Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

jeudi 16 décembre 2010

I can see the heart of my baby pumping!

posting ni sepatutnya take place yesterday..
tp i was dem tired and lazy..slept almost the whole day in my office..luckily my boss was absent..haha..and balik rumah pon just sempat tunggu isyak, then krooohhhhhhh
yes..i do realize that sejak saye pregnant ni..ya Allah cepat sgt letihh
just imagine, sapu and mop bilik tidur pon saye rase dah nak pitam (seriously!)

anyway..my check up was on tuesday..and i am 7 weeks now
some may think..wahh so early dah pegi o&G ka?
the thing is, i got this brown spotting..and still having it eventho dah telan Duphaston (pil hormon untuk kukuhkan rahim) night and day.
and saya perasan jugak..if saye stress..or in a hurry..or bergerak dgn pantas ke situ ke sana ke mari..or penat yg melampau..i will have brown stain kt my panties.

so since that..saye berjalan teramat le slow..lembab cam kura2..mengalahkan org yg dah berbulan2 pregnant..hehehe
but i just have to adapt with it..skang ni klu rush pegi opis pon tak boleh..huhuhu

Gynae tu pon risau jugak dgn keadaan saya..as she wrote dlm "buku merah" saye tu "threatened abortion"
kire chances utk miscarriage tu agak besar..huhu serious saye pon risau ok
and i was looking for the last check up, sbb if everything was fine, my baby shud have a heart by now
and alhamdulillah, i can see the heart pumping and beating!
rase nak menangis pon ade, there is one tiny little baby who currently resides in my womb..hope he/she gets comfort
seriously, it is one of the most beuatiful thing i've ever seen in my life

pembesaran baby pon normal, size nya mmg seperti utk baby 7 minggu
but the gynae adviced me to rehat banyak2..jgn buat kije berat..jgn stress..and enjoy this moment..she still prescribes me with Duphaston and our next check up is in 2 weeks

luckily, saye blom ade morning sickness..fuhhhh
kadang2 ade la rase angin nak kuar..but blom muntah2 lagi
i read dlm mag Pa&Ma mase menunggu kat klinik tu,
dia ckp 3/4 of pregnancy women akan ade morning sickness
while the rest is "bed rest" type..which is kne rehat banyak2 sbb kadang2 ade pendarahan
well i think, im in that group.
and that's my main reason asik terbaring tido kat opis setiap kali rase penat gile or bile kuar darah..muahhahaha
yes..i just lay down kat atas lantai dlm cubicle my colleague (agak tersembunyi)
seb baekk final report dah anta..just tunggu tahun ini berlalu aje =)

btw..my lil bro is getting married this weekend
so the whole fam will be off to Kemaman, including me
gynae saye tak nasihatkan saya pergi..tp if saya nak pegi jugak..dia pesan soh relax2 je sepanjang 5 jam perjalanan tu..and mintak hubby berhenti at least twice utk saya rehatkan kaki =)
looking forward for it...rase cam pegi bercuti pulak..hehehhe

sure my FSIL, Scha tgh berdebar2 and tak sabar tunggu hari esok (the akad is tomorrow nite)
teringat plak time2 kenduri kami dulu..kalut ribut takde hengat punyaa..hahahha

jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Kayumas Homestay (Kota Bharu)

Hola Ladies..que tal?muy bien?

ok..ni post utk promote homestay milik family..
well..rumah saye kat kltn actually ade 4 bilik..tp still tak cukup utk kami 6 beradik..huhu
so my parents buat bilik2 diluar rumah..sort of studio la..macam rumah..tp just contains 1 bilik n 1 washroom each
so skang ni kami dah ade 4 studio di kawasan rumah kami..
satu studio dah org jepun amik...so tinggal lagi 3..
memandangkan kami adik beradik....err.... balik jarang2 je
so my parents nak jadikan studio2 tu as homestay..

sangat murah dan jugak comfortable..fully furnished..dekat dgn bandar..especially pasar borong wakaf che yeh
you can have your privacy..senang nak park kereta..and klu bernasib baik datang mase musim buah..bleh makan buah banyak2 as dusun kami just kat sebelah umah je..hehehehe

here's some info: you may also get it from Kayumas Homestay

Kayumas Homestay menyediakan penginapan alternatif berkonsepkan rumah kediaman yang selesa kepada pengunjung yang datang bercuti / melancong / berkursus / bermesyuarat / dan lain-lain ke Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Menepati keperluan pengunjung,
Kayumas Homestay menyediakan 3 chalet studio bersize 270 kaki persegi. Setiap chalet merupakan sebuah bilik dilengkapi dengan penghawa dingin dan kipas angin, katil,almari dan keperluan solat, tandas, cerek elektrik dan cawan. Kemudahan tempat letak kenderaan terletak di hadapan chalet.

Kayumas Homestay amat sesuai untuk sesiapa yang ingin membawa seisi keluarga merasai suasana dan ketenangan di kampung. Pelanggan juga boleh menikmati kelazatan buah-buahan seperti durian, rambutan, duku, langsat dan dokong memandangkan Kayumas Homestay mempunyai dusun persendirian yang terletak bersebelahan dengan kawasan penginapan.

Kemudahan di setiap chalet studio Kayumas Homestay:

* Double / Twin beds

* Penghawa dingin dan kipas

* Almari dan keperluan solat

* Tandas berserta air panas

* Cerek elektrik, minuman panas segera berserta cawan

* Parking

Lokasi Kayumas Homestay: Lot 1511, Lorong Surau kota 2, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

* 5 minit ke Pasar Borong Wakaf Che Yeh

* 15 minit ke Pusat Bandar Kota Bharu

* 15 minit ke Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah

* 30 minit ke Pantai Cahaya Bulan

N: 06° 05.288' E: 102° 13.596'

Nokia map:
N: 6° 5' 17.3" E: 102° 13' 35.8"


only RM 80 per nite per studio!
(harga boleh dirunding untuk penginapan lebih dari dua malam atau menyewa lebih dari 2 chalet)

Untuk tempahan dan keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi:

En Rahim: 013-9367393
En Kamarul: 019-2708867


mardi 30 novembre 2010


i did the check up yesterday..and it's confirmed!
you cant imagine how happy we are when we heard the news
but i was badly ill yesterday..had high fever, sore throat and flu at the same time
luckily, my temperature has been back to normal this morning
but i still have flu and cough badly today

ok about my pregnancy..
i had brown spotting during the hari raya haji, and i assumed my period was about to commence.
but i was wrong as it was occurred for only a couple of hours.
that's why i did the check up yesterday, as i was late for one week.
but today, i had another brown spotting, which scared the hell out of me.

in rush, me and hubby when to an-nur bangi, waited for almost 4 hours to see a gynae as we were walk in.
the doctor was very nice, we did the scanning, and there it is, our 1cm fetus in my womb!
the fetus doesnt have any heart yet, as it is only 5 weeks. the doctor said, we have to wait until 7 weeks in order to see the heart, and to make sure everything is normal.
she also said there is nothing to be worried, at least the fetus does not grow outside my womb (alhamdulillah)

however, she prescribed me with Duphaston in order to strengthen my womb as i had the brown spotting. and i have to see her in 2 weeks to check the fetus progress.

my only dilema, shud i do my follow up at an-nur?which is far far away from our home (we are currently at kota kemuning). it is about 45 mins journey. however, i kinda like the doctor, and an-nur is close to our workplace which is cyberjaya, very pratical for doing the check up. hurmmm..pening2

by the way.. i have 3 days medical leave! startting from tomorrow!! so im gonna have a long weekend! not to forget the awal muharam and the sultan selangor's birthday next week..wuuuhuuuuu!! the doctor said i have to rest, that's why she gave me 3 days MC..hehehehhehe

and the due date is 26.07.11..right before puasa..sah2 tahun depan saya kena ganti puasa sebulan..huhuhu

pray for our health guys..harap2 semuanya selamat.aminnn

jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Cloth Diapers in da house!!

Have you ever heard of diapers for baby?of course you did!
Slalunye loghat kita sebut "pampers" which is one of the famous brand for baby diapers.
But have you heard about cloth diapers?
well well well..it is a cloth with diaper la!..hahha just kidding

ok..cloth diapers (CD) ni is a reusable and washable diapers
very comfy for babies..not to forget..very trendy ok!
and for those super moms who practice natural parenting and want to go green, then CD is the best solution.

do you know how long it would take to digrade the disposable diapers?
well, environmental experts say that it can take up to 500 years..and times it with the number of diapers used everyday..whooaaa

moreover, CD can help you to reduce your expenses.
in a long run, disposable diaper is much much more expensive than CD!

for that reason, Love BabyKoala decides to sell CD as well
and we chose Autumnz. This brand has good reputation among Malaysians.

