Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

jeudi 23 juin 2011

express your breast milk

I think most of u guys already knew what is express breast milk (EBM) rite?

But I am not sure if you guys realize that to handle EBM is not as simple as ABC..EBM has to be handled with care, otherwise all the nutrients inside will be gone.

Sayangkan..kite nak kasi susu ibu kat anak kite sbb susu ibu adalah yg terbaik..tetapi disebabkan kecuaian dan kekurangan ilmu mengenai cara untuk menguruskan EBM, maka benefits yg diimpikan tidak diperolehi.

Lagi teruk if susu itu is no longer suitable for ur baby.

So I strongly encourage all mommies-to-be to do some research about it..read the articles which are available on the internet..

or simply buy this book: Buku Panduan Penyusuan Untuk Ibu Yang Bekerjaya.

Dalam tu ade pasal camne nak menyusu bayi dgn betul, camne nak perah ebm, nak simpan dan nak guna balik ebm..jadual mengepam utk ibu yg bekerjaya dan a lot more.

Bg saya, buku ini amat berbaloi dan all the essential info pasal penyusuan dan EBM are there.

Price: RM10 You can easily get it at any babystore. I bought mine at Fabulous Mom.

p/s: I dont receive any commission for promoting this book..cuma in my opinion, mommies have to well prepared and have to get correct information about handling ebm.

mercredi 22 juin 2011

Dub dab dup dap ....

Dunt know why lately saye risau takut baby berpusing dan berkedudukan songsang or melintang L

Ya Allah..permudahkan urusan dan proses hamba Mu ini untuk bersalin nanti..semoga baby dan umi nya sehat walafiat. Amin.

mardi 21 juin 2011

40 days..

Another 40 days to go..phewww..time flies very fast..kan?

I remember last year, I did the countdown to become mrs redzuan

And now I am counting days to meet mr Redzuan junior..hihi

My bump has became bigger and I easily get tired everyday

His kicks and movements are wonderful touches, and I am pretty sure that I am going to miss them..owh my

Ok here are a few updates:

My checklist : I tambah satu lagi which is sticker for bottle milk storage..hehhe..setiap bottle tu kne tulis tarikh dan waktu kite express the milk..so have to buy stickers mommies =)

For those who are concerned with her aurat during delivery.. I suggest you to discuss it with your gynae along with your birth plan..I first thought, by having a women gynae, I already secure my aurat..but unexpected happened to my friend where her anaestethist was a man..so utk mengelakkan ianya berlaku..try request awal2..but if tak dapat nak buat camne kan..huhu..but do read these articles : article1 & article2

I just saw some pictures of people that I know who are currently in Paris..and I almost had tear drop..owh my god..i didn’t realize I miss the city that much..hope I could bring my hubby there..amin.

vendredi 17 juin 2011

Adding new stuffs to my checklist

Entry pendek =D

1) Large square container: untuk simpan botol, peralatan pump yg sudah di-sterilize-kan. Tak tahu nak simpan mane actually..and I ingat I dah nak start sterilize those stuffs. So have to buy a container kot..utk letak sume tu..

2) Alcohol swab: my colleague suggested me to buy the alcohol swab..utk mencuci tali pusat baby..dan jugak supaya tali pusat baby cepat putus..dan mengelakkannye dijangkiti kuman. Selalunya hospital akan kasi..tp kuantitinye sedikit..so better beli je..i just read this blog pasal penjagaan tali pusat bayi.

happy friday.

jeudi 16 juin 2011

Check up (34 weeks)

Semalam pegi check up kat DEMC ngan Dr Norleen

I was looking forward for it as my last check was one month ago

Well, everything is fine, alhamdulillah

Except for my feet and fingers which are awfully swollen due to water retention

Baby alhamdulillah sehat jugak

Dah dekat 2.4kg dah..huhuhu

Risau plak takut baby besar..

