buat, n yg harus sy buat
nerveous tetibe sampai nak tido pon payah (antuu btoll)
am i prepared for this? i mean for the big day? and for becoming a wonderful wife, and then a wonderful mom? erkkk ok stop thinking..nanti lagi meracau2

tukar topik

as for today, sy nak pegi jumpe zaza kat ampang mase lunch hour
she emailed ckp baju nikah dah siap..yeay!
so agak2, from cyberjaya to ampang (precisely ampang point)
how long will it take?one hour?
dem..harus mengulor lagi..sape nak ikut? ;)

lundi 2 août 2010

wonderful weekend!

why it was wonderful? because i spent my time with mon prince charmant of course!
hhahahhaa..sorry guys, dah dua weekends sy sibuk menguruskan pasal wedding
pasal baju lah, pasal pomander ball lah, pasal kad lah, pasal tudung lah and the list goes on
muak jugak tauu..and during weekdays, he was bz submitting his design before the dateline.tak dapek kuar jugak..that's why i was looking forward for it.

and wat made it more wonderful? we did everything except those that are related to our wedding prep!! it was like taking a break and having a nice cup of coffee at 10 am =D

so wat did we do? of course hunting in shopping malls, but bukan utk hantaran, tp utk rumah..hahhaha..kitorang pegi usha bantal, comforter, cadar dsb :D

then, sy berjaye pujuk cik abang teman sy attend wedding kawan2 ari ahad tu!
so our first stop was at Huda's..hehehhe..rase cuak jugak nak pegi
sbb tak knal sape..main pkai redah je =D
and there, i personally met Huda (of course la kan..makan kenyang2 then blah tak jumpe pengantin mmg sgt melampau..hehhee)
and other blogger too: cik nawal, cik yaya, puan rockers & en rockers, cik moose, cik lynda and puan reyna. sorry guys sempat ckp hye hye bubye je..nak beramas mesra mmg tak sempat la..and i am a shy-shy cat type of person..hihihi btw, nice meeting u guys!
seb baek Huda pointed meja korang..otherwise mmg sy terus blah after jumpa dia :D
picture? i mmg takde camera, tak amik gambar..n mmg slalu menumpang kat camera org lain..hohohohoho

lepas Huda, we all pegi wedding my ex-skulmate kat kota damansara..borak2, makan2, dan congratulated the bride n groom..and pegi ke klang, hunting2, shopping2, eating2 =)

it was really a wonderful weekend.