Autumnz CD is very trendy and has colourful designs.
It is easy to use, easy to handle.
With snap button/ velcro closure, you can adjust to the size that you like, from S to L.
It comes with 2 Soft inner microfleece lining( to keep baby dry and rash free) inserts
And it is easy to clean and quick drying

Practice Natural Parenting & Go Green with CDs!

Hurry up. Visit our facebook today!

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

exhausted + HP + royal wedding

omg..i tot bile dapat balik kampung..i cud take a long rest n lepak je
tapi lansung tidak!
started from my journey to kelantan
nasib baik i curi2 keluar seawal 12 tgh hari from my office pada hari selasa lepas (ampun boss)
dan nasib baik decide nak bertolak kol 2 balik kg with my hubby n siblings
sebab jammm teruk gile..
kol 1 pagi baru sampai umahh tauuu :(
lenguhhh satu badan

and i woke up seawal yg mungkin di pagi raya
sbb nak rush ke rumah mentua as my hubby buat korban tahun ni
dan memandangkan tak ramai orang on that day
me n hubby berkerja keras utk setelkan seekor lembu tuh
serious pengsannn!
redzuan mmg sakit seluruh badan sbb mengapak tulang2 lembu skali ngan kepala..poor himm huhuhu
esoknye terus demamm :(

tak dapek saya nak pegi wedding jaja
dan berangan berbulan2 utk attend..skali hubby tak sehat
nak je tinggal dia berselimut atas katil,
but i was at my in laws..harus kne pelankung dgn in laws kan
so i decided to stay home
sorry jaja..tak dapek nak nengok kome pakai chantek2 mlm tu :(

the next day was my birthday
and my siblings decided to throw a bbq party (small one jah..utk adik beradik)
but it was my turn to be sick pulakk
lenguh2 satu badan..rase nak pitam pon ade
tp sempat gagahkan diri pegi tesco cari lamb utk dibakar
dan singgah secret recipe utk cari cake
ingatkan nak buat cake sendiri
tp i lupe kat kedai semua tutup ari jumaat :( aduhhh
malam tu, it was fun, eventho kepala rase hanyutt gile

ari ahad, we all bertolak around 12, lalu ikut dabong, gua musang, cameron highland and lebuh raya utara selatan
semata2 nak lari dari jam yg teruk di kuala krai, bentong dan karak
sekali kat highway plus pon jem jugakk
adoiii..kol 12 mlm baru sampai umah
pitam lagii..dgn umah still penuh2 kotak
we hadnt unpack pepe pon
maybe weekend ni nak kne buat operasi besar-besaran
kitorang mmg dah exhausted gilee..nak rehat kejap

btw..i already bought movie tickets for Harry Potter
malam ni nak pegi tgk..seriouss excited!!

and i sgt teruja pasal kate and will getting married
diorang dah announce their wedding date: 29 April 2011
so save this date guys
they chose this date, if im not mistaken, sbb 29 April tu hari utk celebrate St Catherine
and Kate is a short name of Catherine
i sgt nak tgk their preps for the wedding..sure gorgeous gile kan
woooo..kate is so lucky!! (for having this royal wedding)
but to be a wife for a future King of England
serious i taknak..n tak mampu to face all the protocols
the do and donts..harus awal2 kne caras ngan Queen
(opss..i tak berangan kawen ngan William tau eventho kecik2 dulu ade la sket2 angan2nye sbb same baya jah..hahhhaa)

btw...they were engaged on the 15 nov
and the prince gave lady di's engagement ring to his princess
chantekkkk tauuu

lovely ring!
so b2bs out there..stay tune dgn their preps ok
maybe bleh amik as reference
kat people.com, designer siap kuarkan potential design utk kate's wed dress

ok..i nak pegi buat report plak ::grin::

lundi 15 novembre 2010

dari bangi ke kota kemuning

ohh la la la la!

saya telah mengabaikan my blog for almost..err one month? more or less
sorry guys..i was super duper bz during the weekends
time weekdays plak..mmg nak sgt usha2 n bloghopping kat blog korang
tapi..since tak tau bile suddenly semua pic yg ditampal diblog tidak lagi boleh dilihat
kne block oleh org IT kat opis ni
geramm gilee tauu..sampai lani sy tak dapat menatapp muke puan nawal yg comel itu kat blog diaa
nak je sy report kot org IT
tp kantoi plak karang sbb asik bukak b2bs blog, tak buat kije..hhahhhahha

anyway..i was bz because

1. my in laws datang two weeks ago because family pak sedara kepada my hubby nak pindah gi jeddah, dan jugak adik kepada redzuan nak pindah umah

2. the next weekend, his grandma pulak yg datang..menghantar anaknye utk menunaikan haji..at the same time..i started pindah umah..so kemas2..and slowly angkut mane yg patut

3. last weekend...pindah2 lagi..penatt woooo

4. this weekend..balik kampung for raye la opkos

5. weekend after weekend raye: bz unpack barang..kemas umah lagi

6. next next next weekend: bz utk preparation perkahwinan adik pulak

voila aktiviti saye untuk bulan sebelas ni dan planning utk bulan doblas..
so if blog ni kembali sambung tido, harap maklum la ye..huhu

each time saya tgk jemputan kat blog b2bs utk ke kenduri kahwin, terase nak pegi..but i just didnt have time..sorry guys..n skang ni pon jarang sgt bukak blog.

seb baek i already rsvp kat wedding jaja =)
ade sape2 lagi pegi?

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

~Cookies, Cake and Chocolate~

Good news for Cheese Tart lovers!

You now can buy the cheese tarts at http://cookies-cake-choc.blogspot.com/.
Affordable price, and extremely delicious!

so for B2B, if korang tgh cari ape yg nak di letak dlm goodies bag, you may put this and people will love it.
or you can also order for a dessert for ur kenduri/nikah.

I also tried their cornflakes kuaci cruncy and chocolate ball..and o m gee..sumpah sedapp ok!

Already ordered 2 balang BB cheese tart utk bawak balik kampung =)

jeudi 28 octobre 2010

Hi from Netherlands

omggg..i feel like i'm gonna cry!!
i just received and read an email from my ex-colleague in Holland

well actually, before i came back for good
i spent 6 months in one small town in Holland working
in order to finish my master's deg, it is a requirement in France for a student to "work" in a company, and carries out a task like a normal engineer does

as i was bored with french, and cudnt wait to leave the country (hahahaha..iyo lah..skang dah rindu..padan muke)
i applied for a job in a small company in Holland named Bruco
my 6 months of stay there was really great
i had great time, nice colleagues, and omg, holland's country side is so beautiful

i was offered a permanent job there
but due to certain reasons, i had to come back to malaysia
but with my supervisor, we are still keeping in touch, not too frequently tho
3 or 4 emails per year?hahha

anyhow, i told him i was getting married in september
and yesterday, he emailed me saying that he already sent an virtual postcard (which i didnt receive) on behalf of the company
and asked how im doing
as a reply, i told him a bit of our wedding (as they totally dunt have any idea wat a Malay wedding looks like) and sent a couple of pictures

and today, i received emails from other colleagues ..and their words are soooo touchinggg
shutttt, my eyes are wet!

a pair of clog, gave by Bruco as farewell present

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

i have been waiting to watch this movie since i heard this final book is parted into 2. mesti banyak scene dari buku dia amik kan! seriously, i am thrilled to watch it!

the release date is on the 18th November (hari kenduri Jaja..hihi saje nak highlight, kasi dia cuat sat :p)..and of course i will be at home in kelantan to celebrate the hari raya (as well the wedding).

as the date is approaching (dgr tuu jaja ;) ), im happily open up my boxes that contains all my stuff from France, looking for the last book of Harry Potter. Well people must say that im childish, reading books for children, but i must admit, i like this story very much. and my fav is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where all the secrets are revealed, it is full with actions and emotions.

my first book of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I bought it after watching the first movie, and it was in french. I continued buying the first and then the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban, still in french, until the forth book came out, and I started collecting the series in two languages, french and english. when I came back to Malaysia for my summer break, i bought the malay version for my sis. hehhee
tell me crazy, but i can reread those book again and again.

which is what i am currently doing, patiently reread the final book, while waiting the movie to come out. unfortunately, i cudnt find the english version, perhaps i left it at my sis', so i just read the french version, Harry Potter et Les Reliques de la Mort. sometimes, i got to polish my french, dont u think? :)

as for dvds, i bought all of them, but left them at my sis' during my long vacation there. and i am in need to rewatch (started from first movie) but i am not sure where can i borrow the dvd. or perhaps sy just pegi je beli semua balik..muhahhaha

lundi 18 octobre 2010

majlis kesyukuran

after one month and one week..baru saye berpeluang nak tempek pic majlis kesyukuran kami..boleh?hihihi sorry for this late entry.

