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mardi 12 octobre 2010

Shop ur baby product @ LoveBabyKoala

Hello hunnybunnies,

I am glad to introduce our online shop:LoveBabyKoala.
What i meant with our is me and my bff, Laili.

Both of us love kids, and Laili already have a charming baby gurl (who will celebrate her one year anniversary soon), and we thought it wud be wonderfull if we cud start looking and searching baby/infant products that can suit our child the best.

We also thought it wud be selfish if we keep these good products just to ourselves, thus our desire to become a retailer of baby products. We started this biz a few weeks before my wedding (u cud imagine how bz i was at that time), and it keeps growing.

We already had our official logo, and currently looking for our official website, which will be ready some where around January 2011.huhuhu, So for the moment, the medium for an online biz is facebook!

Ok enough about us, now let's talk about products. Well, we are interested with natural products as we would like to be a "natural" parent with our mother earth in mind. Yes you are right, we love green, and we support for greeny environment.

That's why, our first product that we bought was Isabooties: booties for babies!

All Isabooties are:
* are 100% animal-free;
* are formaldehyde-free;
* are made in the USA with fair labor;
* use fabrics that far exceed the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-07);
* are 100% machine-washable/machine-dryable just like socks offering a clean, healthy choice in footwear.
* Super-soft, breathable Ultrasuede® fabric
* Non-slip, durable Toughtek® soles
* Pediatrician - recommended soft-soled shoes
* Stain-resistant
* Easy slip-on design doesn't slip off
* IsaBooties work great on many outdoor surfaces, including grass and mulch. However, IsaBooties are not recommended for heavy pavement use.

Here are some pictures:

Arent they lovely? I fall in love with them at the first sight. Cute sgt sgt tauu!

Kindly visit our facebook, Love BabyKoala and take a look on the items that we currently have. Any inquiry, pls do not hesitate to email =)

6 commentaires:

missbutterfly a dit…

heyyy..bakpo comey sgt niii?? ado gapo lagi??

Amalina a dit…

kannnn..klu ado size utk org dewasa..kompen aku beli untuk aku jah..hahhhhaa

ade banyak lagi..botol susu, stroller..nanti aku tempek lagi kat blog..hehhhe

:: aJa :: a dit…

comey2x blako..:)

Cik Belle a dit…

Comelnya!!! rasa macam nak ada baby sekarang! eii, nak beli sekarang kang orang kata hover pulak. huhu..

Amalina a dit…

kaan..cumell sgtttt..mase i dapat tu..nak jugak test2 kat kaki..tp ibu jari je la kot yg muat..hihihi
klu nak beli skang bleh jee..kasi kat member2 yg dah ade anak :D

Moose a dit…

cute!!! wait til i get my own girl(s) nanti aku borong. haha