Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

vendredi 29 juillet 2011

40 weeks.

i mark my 40 weeks of pregnancy today..and still no sign of labour..hehhee
baby behaves normally as he always do
nak tunggu puasa ye sayang?

anyhow..i did my weekly check up last wednesday..
sume baek2 ajee..
berat baby pon tak berubah banyak..still around 3kg
dr norleen kasi chance tunggu sampai 4hb august
then baru buat decision tarikh utk induction..
for the time being, she requested me to monitor baby's movement
10 movements within 12 hours

next tuesday, my parents akan dtg berkampung disini
so i plan, nak start cuti dah kot..
lagipon i dah start mengah2 dah..eventho for a short walking distance..

on the other hand, parenthood expo kat midvalley start ari ni
so sesape yg pegi..take care..bawak mineral water ek..coz sure ramai gile org kat sane
dan utk melancarkan perjalanan shopping anda..bring ur own list of things to buy
klu sempat, survey dulu harga secara online (skang pon tgh sale gile kan)
then compares the price
barang kat expo tak semestinya murah ye =)

last but not least: to mummy Yaya and mummy Yun
congrats on your wonderful newborn boy!

mardi 26 juillet 2011

Dealing with late pregnancy (from TheBump)

I'm going absolutely crazy waiting for this baby to come out. Is there anything I can do?

The Bump Expert

Here’s an answer you won’t like: Not really. Home remedies, from walking to sex to spicy food to mopping the kitchen floor, are harmless -- but most often ineffective. Other strategies (think herbal supplements, nipple stimulation and castor oil) can work, but might bring on killer contractions that can be dangerous to your baby and super-painful to you. Don't try anything without your midwife or doctor’s advice. Most doctors will recommend inducing labor by 41 or 42 weeks, so the end is in sight.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Use this time to take care of you, before you have to take care of baby. Sleep, read, go to the movies -- anything that distracts you from the Big Waiting Game. Oh, and it’s a good idea to turn off the ringer on your phone and let voice mail take the calls. Nothing’s more annoying right now than 101 calls asking where that baby is.

I received it in my weekly newsletter from TheBump..huhuhu

so now I am more calm..not too anxious thinking about when my lil prince is going to see us..

I also talked to my sister, which also makes me more relax and focus..

She delivered her 2 babies at the UK..and according to her, her midwife mmg ade ckp..if everything is ok, mommies bleh tunggu till 42 weeks..then baru consider induction

She also advised me to enjoy my very last days before being a mommy..especially spend more time with hubby as my life will change once the baby is born..

and one of my besties informed me that one of our friend delivered her baby at 42 weeks..and it was a normal labour.

So we have the answer for tomorrow's check up: as long as baby's health is not an issue, we will wait till the baby is ready to meet us. =)

p/s: my EDD is this saturday..tp buat entry gaya cam dah overdue..hahhhahaa..over sungguh

lundi 25 juillet 2011

39 weeks and 3 days

wahh lamenye tak update
and lamenye tak blogwalking
sorry guys..i was super duper bz last week
tried to finish my circuit design (yakin je weekend lepas baby akan kuar..hahha)
but nan hado ye..circuit tak siap..baby pon comfortably resting in my womb huhuhu

ok..first of all
update psl check up last week
baby dah 3kg
everything seems to be fine insya-Allah
i did the CTG
and both of us (me n hubby) were excited to see our little prince's heart beat jumped from 138 to 156 when he made his little movement..(ntah pepekan)
doc asked me whether we would like to speed things up or just wait
both of us were seriously blank tak tau nak ckp pe
saye pandang hubby and hubby pandang saye
ni le natijahnye tak pnah discuss pepe pon about this..hahha

melihatkan keadaan kami yg tak prepare dgn jawapan,
the doc said, i can wait till 42 weeks
we will see the progress during the next check up which is this coming wednesday
tp saye pon tak sure ape nak jawab actually
shud i go for induction..or wait for normal labour?