flower gurls..the dress were made by my mom (on ur right side, pakai jubah hijau)
handbouquet flower gurl pon buat sendiri jugak..sy beli banyak sgt bunga..so banyak sgt lebey..huhuhuhu

with pengapits: acik n adik mimi

errr wat can i put as caption?ermmm..sila fokus kat handbouquet saye buleh?hahaha

kat pelamin: just duduk utk bace doa n ambil gambar..takde renjis2 yeay!!

meja beradap: simple jeh..bunga tu sdn bhd..and can u notice the pomander balls? :D btw..itu napkin pon sendiri buat..my colleague yg jahitkan :D

just wanna show the details of my tudung and veil: both were from KV..she had prob to make a net veil for me..sbb slalunye dia pkai chiffon kan..huhuhu..and i requested lace patching as well..
ps: si kecil berkata, tudung tu cam knal tak?hehehehehe
btw..i love this makeup
(sile jgn komen pipi yg tembam itu tau!)

kawan2 skolah..actually ni baju kedua that day..my hubby requested utk tuka baju sbb tak tahan dah pakai songket..panas katanya..huhuhu..this dress..saye sewa ajek..tak mampu nak tempah..muhahaha

so baju tu jadi baju utk potong cake..eventho tak plan pon..huhuhu..actually sewa baju ni datng skali ngan pelamin..in that package yg saye amik..sy dapat 3 pasang baju..satu tu mmg saye nak utk bertandang..lagi dua tu..saje2 je amik utk cantikkan gambar

btw..itu wedding cake saye..tiga tingkat without the tingkat..hehehehhe
sume homemade..and cousin2 sy yg kecik2 tu..ya Allah..dok kerumun cake ni sehingga merisaukan saye..takut tumbang ke ape..tapi reben dah ade yg tercabut..bunga2 pon dah dicuit..and diorang tak henti tanye bile nak potong cake..huhuhu

vendredi 15 octobre 2010

mOmma Technology @ LoveBabyKoala!

hye mommies and future mommies,

let me introduce mOmma! i am pretty sure many of u havent heard about it.

Started in 2005, mOmma is a brand that is part of the Baby Solutions Group of companies based in Italy and Switzerland.

is a revolutionary line of baby products that encourages babies to discover their surroundings with unique products in terms of innovation, shape, movement and colour, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s day into a moment of growth and pleasure.

After feeding in mummy’s arms, baby’s first explorations of the world are accompanied by mOmma’s new round shape which are ergonomic for his tiny hands and reassuring, just like his mother's breasts. This is a modern and practical line for parents.

mOmma products rock and return to the upright position and they entertain baby during mealtime.This movement stimulates baby’s curiosity and captures his attention. The "upright" system ensures maximum hygiene during mealtimes.

A complete line of products designed according to baby’s changing needs during the various phases of weaning. These simple but innovative products help him in becoming more self-assured and independent.

Pictures of products that we offer in our store:

feeding bottle
Round ergonomic shape: The round shapes have been specially designed to make the grip easier for your baby’s tiny hands.

Non-spill cup

Made of special thermal material, it keeps liquids temperature constant for a longer time when you go out.

warm plate
Hot water is poured into the plate through a special hole to keep the food warm during mealtime.

c'est inacceptable!

Setiap hari, setiap minggu, setiap bulan..makin banyak kisah2 kemalangan bayi dan kanak-kanak yg dilaporkan di media massa..
dan yang paling teruk, bukan saja kemalangan2 itu menyebabkan kecederaan kepada insan yg kecil ini, malah meragut nyawa mereka.

Sometimes, bile sy bukak paper n terpapar kisah2 begini..
saye just bace title je..tak sampai ati nak bace in details
sbb rase sedey dan bersimpati sgt kat nasib mereka

Kes tersedak susu sudah acap kali sy dgr pada tahun ini
dan ari ni..runtun lagi hati bile terbace title bayi meninggal kerana terjatuh di rumah pengasuh dan bayi cedera dihempap siling hospital sehingga kepalanya bengkak, dan tidak diberi rawatan susulan oleh pihak yg berkenaan

ya Allah..cuainya manusia di zaman ini!
culass nya orang2 dewasa yang mempunyai akal di kala ini!

membaca kes2 begini membuatkan sy gerun
dimanakah tempat yg selamat utk bayi saya(insya-Allah, bila dikurniakan rezeki olehNya) nanti, memandangkan kami berdua bekerja sepenuh masa

mengupah maid is not the best solution neither
memandangkan ianya sgt mahal, malah maid2 ni ade yg buat perangai dan sukar utk dipercayai..dan saye kalau boleh, mmg tak nak ade maid kat dlm rumah..mengganggu privasi! lagipon sy tak reti nak mengarah..nak complaint lg le..tgk2 at last, sy yg buat sendiri semua, maid goyang kaki..hahaha

so for me, sy akan try mengerah kudrat dan tenaga utk menguruskan rumah dan keluarga, daripada bergantung kepada maid (insya-Allah)

so persoalan yg sama masih timbul: dimanakah tempat yg selamat utk bayi saya?

i think it's about time gov menyediakan pusat2 utk melatih pengasuh dan penjaga kanak2
memaksa mereka yg ingin terjun di dalam bidang ini untuk mempunyai sijil/diploma yg diiktiraf
memberi kemudahan utk mereka untuk menjalani latihan setiap tahun
seperti yg dibuat di negara2 maju

yes, dunt be too shock..di UK, mengikut kakak saya
setiap org dewasa yg terlibat dlm nursery, harus mempunyai kelayakan yg telah ditetapkan utk bekerja di nursery. mereka yg terlibat mmg mahir dlm bidang ini, dari segi penjagaan, penyediaan makanan, tindakan yg perlu diambil untuk kes kecemasan dll. malah mereka diwajib menjalani latihan setiap tahun agar mereka ni slalu up-to-date pasal penjagaan bayi dan kanak2.

last resort..jadi suri rumah tangga sepenuh masa..i likeee!! tp kewangan and cost of living sungguh tak mengizinkan..sighhh.

ps. im going to shah alam tonite..to watch Maher Zain's concert..hubby belanje =) sukeeeeee!..je t'aime =)

mardi 12 octobre 2010

Shop ur baby product @ LoveBabyKoala

Hello hunnybunnies,

I am glad to introduce our online shop:LoveBabyKoala.
What i meant with our is me and my bff, Laili.

Both of us love kids, and Laili already have a charming baby gurl (who will celebrate her one year anniversary soon), and we thought it wud be wonderfull if we cud start looking and searching baby/infant products that can suit our child the best.

We also thought it wud be selfish if we keep these good products just to ourselves, thus our desire to become a retailer of baby products. We started this biz a few weeks before my wedding (u cud imagine how bz i was at that time), and it keeps growing.

We already had our official logo, and currently looking for our official website, which will be ready some where around January 2011.huhuhu, So for the moment, the medium for an online biz is facebook!

Ok enough about us, now let's talk about products. Well, we are interested with natural products as we would like to be a "natural" parent with our mother earth in mind. Yes you are right, we love green, and we support for greeny environment.

That's why, our first product that we bought was Isabooties: booties for babies!

All Isabooties are:
* are 100% animal-free;
* are formaldehyde-free;
* are made in the USA with fair labor;
* use fabrics that far exceed the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-07);
* are 100% machine-washable/machine-dryable just like socks offering a clean, healthy choice in footwear.
* Super-soft, breathable Ultrasuede® fabric
* Non-slip, durable Toughtek® soles
* Pediatrician - recommended soft-soled shoes
* Stain-resistant
* Easy slip-on design doesn't slip off
* IsaBooties work great on many outdoor surfaces, including grass and mulch. However, IsaBooties are not recommended for heavy pavement use.

Here are some pictures:

Arent they lovely? I fall in love with them at the first sight. Cute sgt sgt tauu!

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lundi 11 octobre 2010

JANGAN BERHENTI BERKENALAN : Buat renungan suami isteri

I found this article at UmmuHusna and i think it is worth to share with u guys. Her blog and her hubby's blog www.zaharuddin.net are among my favs. Banyak ilmu agama dan kekeluargaan yg mereka kongsikan. Not to forget, website www.saifulislam.com, juga membincangkan isu kekeluargaan dari sudut agama.

“Abang rasa dah makin kuranglah dengan kari..” luah suami sebaik selesai makan tengahari. Saya berpaling mendengar kata-katanya. Entah mengapa, tiada angin, ribut jauh sekali, tiba-tiba sahaja suami berbicara tentang makanan. Saya pula yang tertanya-tanya kehairanan.

“Karipap pun sama…”suami menambah bicara tanpa sempat saya menjawab sepatah dua.