Tp Dr ckp normal je..huhu

Maknye pulak..mmg terlampau besar la

Sebab naik 3.5kg ! omg !

In my defense, slalunye my check up is early morning..so tak sempat nak breakfast..

But yesterday, it was late evening..harus lah ape yg I makan the whole day tu menyumbang kpd peningkatan berat kan?kan?kan? :D

I weighted my self this morning..and it was less than 3.5kg..seeeee! :D

Tp Dr tak komen pepe pon pasal berat saye

Bp pon normal, and urine pon ok

So sume sehat =)

My due date is now on the 24th July..but Dr kata dia still akan pakai tarikh yg ikut kiraan last period, which is 30th July

She also said, by end of June/early July, I dah kne well prepared la

Not sure what she really meant by that..prepare mentally or physically

Maybe bag2 yg perlu idbawa ke hospital kot..huhuhu

So I got 2 weeks to prepare my bag :D

We also discussed with her about the option to circumcise our newborn baby

According to her, from medical point of view, mmg takde prob lah

So up to the parent to do it earlier (bile baby dah lahir) or wait till he is 4 or 5 years old

We haven’t give our decision yet, still KIV

What say you guys?

(baby gurl pon kne circumcise jugak kan?tak wajib..but digalakkan rite?)

mardi 14 juin 2011

trip to littlewhiz

So we went to LittleWhiz on Sunday =D

The shop is situated at Setia Alam

So takde jauh sgt dr our house la

Niat dihati just nak cuci mate jahh

And mmg kami cuci mata pon

Especially my hubby!!

He has been eying on bouncer/swing for so longg

Slalunye, klu kami masuk kedai baby ni

I akan usha bhgn barang2 baby yg basic2

Like diapers, cloths, bedding etc

While my hubby pegi usha stroller, carseat, and bouncer

Men are more interested in gadgets, don’t they? :p

Well those (stroller, carseat, bouncer) are not in our top priority list

So I thought dia nak cuci mata je la

Skali..dia mmg nak beli!

Especially baby bouncer or baby swing

And apparently he is in love with Quinny’s stroller :ngeee:

I love watching his face when he became that excited..hihi

I am overwhelmed by his joy =)

So I wouldnt say no if he want to buy those gadgets, as he never says no to me when I would like to buy something expensive for our baby (or for myself..haha)

But we haven’t bought them yet.

The prices are reasonable and so tempting

But we would like to wait and do more survey

Lagipon, Quinny yg dia berkenan tu utk baby 6 months and above..

Utk newborn kne tambah maxi cosy..which will make a total damage of 2K


So..we still have time to buy it.

As for baby bouncer/swing, my hubby wanna buy it by hook or by crook before the baby is born.

Well, both of us are more interested in baby swing than baby bouncer

And different models (at littlewhiz) are on sale

Harus la rambang mata kann

So kami blom beli lagi..nak usha kat kedai lain camne

p/s: last nite, I saw him googling about the Quinny strollers and baby swing..to get more review about those products perhaps..love u honey =)

dimanche 12 juin 2011

barang baby and barang mommy

pardon me for being absent
blame the office firewall that blocked my gmail access!
yup..i cudnt open my gmail account at office for a week
luckily the prob was settled (but then i was bz submitting my paper)
hehe banyak pulak alasan yee..

so sorry sgt klu tak reply comments
or tak comment at ur blogs
ade skali tu, i dah siap type panjang2 lagi..skali tak leh nak login gmail
uihhh..mmmg sakittt atii..