it is now 39 weeks and 3 days
and there is still no sign..at all
our little prince loves my womb very much i guess..hehhehe
there is no show, no contraction (not even braxton hicks) or no water break
i started to have loose bowel movement since last week..that's all

last Saturday, we did the spring cleaning
prepared our home to welcome our little prince
so from kitchen to guest room, everything is in clean, neat and tidy condition thanks to me
while my hubby took care of our yard

and yesterday..we went for windows shop at midvalley the whole afternoon
there was nothing to buy for our baby as we already bought everything
just i thought it would be a very good exercise to speed up the labour
tapi nan hadoo jugak..hahahha

so here i am today
in my office..blogging and googling about anything related to labour
thank god my boss is not here..otherwise i would already work on my circuit

p/s: baby sayang..u can come out whenever you are ready..as both of us are ready to see ya, sweetheart =)

vendredi 8 juillet 2011

Kisah stroller

Tersenyum saye sorang2 klu ingatkan kisah pasal stroller
Sbb kenangannya sgt manis dan indah
As you all perhaps already knew..stroller ni mmg takde dlm emergency list saye
Sbb my sis dah kasi stroller yg dia pkai utk my nephews
Me and hubby sgt2 berterima kasih la kat my sis
Sbb dah dapat mengurangkan budget kami
But as a guy..of course bende yg menarik perhatian hubby saye setiap kali pegi kedai bayi adalah gadgets
And stroller adalah antara barang yg dia akan “pegang-pegang”, “tengok-tengok”, “intai-intai”
Klu bleh test drive, I bet he will do it too..hihihihi
So mase our first visit to LittleWhiz..dia dah jato chenta ngan Quinny Senzz
Mase tu discounted price was about rm1588 if im not mistaken
Saye mmg dah lame jato chenta..tp menyedari kemampuan yg tidak berapa nak mampu (hahaha)
So just pandang dari jauh la
And since then, he started googling about Quinny..dari Buzz to Zapp extra :D
And since then jugak, each time masuk tempat barangan baby, kompem dia akan spend masa bersama stroller..siap tanye soklan lagi kpd salesman..tak kesah stroller ape, Combi ke, Graco ke, SweetCherry ke..sume dia tanye..hehehhe
Last week, balik dari office, kami sampai ke kawasan perumahan kami agak awal..around 6.30 petang
Slalunye kami akan makan malam dulu baru balik (ya ampun..sy jarang masak weekdays)
Tetapi memandangkan ari tu saye berpuasa, so he said, why not kite pegi Jusco Bukit Tinggi..so I said ok
Sampai Jusco, rupa2nya ade sale, termasuklah stroller
And kat situ, if im not mistaken, ade SweetCherry and Graco je kot
Then ade dua tiga design SweetCherry ni lebey kurang cam Quinny
Saye awal2 dah ckp NO to stroller yg bertayar besar..as takkan muat dlm kereta kami yg kecik ituu..huhuhu
And another criteria is stroller tu bleh fully recline..so sesuai utk newborn..dan jugak klu dah besar..budak pon selesa nak tido la kan..
So both of us berkenan kat SCR 8. The thing is..mase tu stock plak abees..yg ade hanya display sahaja..makcik jurujual situ mmg baek gile la..dia ckp weekend ni baru stock sampai..
Balik umah..i asked my hubby..nak beli ke stroller..and he answered..tgk2 ajee..huhu
But last Saturday..after doing our asar prayer, dia ajak pegi Jusco Bukit Tinggi lagi..jeng jeng jeng
And we spent more than one hour depan stroller2 tu..hahha
Sebabnye..hubby mmg decide nak beli stroller..and saye pulak berkenan kat SCR 5 sbb nampak sgt smart n bergaya..(apentah2 punye alas an)