“Alamak, susahlah As.” Saya membalas spontan. Buat-buat cemas sambil menggaru kepala yang tidak beralas.
Anak mata saya tepat memandang ke wajah suami. Cuba menelek-nelek keseriusan di sebalik patah katanya. Mana tahu, luahannya itu sekadar gurauan semata.

Namun, sebaik pandang bertemu pandang, dari sinar mata suami, saya seakan mengerti. Dia tidak berjenaka dengan kata-katanya tadi.

‘Patutlah abang kurang berselera,’saya berbisik. Tidak terucap, sekadar terdengar di dalam diri sendiri sahaja. Terbayang kembali suapan suami yang tidak selaju biasa sewaktu menjamah nasi berlaukkan kari ayam tengahari ini.

Buat kesekian kalinya, usai membaca satu berita dari laman Berita Harian Online bertarikh 6 Oktober 2010 semalam, saya melepaskan satu keluhan yang cukup berat dan dalam. Membaca tajuk berita sahaja sudah cukup meresahkan jiwa. Masakan tidak, kandungan yang dipapar menggambarkan betapa gawat dan runcingnya institusi perkahwinan di kalangan masyarakat Islam dewasa kini.

Walaupun latar tempat dan negara di mana kes perceraian tersebut dilaporkan, bukan berlaku di Malaysia, namun, oleh kerana ia juga merupakan salah sebuah negara umat Islam, saya tetap merasa bimbang dan tidak senang. Berita tersebut melaporkan :

“Kadar perceraian tinggi di Kuwait dilaporkan berterusan
selepas pihak berkuasa mendakwa 3,153 kes perceraian dicatatkan sepanjang enam
bulan pertama tahun ini.

Jumlah keseluruhan perceraian dicatatkan 5,965
kes, tahun lalu. Sementara itu, bilangan perkahwinan pula menurun selepas pihak
berkuasa mencatatkan 6,914 perkahwinan pada enam bulan pertama tahun ini
berbanding 14,155 pada 2009.

Bilangan perkahwinan dan kes perceraian menjadikan
kadar perceraian 42 peratus, antara yang tertinggi di dunia. ”

Keadaan ini mengingatkan saya kepada emel-emel yang menceritakan masalah rumahtangga yang sedang dialami oleh kebanyakan pasangan suami isteri di Malaysia hari ini. Rata-rata emel yang saya terima datangnya dari kaum hawa. Ada yang mengadu suami bertemu cinta yang baru, tidak kurang juga yang merintih bila suami yang disayangi, tiba-tiba beralih kasih.

Demikian juga paparan di dada-dada akhbar yang mengenengahkan berita/kes perceraian terutama di kalangan artis, selebriti dan golongan kenamaan. Hampir saban hari.

Sungguhpun mereka menyatakan, mahligai rumahtangga yang mereka dirikan bermula dengan rasa cinta dan suka, bahkan banyak juga pasangan yang mengakui amat menyintai pasangan masing-masing malahan sebahagiannya sudah memasuki gerbang seabad hidup bersama sebagai suami isteri, tetapi rumahtangga yang dibina atas dasar cinta ini tetap roboh bila berlaku sedikit sahaja perubahan seiring usia dan peredaran masa.


Saya yakin, mana-mana pasangan yang telah menempuh alam perkahwinan beberapa tahun lamanya pasti mengakui dengan penuh sedar bahawa cinta bukanlah segalanya di dalam rumahtangga.

Sungguhpun kalimah cinta sebelum pernikahan banyak menjadi penyebab bertautnya jiwa uda dan dara untuk melayari bahtera rumahtangga melalui pernikahan, namun ia tidak akan dapat bertahan lama andai tiada usaha dilakukan bagi memastikan bunga-bunga cinta yang telah bersemi di awal perkahwinan itu terus berkembang indah, hidup subur dan mewangi sentiasa.

Tempoh hidup bersama memungkinkan suami dan isteri untuk masing-masing lebih mengenali. Sejak awal usia perkahwinan, dari sehari ke sehari semakin banyak maklumat tentang pasangan yang dapat diketahui; kelebihan dan kekurangannya, sifat dan tingkahlaku, juga perubahan watak dan reaksi pasangan terhadap sesuatu situasi yang berlaku.

Semua itu merupakan satu proses di dalam rumahtangga. Andai sebelum berkahwin, peratusannya mungkin hanya sekitar 30%, namun sebaik melangkah ke alam rumahtangga, peratusan itu pasti meningkat dari semasa ke semasa.
Bak kata pepatah, tak kenal maka tak cinta.
Justeru itu, ramai pasangan suami atau isteri hari ini yang mendakwa sudah cukup masak dengan sikap dan perangai pasangan masing-masing.

“Luar dalam, semua dah tahu.” Demikian ungkapan yang selalu diwarwarkan.

Sikap ‘beranggapan’, mengagak atau menyangka bahawa suami atau isteri sudah mengenali pasangan masing-masing di depan mata adalah umpama racun yang boleh menghakis sedikit demi sedikit keharmonian dan keutuhan rumahtangga.

Hal ini kerana setelah proses mengenali mulai sampai ke tahap kemuncak, kesilapan mula terjadi. sesudah masing-masing mulai merasakan mereka telah saling mengenali, telah mencerna erti faham memahami di antara suami dan isteri, mereka bagaikan berhenti dari terus mengenali.

Sedangkan, di fasa pertengahan perkahwinan, ia merupakan satu tahap yang memerlukan suami dan isteri untuk lebih aktif dan pro-aktif mengenali dan memahami pasangan. Ini kerana ujian kehidupan dengan tanggungjawab dan peranan yang perlu dilaksanakan semakin besar dan mencabar. Dan inilah salah satu punca yang mencetus perbalahan suami isteri setelah sekian lama melayari bahtera bahagia.

Sewajarnya, setiap pasangan perlu memahami dan menyedari bahawa pada awal perkahwinan, perasaan cinta dan rindu yang menguasai ketika itu hanyalah bersifat ‘kosmetik’ dan sementara sahaja, kerana ia belum diuji dan teruji. Rasa cinta pada fasa pertama itu hanya menggebu dengan diwarnai oleh sikap 'ingin dimiliki dan memiliki' terhadap pasangan masing-masing semata.

Manakala cinta yang menjalar secara perlahan-lahan seiring proses mengenali pasangan di sepanjang pelayaran bahtera perkahwinan, sangat berpotensi untuk lebih kekal dan kian mengental andai ditanggapi secara bijaksana, lantaran ia tumbuh dari ujian dan cabaran yang berencam bentuknya. Dari perasaan benci dan kasih yang bersilihganti, tawa dan tangis yang menambah makna yang akhirnya bersebati menjadi kasih sayang, menyemai kemesraan, rasa percaya sehingga menatijahkan hubungan yang bahagia, saling mengasihi dan menghargai.

Hakikatnya, sangat sukar menemui seseorang yang dapat kekal dengan 'diri' yang sama selama hayatnya. Pertambahan usia, pengalaman hidup, perubahan persekitaran dan pertemuan dengan individu lain baik yang menjadi teman, rakan sekerja, jiran tetangga dan lain-lain mampu mengubah seseorang kepada ‘individu’ yang baru iaitu dengan merujuk kepada cara berfikir, keperibadian, kehidupan sosial bahkan sehingga gaya penampilan, cara bercakap dan seremeh panggilan nama juga turut mengalami perubahan.

Keadaan inilah yang memerlukan suami atau isteri untuk sentiasa ‘up-to-date’ terhadap pasangannya. Jika lalai, leka dan memandang sebelah mata sahaja, maka sudah pasti sebarang perubahan yang berlaku akan menular menjadi satu masalah yang menggugat keharmonian rumahtangga, lebih-lebih lagi jika perubahan itu ketara menjurus ke arah negatif dan tidak selari dengan tuntutan ILAHI.

Oleh itu, sebelum meletakkan 'orang ketiga' sebagai punca perbalahan, sudah takdir dan tiada jodoh menjadi alasan, lakukan muhasabah diri terlebih dahulu. Andai diimbal balik sebab dan punca sebenar masalah yang berlaku kemungkinan ia bermula dari kelekaan untuk mengenali dan memahami pasangan.

Insafilah selalu, bahawa setiap manusia sememangnya diciptakan berbeza (termasuk suami isteri) dengan manfaat dan ruang untuk bertaaruf ( saling mengenal ) di antara mereka. Firman ALLAH SWT :

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ إِنَّا خَلَقْنَاكُمْ مِنْ ذَكَرٍ وَأُنْثَى
وَجَعَلْنَاكُمْ شُعُوبًا وَقَبَائِلَ لِتَعَارَفُوا إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِنْدَ
اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ خَبِيرٌ ٌ

Maksudnya : “Wahai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami (ALLAH) telah menciptakan kamu dari seorang lelaki dan seorang wanita dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling kenal-mengenal (TA’ARUF). Sesungguhnya orang yang paling mulia di antara kamu di sisi ALLAH ialah orang yang paling bertaqwa di antara kamu. Sesungguhnya ALLAH Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengenal.” ( Surah Al-Hujurat ayat 13 )

Seiring berlalunya waktu, kehidupan di dalam perkahwinan akan beransur menjadi suatu rutin yang biasa, dengan suami atau isteri merasa bahawa seharusnya pasangannya sudah tahu apa yang diinginkan oleh diri masing-masing.

