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mardi 26 juillet 2011

Dealing with late pregnancy (from TheBump)

I'm going absolutely crazy waiting for this baby to come out. Is there anything I can do?

The Bump Expert

Here’s an answer you won’t like: Not really. Home remedies, from walking to sex to spicy food to mopping the kitchen floor, are harmless -- but most often ineffective. Other strategies (think herbal supplements, nipple stimulation and castor oil) can work, but might bring on killer contractions that can be dangerous to your baby and super-painful to you. Don't try anything without your midwife or doctor’s advice. Most doctors will recommend inducing labor by 41 or 42 weeks, so the end is in sight.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: Use this time to take care of you, before you have to take care of baby. Sleep, read, go to the movies -- anything that distracts you from the Big Waiting Game. Oh, and it’s a good idea to turn off the ringer on your phone and let voice mail take the calls. Nothing’s more annoying right now than 101 calls asking where that baby is.

I received it in my weekly newsletter from TheBump..huhuhu

so now I am more calm..not too anxious thinking about when my lil prince is going to see us..

I also talked to my sister, which also makes me more relax and focus..

She delivered her 2 babies at the UK..and according to her, her midwife mmg ade ckp..if everything is ok, mommies bleh tunggu till 42 weeks..then baru consider induction

She also advised me to enjoy my very last days before being a mommy..especially spend more time with hubby as my life will change once the baby is born..

and one of my besties informed me that one of our friend delivered her baby at 42 weeks..and it was a normal labour.

So we have the answer for tomorrow's check up: as long as baby's health is not an issue, we will wait till the baby is ready to meet us. =)

p/s: my EDD is this saturday..tp buat entry gaya cam dah overdue..hahhhahaa..over sungguh

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

takper biar baby besar dan matang ti keluar dia lebih senang untuk dijaga betul tak ehhehe...;)

Sha a dit…

Aah sha igtkn k.amy overdue doh..wan oyak sptutnye k.amy deliver ptghn bln7 hehe pndai sungguh dia reka

Amalina a dit…

jihan: my hubby pon ckp bende same..hehehe =)

sha: hahaha wan buat lawak..kak amy due 30 july royat ko dio ;)