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vendredi 15 octobre 2010

mOmma Technology @ LoveBabyKoala!

hye mommies and future mommies,

let me introduce mOmma! i am pretty sure many of u havent heard about it.

Started in 2005, mOmma is a brand that is part of the Baby Solutions Group of companies based in Italy and Switzerland.

is a revolutionary line of baby products that encourages babies to discover their surroundings with unique products in terms of innovation, shape, movement and colour, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s day into a moment of growth and pleasure.

After feeding in mummy’s arms, baby’s first explorations of the world are accompanied by mOmma’s new round shape which are ergonomic for his tiny hands and reassuring, just like his mother's breasts. This is a modern and practical line for parents.

mOmma products rock and return to the upright position and they entertain baby during mealtime.This movement stimulates baby’s curiosity and captures his attention. The "upright" system ensures maximum hygiene during mealtimes.

A complete line of products designed according to baby’s changing needs during the various phases of weaning. These simple but innovative products help him in becoming more self-assured and independent.

Pictures of products that we offer in our store:

feeding bottle
Round ergonomic shape: The round shapes have been specially designed to make the grip easier for your baby’s tiny hands.

Non-spill cup

Made of special thermal material, it keeps liquids temperature constant for a longer time when you go out.

warm plate
Hot water is poured into the plate through a special hole to keep the food warm during mealtime.

4 commentaires:

ReYNa a dit…

cute!definitely going to buy it...(bile dh ade baby).huhu

Sha a dit…

sungguh tomey..ni rs nk branak cpt2 ney ;p

Cik Belle a dit…

amalina!!!!!!!!!!! eiiiiiii, nak baby sekarang juga! Ya ampunn, kenapalah semuanya comel belako? *nanges+geram*

missbutterfly a dit…

amboi cik belle..hahaha