Pada saya, tanggapan ini kurang tepat. Seharusnya, suami dan isteri tetap perlu terus mengenali khususnya melalui komunikasi yang lancar dan saling terbuka. Sentiasa berkongsi cerita, serta menyatakan keinginan tanpa perlu berahsia, seterusnya berusaha untuk saling mengoptimumkan kelebihan masing-masing demi kerukunan perhubungan di samping tidak lupa memuhasabah kekurangan yang ada dan bersedia menerima kesilapan sendiri tanpa memanjangkan perdebatan atau merasa sakit hati.

“Hmm, nampaknya kena cari resepi baru ni. Alamak…alamak..” gurau saya masih bernada cemas. Sengaja. Perkataan ‘alamak’ itu saya sebut kuat-kuat. Biar jelas menerobos ke corong telinga.

Selepas 11 tahun berumahtangga dan mengetahui menu kegemaran suami ialah kari, kali ini, saya akur sendiri. Di dalam hati, saya mulai berkira-kira untuk meninjau-ninjau resepi terkini dari laman-laman resepi yang sering menjadi rujukan saya memasak terutama ketika ketandusan idea.

Sayang dan menghargai suami, seleranya perlu dijaga. Itu pegangan saya.

“Tapi abang masih minat dengan soto. Daging masak hitam pun sama,” jelas suami tanpa dipinta. Seakan memahami gelodak rasa yang bermain di jiwa saya.

Saya melirik ke arah suami. Melihat senyumannya yang melebar tatkala menatap wajah saya yang agak berkerut, cepat-cepat saya mengalihkan pandangan ke kaca TV. Namun di dalam hati, saya tersenyum lega.


Terima kasih abang kerana membantu diri ini untuk terus mengenalimu…

Mencari dan terus mencari cinta ILAHI.

Jumpa lagi, InsyaALLAH.

source: www.ummuhusna99.blogspot.com

mardi 5 octobre 2010

the akad

percaye atau tidak..saye dah create this entry for so many days (dated 27.09.2010)
and hari ni baru rase nak post it in my blog..muhahhahhaa
excusez-moi for being soooo lazy
seperti yg dijanjikan, ini adalah kisah tying-the-knot saye =)
warning: super duper long entry..if u just wanna see the pictures, kindly scroll down immediately.

malam raya:

normal people must be busy preparing for hari raya, gosok baju baru, buat ketupat, nasi himpit..cucuk sate..but as for me, along with my lil sister, i was busy menumbuk inai (yes i did it by myself) sambil membelek "resepi" yg member kasi utk kasi inai merah kat jari..i tot proses memakai inai will only take about half an hour..rupenye2, it took much more than that..kol 1pg gitu baru siap pakai inai
tu pon sempat pakai kat jari sy je..kat kaki mmg tak sempat..adik nak tumpang pakai same pon tak sempat..poor her.

1 Syawal:

eagerly woke up that morning, just to realise that inai tu tak merah lansung kat jari jemari sy..oren ade la..sedikit keciwee..huhuhu but at least still ade satu lagi malam utk pakai inai..muahhaha..ari tu we all satu family takde beraye sgt..just went to my grandma's (my mom side)..and sy berusaha gigih melawan nafsu supaya jgn makan over sgt..karang tak muat baju..ternganga karangg..
in the evening..we started making fondant icing for my hantaran cake..decoration theme?hemtamm sajalahhh..hahahhaa..i didnt bought any flowers for hantaran cake..so sesuke hati decorate pakai ape yg ade..and it turned out so cute..simple of course..tp chomell sgtt (bolee puji cake sendirik??hahha) ..serious sy sgt suke..and sgt bangga ((sile jgn mencebik :p)

that nite, ade semayang hajat, semoga majlis berjalan dgn lancar..our relatives were the invitees..mmg tak ajak orang luar..and lepas semayang hajat..org lain sibuk dok borak2 diluar..manakala saya sibuk dlm bilik pengantin..sbb baru nak sapu, nak mop, nak kemas, nak itu nak ini..hehhhee..lepas siap bilik pengantin..saye sibuk menumbuk daun inai buat kali kedua..sambil diperhatikan oleh bibik2 yg dok kasi suggestion tambah itu ini dalam "resepi" ukt kasi inai merah mengikut petua dari seberang. so mlm itu, tidur lambat lagi gara2 pakai inai..hajat di hati nak letak inai dikaki masih tak kesampaian..so sy redha je la tak de inai kat kaki..huhuhuhu

2 Syawal:

woke up early that morning..just to be dissapointed once more as inai tak semerah yg sy nak..:( pestu blur tak tau nak start buat ape as manyakk sgt2 nak kne buat..like gubahan hantaran (barang2 still dlm bag shopping..bolehh??), my 3-tiers wedding cake, bunga pahar, and the list goes on. owhh owhh owhh..fresh flowers tak pegi amik lagi..so i picked them up first kat tgh2 kota bharu..as it was at 9am..kota bharu was sgt lengang! Ber-bundle2 fresh flowers sy angkut balik...terus letak dlm toilet bilik pengantin..i started cantas2 batang nye..especially roses..to keep them alive!..because ade bunga yg sy akan pakai lagi dua hari!(utk handbouquet majlis bertandang)
so toilet bilik pengantin sudah penuh berisi baldi2 yg dipenuhi bunga2 :D

around 12pm, my sis was available utk buat gubahan hantaran. we didnt have any reference..just main pakai buat and main pakai letak je bunga..but it turned out lovely..sy sgt2 suke!..mmg chantekk..so proud with hasil kerja my sis. so saye serah bab2 gubahan hantaran kat dia..while my cousin gubah bunga dalam pasu untuk hiasan bilik dan rumah.
semua kerja2 ni dibuat di dalam bilik pengantin..as a result, bilik pengantin sungguh bersepah dengan daun dan batang...and sy just pejam mate tanak pikir pasal bilik lansung :D

at 3pm, sy baru nak iron baju utk dipakai utk akad n bersanding..boleh??hahah tu lahh..awal2 tanak iron..sape suruh...tu pon iron gitu2 jee....janji nampak kemas..lagipon leceh nak iron dgn beads segala..kain songket tu lagi la..keras kejung macam takde effect lansung walaupon penat ditekan sekuat hati..lagipon my sis dah bising soh sy pegi berehat as mate bengkak hasil tak cukup tido..so she asked me to take a rest..

wat did i do?i went to the kitchen utk buat air teh ( i just want 2 teabags actually) and realised that my aunties tgh decorate my wedding cake under my mum supervison, my cousins tgh isi telur dlm bunga pahar.wooooo dapur lagi bersepah dari my bilik..hahahhaa
tu saye belum jenguk kat dapur bawah lagi tgk ape tukang2 masak tgh buat..huhuhuhu
then my auties tanye camne nak decorate ni..so sy keluarkan bunga2 yg sy dah siap beli di bangi (there are 15 of them)..n tunjuk kat my aunties camne nak letak. pestu panik plak cari riben yg sy dah beli khas utk cake ni..serious tak tau dlm plastik bag yg mane satu..as barang2 gubahan saye sudah sepahkan dan letak merata2..wooo penat mencari ok..seb baekk jumpe..phewww

then air teh dah siap..but that teabags were too hot utk letak dimata..dari mate lebam..jadi mata merah melecur pulak..so i put them in a fridge..sambil menunggu sejuk, saye menjadi mandor, check progress kat bilik pengantin, kat dapur dan jugak pelamin!!..owh yess..sy terlupe yg pelamin sy mmg dah siap dipasang before sy sampai umah lagi..which was one week before the event..cume utk hiasan, sy amik fresh flowers and org tu janji nak pasang kol 2..i called every 30 mins, asking him when he wud arrive as sy nak pelamin tu siap before the akad..sbb seisi bergambar bersame family adalah malam tu jugak.