anyhow..saye dah 33 minggu =)
alhamdulillah so far ok je
baby's movements makin lame makin obvious
berombak2 perut ni ha
geli2 kat perut pon ade
senak2 kat perut pon ade
hopefully he's doing fine inside
my check up is on this coming wednesday
tu pon hampir nak kne cancel dgn demc sbb dr ade hal..hishh pk2 balik geramm jeh
sbb sepatutnye skang saye punye check up dah 2 kali seminggu
tp sbb susah sgt nak buat appointment..still sebulan sekali :(

on the other hand..i think i dah abis shopping barang baby
i mean barang2 keperluan utk menyambut kelahiran putera terchenta..ewahh
maybe one or two small things left
if saye shopping lagi pesni, mmg bukan keperluan sgt la..mungkin sbb hormon excited nak jadi parents tu sgt tinggi..hihih
(ingat petang ni nak ajak hubby pegi littlewhiz pulak..hahhhaa)

so here's the list of what i have so far: (tak semua saye beli, ade yg org kasi or buat sendiri)
  • Receiving blanket - 2
  • Kain bedung baby (buat sendiri) - 9 helai
  • Bathing set Anakku (small) - 1
  • Baby oil J&J (small) - 1
  • Set sikat bayi - 1
  • Minyak telon cap limau (small) - 1
  • Baby wipes (large) - 1
  • Tuala - 2
  • Nail-clipper - 1
  • Bebola kapas - 4
  • Set bantal & tilam kekabu (from my mom) - 1
  • 2 set sarung bantal & tilam kekabu (from my mom) - 2
  • Bedding set for babycot - 1
  • Babycot (from redzuan's uncle) - 1
  • Blue Liner - 1
  • Rompers (from my sis and sis in law) - byk gile..huhu in different sizes
  • Set baju newborn (long sleeves) - 3
  • Barut baby (S,M, L) - 8
  • Mittens n booties - 6
  • Disposable diaper newborn - 1 of 56 pieces
  • Botol Avent PES 125ml - 3
  • Botol Avent PES 240ml - 3
  • Avent sterelizer (using microwave) - 1
  • Set berus botol - 1
  • Pencuci botol pureen - 2
  • Warmer Avent (from my sis) - 1
  • Breast pump manual Avent (from my sis) - 1
  • Breast pump mini electric Medela (from demc) - 1
  • Autumnz milk storage bag - 2 packs of 12
  • MLO bottle milk storage (from a colleague) - 6
  • Bumble bee bottle milk storage - 10
  • Cottonbud - 1
  • Baby diaper bag - 1
  • Baby carrier (from my sis) - 1
  • Baby carseat (from my sis) -1
  • Baby stroller (from my sis) -1
  • Buku panduan penyusuan ibu bekerjaya - 1
  • Travelling bed with mosquito net - 1
  • Large container/drying rack -1
  • alcohol swab
  • sticker/masking tape for bottle milk storage

so it left me to buy a diaper rash cream and a thermometer..bleh buat alasan utk pegi littlewhiz kan? hehehehhe..owh by the way..megasale start on this wednesday..however, littlewhiz sudah pon on sale right now. I went to fabulousmom yesterday to buy my nursing bras, and they told me, they are going to be on sale next week. so mommies, grab this chance to get ur baby stuff at lower price!

baby stuff that i'm going to buy after my confinement, sbb sy rase mase berpantang, takde pakai mane pon..kan?
  • bag utk breastpump
  • cooler bag
  • ice packs
  • thermos

ni pulak barang maknye yg dah setel:
  • Confinement lady (shadira)
  • Set bersalin NR
  • Stoking tebal
  • Nursing bra
  • Pad for mommies
  • Washable breastpad
  • Medela purelan nipple cream
yang blom setel
  • bekung..heheheh

and i am wodering if i shud by:
  • nursing blouses
  • nipple shields
  • pati ikan haruan (sbb sume org ckp tak sedap..hahha)
  • shaklee breastfeeding set

ade kata nasihat?

jeudi 2 juin 2011

diarrhea in 3rd trimester is a sign of labour?

okay..the question scares hell out of me.

as i said in my previous post..it has been a week (or two) that i have loose stool and have to go to bathroom for 3/4 times a day (sorry for the details). at first, i was happy as i just start taking ferum pills, and i was told that it can cause constipation. Therefor, i start having oat for breakfast, double my fruit intake daily and drink vitagen every morning. I am not sure if my new regime causes the diarrhea..too much fiber perhaps?takkan lah kot.