Cume probnye..tayar belakangnye mmg besar..and lipatan stroller tu pon besar..compares to SCR 8 where lipatan nye sgt kecik n compact.
Selepas penat angkut, lipat, bukak balik and test bawak stroller jalan2..hahahhha..we decided to stick to SCR 8..which is suitable for newborn till 4 years..dan jugak nampak more spacious than SCR 5.
seb baek jurujual SweetCherry tu sungguh baek n sabar melayan kami..huhu
So goodbye Quinny..mmg tade jodoh lah dgn kamu..u r too expensive while SCR 8 is 5 times cheaper than u..huhuhu
Now we have red SCR 8 for our little baby..thanks to hubby’s Maybank treats points that we redeemed to Jusco Cash Voucher..so the damage was pretty much small =)

By the way, we bought baby swing for our little baby too..as well playmat
Both were chosen and bought by my hubby during our second visit to LittleWhiz.. seriously, I’m blessed to see him excited doing shopping for our baby..thank you Allah for this jodoh.
*dah tak tau nak shopping ape dah..huhuhuhu

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jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Update on check up (37 weeks)

Nothing much to say

My weight remains the same (yeay!)

My baby is now 2.8kg (owhh my!)

My BP was ok: 119/79 if im not mistaken

My urine pon nice

So far, alhamdulillah

But..he’s not engaged yet..should I be worried about it?

I already set dates for next check ups..which are on the 18th and 27th.

Dr norleen told me that I will do the CTG during the check ups. Excited plak rase..hehe

Ya Allah..permudahkan urusan dan proses hamba Mu ini untuk bersalin nanti..dan semoga bayi yang dilahirkan dalam keadaan sihat tanpa sebarang komplikasi. Amin.

After the check up and after having our dinner at Hakim’s, we went home for a shower..and then went to Summit..to watch Transformers..ngee ngee ngee

The movie was ok la..but I still want Megan Fox!

My baby was actively moving during the last hour of the movie

Not sure whether it was due to the sound which was too loud, or it was his time to be active (normally I already fall asleep around that hour..hehhhee)

But I did put my shawl and hubby’s jacket around my bump in order to absorb the sound wave..huhuhu

Sorry honey if u didn’t feel comfortable last nite..that wud be my second last movie (owh yess..i have to watch Harry Potter next week!)

After that..i am going to retire from watching movies and take a good care of you..

En attendant, be safe and be good =)

lundi 4 juillet 2011

update on 36 weeks

Wahhh..dah 36 weeks babe!..9 bulan!!macam tak percaye je

Dub dab dub dab dub dab.. :D

I was so bz last week

Too much of trainings..and too much of meetings

Sigh..nak buek camno..project baru nak kick off

And lagi dua tiga minggu..i wud be on maternity leave

Bos mane tak pening kan..haha

Anyhow..ape yg saye nak update psl my pregnancy ek

Nothing much..cume saye notice baby kurang sket dah bergerak

Maybe sbb dah tak banyak space kot

Sgt2 menunggu my check up this Wednesday

Nak tau berat baby dah berape kg..huhuhu

On the other hand..i am under attack by stretch marks

Start naik mase 8 bulan kot

Tu pon kat bhgn bawah perut

Tp skang ni..kat peha dah ade..kat bontot pon dah ade

Cume tak banyak and kulit tak semerekah cam kat perut la

Dia timbul sket2 je..and kulit still smooth

Fuh fuh..gigih skang nak letak lotion..harap2 berjaye la..huhu

Jari jemari saye dah start kebas2

Especially time tido..bile jari tak bergerak

So when I wake up n gengam tangan..sakitnye sgt terase..huhuhu

Pasal grab bags plak..more or less saye dah siapkan kot

Siap kasi list kat hubby what shud he bring once saye admitted to the hospital

I wont put all bags dlm kereta..sb tanak kurma, botol2 air dan juga my breastpump rosak

So saye tinggalkan je kat umah..insya-Allah nanti hubby tulun amikkan.

Update takde kaitan ngan pregnancy:

As project baru nak start..so first task is buat literature review

And ari tu saye terjumpe papers yg ditulis oleh my lecturers..hahha

Mula2 tak perasan..pestu bile tgk list of authors..nampak Y. Le Guennec and B. Cabon

Terbulat mate tau..hahha..siap bace biography diorang lagi tuu

I was like..fuyooooo!

Miss my student life! And I miss grenoble too..