around 4.30pm, sy baru teringat yg sy nak merahkan lagi inai by putting inai mekah yg liquid tu..once again, my adik bongsu menjadi org suruhan utk pakaikan inai di jari. sementara menunggu kering, sy hanya mampu bersandar di dinding bilik sambil perhatikan org buat kije..kadang2 mata terkatup sudahh..hahaha

at 5pm..i cudnt take it any longer..i needed to take a nap..as at 6pm sy sepatutnye berada di bridal tu for makeup session. so saye serahkan my handsets kat my sis utk answer any call dan jugak utk hassle pakcik yg kne pasang bunga kat pelamin sbb tak sampai2, then sy basuhkan sisa2 inai di jari (at least merah than before this) and keluarkan teabags yg sejuk beku keras kejung tu..took a face tissue, and pegi menyorok in between katil pengantin n dinding..so that nobody cudnt find me..and yes, they cudnt find me..hahhha! at 6pm..baru bertolak pegi bridal tu, after taking rush shower..kalut, kalutt

makeup session went well..arrived home 15mins before 8..sy sudah bersiap semuanye..bilik pengantin sudah kemas disusun rapi..(but toilet still bersepah dgn bunga..hahaha takpe..takde org nak pakai malam ni), bunga di pelamin pon siap terpasang, dan sy just menunggu rombongan sampai..the akad was held at home..janji ngna tok imam after isyak..but ade 3 pasangan lain yg akan bernikah malam tu kat masjid..i budget mereka akan sampai after nine. so i told my hubby that there was no rush.

at 9.30pm, rombongan sampai, but bayang tok imam tak sampai2..haisshhh..thus my parents asked the rombongan utk pegi makan2..dunt asked me the menu..as i seriously didnt know..yg sy ingat petang tu (before taking a nap) sy sempat makan nasik, telur goreng n daging sate. lauk utk makan malam tu blum siap!

at 10pm, tok imam with saksi sampai..semua berkumpul diruang tamu rumah saya..redzuan was handsomely seated on bantal akad nikad, facing tok imam, as i dgn ayunye duduk bersimpuh disebelah mak saya. the akad went well dgn sekali akad, redzuan was well-prepared, he wasnt nervous, and me neither...sumpah takde rase terharu ke ape bile sy officially jadi his wife..and i didnt know why the tears didnt came out..sbb slalunye sy ni mudah tersentuh orgnye..tgk cite katun snoopy pon bleh nangess..hahaha..maybe sbb tok imam ckp slow sgt..eventho dah kasi mic kat dia..or maybe sbb dia buat lawak lupe nak mintak permission wali..hehe..or iwas too tired..ape2 lah..sy dah jadi bini orang!!

and regarding all the preparation, the planing, the kekalutan, the kekusutan, the keletihan, the pening kepala and all, voila le resultat... sy hanya mampu merancang, namun Allah jua yang menentukan apa yg terbaik utk saya, dan sesungguhnya, apa yang telah dirancangkan olehNya adalah yang terbaik. Alhamdulillah.

all these pictures are from Xjukie..they are raw(without any editing yet) and these pictures touch me deeply in my heart.

that nite, we took a lot of photos..till pass midnite..and he drove to his home and be prepared for the walimah.

ps: gambar hantaran cake dan jugak suasana preparation tu sy akan letak kemudian (if ade mase lapang lagi..hehhee) becoz blom copy pics dari camera kakak sy :D

lundi 27 septembre 2010

job hunting

i am still feel lazy to blog (and to work of course)
after 3 weeks being away from office, it was a blast!
both of us buat muke pagi tadi bile dah nak sampai office..muahhaha
but i was happy as well, as now im going to work with my hubby..yeay! (but not so long)

on the other hand, i am looking for a new job as well
being in the same office may be not so wise for both of us
thus, we decided that one of us has to rend his/her resignation letter
and i offered myself, because
  • my post here has not been confirmed
  • he was here earlier than me
  • regarding my qualification and expertise, i rather seek a better job somewhere else which can give me more satisfaction and can give me extra money..haha
  • i always wanna be a lecturer =)
therefore, i start looking for a lecturer post for any univ in Selangor..and I am considering applying for SLAB too..
am I ready to start PhD study now? i dunno, and will never know..huhuhu..lebey2 lagi tgh2 nak build up family ni kan..takut jugak jadi haru-baru..but i guess, i have to serah segala urusan dan perancangan kepada yg Esa..as He is the only one who knows what is the best for me.
btw, any idea on how to apply SLAB?

ok.that's about job hunting. how's about my wedding, reviews and pictures??haha..sorry folks..we just touched down yesterday, very early in the morning..only had a couple of hours to rest, unpacked stuffs, did house-cleaning, attended open house..phewww
futhermore, i dont know where shud i start. maybe i will let pictures to do the talking..and i just add some words la kot..seriouss rase sgt malass nak menaip..huhuhu..which made me sad as well, as now i didnt have much idea about what to be told in my blog..dulu mase prepare the wed, idea dtg mencurah2..hahaha miss those moments!

friends..thanks a lot for the wishes..

mercredi 22 septembre 2010


we are currently in Sabah =)

lundi 20 septembre 2010

i am happily married

Salam my dear readers,

dah lame rasenye tak jenguk blog ni..my last entry was one week before hari raya
time tu pon dah bz packing utk balik kampung dan jugak utk my big day
and once dah sampai rumah
i didnt have time to blog, to check emails or even to reply every sms

alhamdulillah, the akad went well, as well the kenduri for both sides
of course there were hiccups here and there
but i just remembered what Huda and Nahwal told me
smile smile and smile during ur big day
and all the hiccups wud just fade away.

i am deeply thankful to my parents, my siblings, my uncles, my aunties, my cousins and relatives for helping me in the preparation and for making my day so wonderful.

i wud like to express my gratitude as well to my photog, Jukie for those lovely pictures (tak edit pon dah chantek), and for his time spent with us, starting from the akad till end of majlis bertandang (poor him tak dapat raye sakan because of us..huhu).
my gratitude also goes to NTouch, for the pelamin and mekap (akad and sanding) and Nuha & Mea utk mekap utk bertandang(thanks jaja sbb introduce diorang..mekap dia mmg chantek..even org ckp lagi chantek dr kak long :D )
btw, i will try to put some review about all these (bile saye ade kelapangan ye :D)

about DIY, alhamdulillah sume dapat dibuat dgn jayanya. But as i just only have 2 hands, i had to give some tasks to someone else.
Kaklong, thank you for the pomander ball, which are sgt chantek terletak kat meja beradap =)
Kak Tik, thank you and thank you for those lovely gubahan hantaran!You did really make my dream came true =)
Cikja n Cik Nurul, terima kasih sbb sudi jadi bidan terjun utk hias wedding cake..hehehehhe

now i am a happy married wife. extraordinary happy.

ps. i will be away for a while for our second lune de miel =)

samedi 11 septembre 2010

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

now i am excited!

a lot of things happened today which provided me a lot of adrenaline in my vein
i am thrilled..i am excited..i am happy..i am smilling
owhh yeahh bebehh

ok first thing first.

i arrived at my office very early in the morning ..which is 7.30 am
muhahahaha..my colleagues were surprised to see me that early
as normally i sampai around 9 gitu..hahaha
and tak sampai 10 mins, my colleague dtg kat meja, kasi a plastic of henna leaves =D
dia siap tunjuk gambar dia kwen..mmg merah gilee wehh...i likee!!!!
i mmg jarang sgt pkai inai mase kecik2 dulu
so bile dah besar panjang ni baru nak pakai for the sake of my wedding
of course teruja wehh..cant wait to see my hands with henna! =)
but sy just nak pkai inai kat jari je..no ukiran or anything
sbb sy mm tak suke ukiran di tangan, rase tak sesuai ngan tgn saye
n bile ukiran inai tu pudar, sungguh tak chantekk tgn tu nanti
so a big no to ukiran inai..n my mom agrees with me..phewwww

then another colleague came, giving me the napkin table yg i mintak dia jahitkan =D
i was looking for napkin, but i cudnt find any that fit with my theme color or my budget
and suddenly, out of no where, i asked my colleague if she cud jahitkan 15 napkins for me
and she said yes! thanks babe!
so total damage for 15 napkins is RM15 + sebalang biskut crispy chips yg sedap =)

in the afternoon, with my fiancé, we went to Nilai 3 for the last time before being husband n wife =)
actually we planned to go there right after office hour like we usually did, but he suddenly got planned with his friends and i suddenly received orders for blueberry cheesecake, to be delivered tomorrow.
so wat did we buy?ribbons of course, for my wedding cakes, my bunga pahar and corsages. 3 boxes of bunga pahar, and 2 stands for bunga pahar.

back to the office, i received call from bridal boutique, saying that they already wanted to go to my house to set up the pelamin. terkejut kejap..awal gile tauu..but i likeeee it too!! at least takde cuak or panik or risau if dia pasang last mins rite? so i gave them my papa's and home number as i will only be back on Saturday..cant waitt to go homee!!