as my hubby was sick for almost one week..i am worried as well if my antibody cant defense my body, and if i got infected by his virus/bacteria. but so far i am ok..my body temperature is just fine (despite the heat), i have no nausea or fever (alhamdulillah).

on the other hand, i am not sure if it is called as diarrhea, i thought diarrhea ni yg cirit birit with sakit memulas thp kronik. well i dunt have the sakit memulas tu..cuma kerap buang air besar je..camne ehh? nak ckp kne gastroenteritis tu..tak jugak..because i had one before a few years back..and it was painful and saye muntah teruk sgt. so i just thought, there is nothing serious, my body just suke membuang ape yg tak perlu je kot..

it becomes my concern when i found the definition of diarrhea at wiki..where it stated that diarrhea is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day.
ok definitely i have diarrhea. gullp. my fear is tersalah makan, ade jangkitan salmonella ke ape (nauzubillah) and risau pasal my baby jugak.. but as i said..i takde simpton seperti org yg sakit. camne ek?

and today..i googled about diarrhea & pregnancy..lagi lee saye terkejut badak.
it seems that some of mommies-to-be mmg face prob yg same cam saya..and it seems, it is a way for a body to prepare room for delivery..ok..double, triple gulp.

now i am confused..wat should i do? go and meet my gynae?our appointment is in 2 weeks times. does any mommy have the same prob as me before?

mercredi 1 juin 2011

entering 32 weeks = 8 months

woww..dah masuk 8 bulan..cam tak percayee..another 2 months to go =)

i notice badan saye dah start berubah, like:

1) asik panas slalu..kat opis mmg sentiasa berkipas..thanks to my colleague yg ade kipas angin kecik..so dia kasi sy pinjam..klu tak..harus sy emo sehari suntuk kat opis...huhu..klu kat umah..asik nak berair-cond..tp dua tiga hari lepas..terpakse menahan panas as my hubby caught flu..sian pulak dia hidung sumbat tak leh nafas gara2 air-cond

2)badan cepat letih dan tidak bermaya..lemau sungguh

3) tido dah tak selesa..mengiring ke kiri pon tak kena..mengiring ke kanan pon tak kena..pestu asik bangun mlm to pee

4) setiap kali bangun berdiri dr position duduk or tido, harus rase sakit kat bhgn bawah tu..mmg i have to hold to my desk/bed for a while..baru slow2 berjalan

5) sejak saye amik pil ferum tu kan..saye asik ke toilet untuk membuang..kadang2 satu hari tu 4 kali..pelik pulak..pil ferum ni melawaskan perut ke?bukan ke sebaliknya?

6) nak sujud time solat pon dah susah sket..sebab perut sangkut ngan peha..huhu harus kaki tu dibuka luas sket, utk kasi space kat perut..weekend ari tu..i was too tired mengemas, memasak dan menjaga hubby..nak berdiri pon lutut cam dah terketar2..so i decided to semayang sambil duduk..and ari isnin tu pulak, saye try utk semayang subuh cara normal..dan mase duduk antara dua sujud tu, kaki tetibe cramped..ya Allah nak menangis rase..since that, i decided to tanak manjakan diri lagi dah..selagi mampu mmg saya akan semayang berdiri, which is a good exercise jugak la..bleh meregangkan segala otot2..

7) owh stretch mark dah start menonjol..di bhgn bawah perut..di lipatan lutut, dan di peha..redha je lahh..mula2 tgk ade stretch mark, rase bangga pulak..sbb it proves that im going to be a mommy soon..tp bile tgk lame2..ngerii..mintak2 dia hilang lepas bersalin nanti..huhuhu

8) saye dah bleh rase perut mengeras..or the braxton hicks kan?tak sakit..just bile tekan2..mmg obvious sgt kerasnye..huhuhu