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mardi 30 novembre 2010


i did the check up yesterday..and it's confirmed!
you cant imagine how happy we are when we heard the news
but i was badly ill yesterday..had high fever, sore throat and flu at the same time
luckily, my temperature has been back to normal this morning
but i still have flu and cough badly today

ok about my pregnancy..
i had brown spotting during the hari raya haji, and i assumed my period was about to commence.
but i was wrong as it was occurred for only a couple of hours.
that's why i did the check up yesterday, as i was late for one week.
but today, i had another brown spotting, which scared the hell out of me.

in rush, me and hubby when to an-nur bangi, waited for almost 4 hours to see a gynae as we were walk in.
the doctor was very nice, we did the scanning, and there it is, our 1cm fetus in my womb!
the fetus doesnt have any heart yet, as it is only 5 weeks. the doctor said, we have to wait until 7 weeks in order to see the heart, and to make sure everything is normal.
she also said there is nothing to be worried, at least the fetus does not grow outside my womb (alhamdulillah)

however, she prescribed me with Duphaston in order to strengthen my womb as i had the brown spotting. and i have to see her in 2 weeks to check the fetus progress.

my only dilema, shud i do my follow up at an-nur?which is far far away from our home (we are currently at kota kemuning). it is about 45 mins journey. however, i kinda like the doctor, and an-nur is close to our workplace which is cyberjaya, very pratical for doing the check up. hurmmm..pening2

by the way.. i have 3 days medical leave! startting from tomorrow!! so im gonna have a long weekend! not to forget the awal muharam and the sultan selangor's birthday next week..wuuuhuuuuu!! the doctor said i have to rest, that's why she gave me 3 days MC..hehehehhehe

and the due date is 26.07.11..right before puasa..sah2 tahun depan saya kena ganti puasa sebulan..huhuhu

pray for our health guys..harap2 semuanya selamat.aminnn

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Lala a dit…

congrats dear!!

ha, kesian kena ganti puasa hehe u take care yah!

tik a dit…

tahniah cik amy.. dulu masa kawe was pregnant with afif.. kawe had this brown spotting jgk.. then i called cik ya.. she said, it was normal.. huhuhu gabra jgk masa tuh.... tuh la maring dok bual dgn abe din.. and we thought that your due date might be same as aqil (early august).. huhuhuh.. sebab rasanyea it was this time jgk kot.. that i was freak out when i found out that i was pregnant with aqil huhuhuhu.. and i already bought you a book ( about baby and parenting stuff).. dont worry .. you will be doing fine. i am happy for both of you... ( make me rasa nak pregnant again).. huhuhuuh

sk a dit…

congrats amalina!! take care tau!!

missbutterfly a dit…

yay!!! congrats mek!!

Moose a dit…


ReYNa a dit…

congrats dear!bestnya dg preggy.hihi

miss chubby a dit…


congrats kak :)jemput dtg ke blog sy


aDieyZa a dit…

congrats dear..

PurPLe LaDy AiFA a dit…

wow.. congrats amalinaaaaa! so happy for you~ LIKE! rs cam br je baca your wedding prep, skrg dah kne baca your pregnancy exp plak la kan? murah rezeki neh.. congrats dear! jgn baca cite seram kt forum2 dah taw! hehe

fara a dit…

my baby dah ade geng!!!

p/s: kalau tak baca blog nih..smpai dh nmpk perut pun aku taktau ko pregnant..huhuhu