then i emailed jaja about her veil, i love her veil very much, but i am just not sure if it can suit my nikah dress.watever, nak try jugak kot2 match la kan..bergaye sy dgn veil jaja nanti..hahahahha (cross all my fingers n toes for it..as well hoping that kb wont be too packed on thursday)

pestu i placed order for swimming suit muslimah at http://islamicbajurenang.blogspot.com/ (moose jgn gelak kat aku ok..haha)..that means, snorkelling is on bebehhhh!

last but not least, my sis and my bil, along with their lovely kids are going to take flight tonite at 8 (uk time), and will only arrive here tomorrow at 10pm (m'sia time) yeayyy!! x sabar nyeee nk jumpeeee =)

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

update tak merapu: igauan veil

ok..sy still tk decide lg nak pakai veil mane utk akad nikah, bole?hahahha
lagi 9 hari..tp veil masih tak setel.adoii..pening2.

mule2, i mean awal2 dulu..ingatkan nak tempah veil nikah ngan KV
but then, bile sy decide utk tempah sendiri songket utk bersanding
sy tuka plan..nak tempah dua2 veil ngan KV
tp disebabkan kemerosotan ekonomi yg dialami diseluruh dunia
so sy just tempah veil (n tambah tudung plak) ngan KV..hahahha

pestu sy ingat nak sewa je veil nikah ngan bridal yg buat pelamin tu
tp ehemmmmmm veil dia kurang menarik..yg kaler cream pon nampak dah comot n kusam je (or mate i rosak kot ari tu)
pestu i tot nak singgah beli kat jalan TAR
and till now tak tersinggah2 lagi beli eventho dah beribu kali pegi sane bulan ni
(ecehhh beribu kali kunun)

memandangkan skang jln TAR sesak gile
and sy pon takde mase dah nak singgah..i think i just have to sewa veil bridal tu
tp before im going back to kltn
nak jugak tanye this Q:

ade tak any of u yg ade veil kaler cream/gold yg bleh i sewa/pinjam? =)

haiii..lagi 4 hari nak balik, baru terpk nak tanye soklan cemni kat blog..haha

update merapu

ok..i start loosing my grip..it becomes harder for me to handle all the stress, conflicts and thoughts about my wedding..of course deep inside my heart..i am super duper happy to be married..cant wait to live happily ever after (insya-Allah) with mon prince charmant
BUT..this is too much! i didnt know that a wedding can really drive me crazy (i am not a bridezilla..just not yet!)

i dunt know where shud i start..and hell no, i dont know how to complain..people may see me as a b2b who is excited about her wedding and handle so well all the tasks.. but not so many can see my gloomy-not-so-cheerful side.

major source of the stress comes from me..where i start to have some thoughts..and questions start with "what if" become common in my mind right now. And those questions touch every aspects, including past life, life after marriage and you-know-what. And i dont have any answer for those Q, thus it kinda scares me..well a lot!

and i already have nightmares ok. started with the one that i have months ago. bole tak sy mimpi terlupe yg ari tu supposed to be ari my akad nikah, sampai le my tunang sms me ckp he's on the way to my house dgn rombongan keluarganye for the akad ceremony?panikkkk ok!

mimpi seterusnya, me n him was dlm jamuan makan2, and i saw a simple pelamin on stage (i guess dlm dewan la kot) and a lady sat on it..and suddenly my fiance asked my permission to be on stage, as he's married to that lady (bulat mate i when he said that) but he gently promised me that he's going to file a divorce asap so that we can get married afterwards.. jumpe kat opis keesokan harinya, i directly asked him who was the lady in my dream..bole takk??hahahha

Tadaaaaaa! that's current me.. result of being away from him for 5 days + an ex who tried to reach me.

makin nak dekat makin, makin tak tau nak update pasal ape dah..hahhhhhaaa sorry guys

lundi 30 août 2010

11 days to go- update

sorry for the counting days title, well, im not really counting days, otherwise i will just freak out instead of feel excited, but i cudnt find any proper title.

worst, i dunt even know why i opened www.blogger.com in the first place. but i am pretty sure there is something that bothers me right now, starts to occupy my mind, which makes me feel uneasy. org kate, makin kite dekat ngan tarikh nak kawen, makin besar dugaan rite?i 100.9% agree with that! ::sighh::

normally, when i jump into this uneasy-unsecure zone, i will just talk talk and talk with others. And I can talk about everything, not specifically about the thing that bothers me. The only prob is, only a few come to the office today (haha) and i am too lazy to dial my bffs numbers and pour them with my concerns.

enough of crap. the real updates are:

1. bunga pahar: my wedding is very the simple. and i clearly said to my parents that i dunt want any merenjis or tepung tawar as from what i read, it is not advisable to do that because tersangat meniru adat org bukan islam dan ade yg ckp haram. thus i have to say No no and no (but this dilemma is still under nego, because my parents nak sgt buat merenjis ni).

As we dunt have this renjis merenjis, then wat's the use of bunga pahar? well i decided to give each of them to rombongan pengantin lelaki. So they will have normal doorgift + bunga pahar. Kinda special la kan? Tak payah sy nak pening2 nak kasi ape kat diorang utk kasi diorang nampak special sket from normal guests. with my mom, we decided to do by ourselves. My mom sgt suka bunga stoking..so we did bunga pahar stoking for 100 people.

Mule2 i tot, i siapkan separuh, then my mom siapkan separuh, but akhirnye sy buat semua all by myself..tp tak siap lagi la opkos..baru 50 cucuk..another 50 cucuk to go..huhu.. rite now, sy tgh consider nak beli 50pcs just for the sake utk decor pelamin..boley? nak buat sendiri another 50pcs mmg tak sempat..mau bengkak jari sy nanti..hihihi

2. Borang nikah: Those required documents for nikah dah serah kat my papa. Redzuan personally handed the document last Saturday as he is currently in Kltn (miss u) for this long weekend. So nanti papa serah kat tok imam, and insya-Allah, tiada halangan utk akad nanti.

3. Dulang polystrene-bantal: is still on going. Dah siapkan 3, another 5 to go. Total hantaran is 9 balas 9, so sy fikir, utk cake, tak payah kot buatkan dulang polystrene segala, bukannye nampak pon, because cake yg my mom slalu buat mmg agak besar :D

4. Biskut raya: (nothing to do with wed prep) during the weekend, with my eldest sis, kami dah siapkan hampir 20 balang beraneka biskut. esok nak buat dua jenis biskut lagi..maybe tambah lagi 3 balang kot. my only concern, macam mane sy nak muat segala balang tu (bersama dgn barang2 utk perkahwinan sy) dlm kereta saya yg kecik itu utk di bw balik ke kltn..erk!

5. Honeymoon: everything has been booked and paid (hotels and car) tinggal nak bayar kereta je..as for the itineary, it is pretty much done. Cuma im not sure about snorkeling because:
  • saye mabuk orgnye. tak kesah naik ape pon, confirm pening (except car i guess). FYI, each time i naik flight especially long distance like kl-paris, confirm i akan amik ubat tido ..ngeeee..and paling best..klu naik flight balik kb which is only 45 mins, before flight take off, i dah siap pejam mate and tido awal2..sedar2 flight dah nak land.! but i love swimming, and dunt have any prob about that, except the facts that i mudah mabuk bile main ombak. last year, mase i pegi snorkeling kat perhentian..omg it was hillarious, i tak masuk dlm air pon dah start pening, and after 5 mins, i requested pakcik bawak boat tu bawak i pegi pantai, sbb tak tahan sgt dah..hahahahha
  • another concern is the proper attire for swimming..mase i still dlm zaman jahilliah, bleh la kan pakai sesuka hati yg i nak..but when i decided to become his wife, i have started consider everything about the aurat and such..so im still not sure, shud i buy a muslimah swimmung attire or just forget about the snorkeling.
6. Baju pengapit: frankly speaking, i dunt have official bridesmaids like other B2Bs, except for my lovely married best-friend-forever-s (bffs) who are very good in listening and giving advice from the beginning. yes, my friends are all married, except me..hahaha..so there's my excuse for not having any bridemaid LOL. however, i indeed wanna have pengapit utk perarakan rombongan from pintu pagar to pelamin. and for that, i chose my little sis (which is taller than me..who's little now?hahaha) because i know she loves it. My only concern is the baju..well utk kenduri belah my side, my sis mmg tempah baju raya kaler hijau, and adik redzuan mmg ade baju melayu kaler hijau, so no prob psl tu (tona color is not my concern)..cume utk kenduri belah lelaki, shud i buy ready-made baju kurung color maroon for my sis?before this i tak kesah sgt if tak same color, tp tetibe rase cam better samekan jugak utk bertandang..hurmm hurrmmm

Fact: i got a missed call fr my-ex this morning. and i have this unpleasant feeling since then.
ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan perkahwinanku ini. Jauhilah ia dari sebarang halangan dan rintangan. Amin.

mardi 24 août 2010

17 days to go mood

mood 2: ceria

i finally managed to settle a couple of things:

  • doorgift utk meja beradap: done
  • bunga pahar: 50% dah siap
  • barang utk gubahan hantaran my side: dah beli, tinggal nak buat aje
  • flowers utk gubahan hantaran: ordered! yes, finally i changed my mine and decided to use fresh flowers utk hantaran..kak tik..hellppppp =D
  • hantaran: completely done!!! yeayyy!! last Sunday, pegi cari seluar utk cik abang =)
  • met photog: also done!! finally managed to meet him, and we briefly updated him wat type of pic and scenery that we are looking for.
  • anta baju nikah utk altering: done!! tp sakit ati ngna makcik tailor yg tak puas hati i nak kecik kan baju tu..dia siap cakap..i kurus sbb puasa je..after i kawen nanti sure gemuk balik..tak padan la baju ni nanti..hello makcikk..ade sy kesahhhhh???? ::geram::
  • distribute invitation: almost done! =)

17 days to go mood

mood 1: geram

(a couple of months ago)
my mom said, utk meja beradap, she wanted to cook by herself..im ok with it..i despise fancy food..like ayam golek berhias ke..tembikai berukir ke..udang berhias ke..because it must be difficult utk makan secara bersopan..nak amik lauk yg cantik berhias tu pon dah susah gile..and as pengantin..i nak makannnnnn (ngeeee) opkos lapa wehh mase ur big day..my priority is the taste..not the way they are presented.

Then, weeks later, one of our relative msg me on fb, asking who will be in charge of catering..he was a chef, and wanted to lend some help..the thing is..my mom, she has her own taste, and she is the one who is in charge of catering (awal2 lagi she warned me that she wanted to handle about the catering) so i said to our relative tu yg my mom yg in charge..and i tak tau pon same yg my mom hire. if he was really interested, i asked him to deal with my mom.

After a while, my father called, told me that our relative called, saying to my father that he wanted to sponsor makanan utk meja beradap. That's fine. But, he also told my father that i wasnt interested with his offer. I was like..when did u tell me thatt?????
My father marah la sket, awat sy tanak terima pertolongan orang..dah dia nak sponsor..terima je la..huhuhu tak pepasal kena marah..eeiiiiiii

Yesterday, i called our relative, to confirm and to remind him that he will be in charge of makanan utk meja beradap. Yang tak best..he quoted me RM XXX just utk beli barang2 mentah..upah memasak and serving dia kasi free..
aikkkk..ckp ngan my papa lain..ckp ngan sy lain pulak..and mahal gile ke ayam udang bawang cili kering carrot timun tembikai sekarang sampai kne rm XXX..mind you, it is for 12 pax.

seriously i didnt expect this..not even my budget..now i have to cut here and there in order to pay him..and this is my main reason WHY i dont want any of our relative to interfere in my wed preparation! Once it happens, i dont know how to say NO, afraid of creating unpleasant feeling between families. But dlm hati..ya Allahhh..geram tak terkata.. my parents dont know about this yet, and i bet they will feel the same.

jeudi 19 août 2010

worth sharing

Businesswoman launches first British halal make-up

BIRMINGHAM, England, Aug 19 - As a Muslim, Samina Akhter was disturbed to find some of her make-up contained pig by-products so she came up with a solution -- a range of halal make-up, free from alcohol and animal products.

Under Islamic law, alcohol and certain meats are forbidden with pork especially taboo so Akhter was shocked to learn some of the products she used contained alcohol and even pig placenta.

So she devised her own make-up line, Samina Pure Make-up, launched from her home in Birmingham in June this year after two years of testing which now boasts to be Britain's first company to sell halal-certified cosmetics.

"This has been on my conscience," Akhter, 41, a mother of five, told Reuters Television.

"I realised many do contain ingredients that are not permissible to Muslims to eat and I just started thinking, well if it's not permissible to eat, then why should I put it on my face?"

The range, which is mainly sold online, includes items like foundation, blusher, eyeshadows and lipsticks, priced from about 8 pounds and is initially targeted at the almost one million Muslim woman living in Britain.

Mascara is still unavailable as the process of making a halal version is still being studied.

Akhter said in keeping with Islamic law, her make-up is made by manufacturers in Australia and Europe from plant extracts, minerals, essential oils and vitamins.

The cosmetics are certified by the independent Halal Certification Authority Australia.

Akhter said she now has more than 500 customers and interest in the cosmetics has come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Middle East.

She said the halal range, free of chemicals and animal products, had also proved popular with vegans and vegetarians.

Some Muslim leaders have criticised Akhter for exploiting a religious concept.

But she argues there is demand for halal make-up with about 1.6 billion Muslim worldwide but only a small number of companies offering cosmetics or other bath products that conform to halal standards.

"The reaction I've had from women so far has been so positive and encouraging," said Akhter who is looking to expand beyond Britain and to get her products into pharmacies and stores.

"I really feel that this product has ... actually filled a gap in the market. So it's not a case of trying to cash in. It's a case of providing people with something they're looking for."

(Reporting by Reuters Television, Editing by Belinda Goldsmith)


dinar emas ii

mon prince charmant dah dapat beli dinar emar kelantan!! alhamdulillah
specifically wang syariah yg baru dilancarkan oleh kerajaan kltn..
pheww..after all the waiting..tercapai jugak hajat dia nak grab the dinar.
u cant imagine how relieved we were when ar-rahn ckp ade stock utk dinar yg baru dilancarkan tu..

i tried to find some info about this matawang syariah, but i cud only find this page (selain dr www.dinarkel.com)

from http://islamicmint.com.my, baru i tau yang dinar yg dikeluarkan adalah dari 1/2 dinar till 8 dinar.
dulu, paling tinggi rasenye 2 dinar je.

but we are still looking for 1 dinar, which has the highest demand. klu boleh nak jugak grab satu.huhuhuhu

how to buy?kindly contact cawangan ar-rahn, contact number boleh didapati di sini:ar-rahn

last week, we did call ar-rahn kajang, but they said stock blom lagi tiba. dinar yg kitorang dpt tu from ar-rahn di kltn.

i know there are a lot of political issues arose around this matawang syariah..but i cudnt care less..politicians always talk about politic (regardless the party) so i am not interested with their points of view. wat do i know is, this dinar is a 916 Gold, and valuable in years coming, and i have no intention to use it as matawang..just utk simpanan.thank you very much. =)

mercredi 18 août 2010

be a diplomat, will ya?

where shud i start?

errr..well it is still difficult for me to be a diplomat between the two families..to practice diplomacy. The only thing that i know is to be frank..thus it is difficult for me to bring bad news to the loved ones, without making them sad or hurt.

on the other hand,while im preparing the wedding, i realize how important it is to have that skill, as me and mon prince charmant are the orang tgh for both families. we have to know how to negotiate or to say unwanted things in a pleasable manner, and to ensure that the message has been passed through clearly, without too much of pushy, otherwise someone will raise his/her eyebrow and start to wonder. we definitely have to avoid that kind of situation, otherwise, both of us will be in trouble.takutttttttttt!!!!

both of us (and i think it is also the case for all of you) were raised in a family where manner is always important, not only the way you behave, but also the way you talk and the way you present yourself. if silap cakap, haruslah kne caras kan. ngeeeee

and when it comes to a wedding, which is not only a union of both families, but also a union of two different traditions, originated from the family background. for example, family A who live in kampung A normally get used with one type of wedding, while family B who live in kampung B get used to another type of wedding. thus it takes a lottttttttttttt of explanation and a lottttttttt of diplomacy skill in order to accord both traditions and to make everyone happy and satisfied..i can imagine, it must be difficult for B2Bs and G2Bs who both come from different states..pheeewwww gud luck u guys.

luckily, our case are far from being severe..there are times when we were keras kejung tak tau camne nak ckp ngan family masing2..but thank god, both parents are supportive. but of course, my hands were dem cold while talking to themm..hahahhaha

okieh..tu je yg i nak bebel..selamat berbuka puasa
and have fun being a diplomat! =)

mardi 17 août 2010


sy tgh mencari napkin table, plain, kaler kuning cerah (bukan yg kuning tok sami punye tau)
but to no avail..sape tau mane carik aaa?pnat dah panjat parkson, jusco, sogo, tapi tak jumpe2
i ingat nak pegi jenguk home & living kat OU..tp jauhh la pulak rasenye
agak2 ade tak kat situ ek?
i need lebey kurang 15 pieces utk meja beradap.

on the other hand, utk lipat napkin tu, sy nak ikut seperti gambar dibawah
macam nehh..simple je..bukan bentuk angsa segala..

utk tahu cara nak melipat, sile tekan source
kat situ ade dia ajar step by step
menu card nye pon chantek
but i dont think i will put it..maybe just letak fork n spoon instead

p/s: mekap setel!yeay! tq jaja for the tips =D