Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

jeudi 27 mai 2010

wedding cakes

these are some pictures that i collected from internet..arent they lovely?

i adore the idea of having a combination of one large cake with cupcakes..for me, it's pratical, because normally, the bride and the groom will only cut one tiny piece of cake, then ade adegan suap menyuap and taking pictures, and thats all..and worst, our beloved guests sure segan gile nak pegi potong sendiri cake to for themselves kan..so sape yg nak makan cake bertingkat2 tu???

that's why i love the idea of having cupcakes..senang org nak amik tanpa segan silu nak potong ke ape kan..lagipon senang nak distribute..takde yang pening carik pinggan ke ape..
but my mom is against this idea..she said sungguh tak proper letak cupcakes as wedding cake..huhuhuhu..as i said, she wants 3 tiers cakes..and each tier is a real cake, not dummies..haruslahh i mintak sesape tulun potongkan cake tu and distribute to our guests..klu tak sebulan baru abis makan cake tu gamaknye :D

all about my wedding plan

frankly speaking..i dunt have much dream or ideas for my wedding
hey..u cant blame me as i did not attend to any wedding for almost 8 years
even i missed my bro and sis weddings, sadly :(
yg paling kelakar, i baru tau yg kat kltn, number of dulang hantaran sentiasa sama antara lelaki n pompuan..huhuhu
so bottom line, what i want to have is something nice and tranquille (the latter might be a bit difficult as mane ade kenduri yg tak kecoh rite?)

date: well, it will be held during hari raya puasa, so my sis and her family bleh balik beraye di kampung and attend my wedding at the same time =)
first option, we wanted to have akad nikah on the first syawal (terkojut? :p), tarikh dan chantik..but my papa said takde tok imam yg rajin nak nikahkah kami berdua hari raya pertama..hahha..lagipon my photog cuti pada hari tu, and prob psl bile nak pasang pelamin etc...so it was decided to held the akad nikah on the 2nd syawal..yet the venue has to be confirmed
majlis persandingan will be on the next day, which is on the 3rd day of syawal, and majlis bertandang is on the following day..fuhhhhhhhhh..sure penat gilee

theme colors: well main redah je kot
as for akad nikah, i bought a combination of brownish-goldish-creamish lace+satin
the main reason i didnt choose white is because i want to wear it again and again..hahha
but now..each time when i saw people in a white dress, rase chantekk la pulakk..uhukss
for sanding, i chose hijau pucuk pisang songket, almost the same color as my mom attire when she got married =)
and for bertandang, his mom chose maroon, so i go for maroon without a fuss..hihihi

wedding planner: i dunt have any wedding planner, me and my mom are the wedding planner instead..hehehhe..so we have to do everything..from surveying to booking
for pelamin, make up, and renting cloths, i pick Ntouch Bride or Kak La (someone from kb must knows her)
but we decided to decorate bride's room by ourselves..huhuhu
as for photog, it is Jukie, also from kltn as i am pretty sure no photog outside of kltn wants to travel on hari raya..huhuhu
my mom is in charge of catering, foods
my papa is in charge with invitation and canopies
and the rest, are left to me.. :D

DIY : i decided to do the gubahan hantaran by my self, it will be 9/11 dulang. (to be confirmed), and I am happily willing to help doing the gubahan for mon prince charmant side..
then of course, there will be the thank you tag as well, the bunga pahar (100pcs) and the cakes..
owh yes, my mom is a wonder food woman..her cook is excellent and her cakes are the yummiest ever..she has been doing the wedding cakes for our sanak sedara..and she is not going to miss baking wedding cake for her own daughter
i requested to have one simple wedding cake...1 tingkat pon dah cukup..
but my mom already has the idea to make 3 tingkat wedding cake..dia kata, setingkat tu, kite letak atas hantaran je..huhuhu..as u wish, my dear mom =)

akad nikah: lace-satin, baju kurung moden, already be sent to bridal butik, warta bangi
sanding: songket, kebaya, most probably tempah fr one bridal butik kat jalan tar..i tot to rent the attire, but at KakLa's, they dunt have the color that i want, n lagipon harga tempah and harga sewa lebey kurang je..so better tempah! :D
tandang: to be confirmed this weekend (owh yes, im going back to kltn!!!!)

la lumière d'amour

before i start mumbling about my wedding plan
i wanna tell a story about me and mon prince charmant
well..our relationship is about 9 months old
and i have known him for about 10 to 11 months..huhuhu

im pretty sure, people must say that our relationship is still young
but that always happens to a person whose heart had been broken once
luckily i found him =)
in our first meet, i told him that i was no longer interested to cintan-cintun type of relationship, i wanted something serious and some commitment from his part
and he agreed!
it sounds a bit crazy rite? but i really told him that.. :D
and the most important, i believe him, and i trust my decision to be with him
so there was no proposal..huhuhuhu

from then, we started to know each other, to understand and to accept each weakness
and at the same time, we started talking and planing for our wedding
and that happened for several months before we decided to engage.
actually it was our parents decision as we didnt want to engage in order to cut cost..hahahahaha
what do you expect? i just got back with no saving and just started working for not even a year..and mon prince charmant, he has been working only for one year and a half..
opkos we do not have money to do everything..

but as everyone knows, money is not everything
it turned out that our engagement was great in a very fine day, eventho with one week notice for both side..huhuhuhuhu
owh yes..it was simple, but it was more than enough for me

my engagement attire was from kain sulam padang that my mom gave me and terperam in my wardrobe tak berjahit..huhuhu
luckily, one of bridal boutique at warta bangi was happily to accept my request and to deliver my attire in 3 days :D
the hantarans, i did it by myself, one day before the e-day
i didnt have pelamin, but my mom nicely set up one place with two chairs and fresh flowers for the occasion
as for food, my mom cooked by herself

and now, both of us are heading to our dream
slowly, hand by hand, we step together towards our happiness =)

the end.

bienvenue note

finally, i decided to have my own wedding blog
well..i am a blogger since 2004..but due to a personal reason
i was inactive for a couple of months..
but then, when i become a b2b and i start blog hopping to b2bs' blog
my eagerness to share all about my preparation has overcame my laziness..hahhha
hence the existence of this lumiere d'amour, which means cahaya kasih
(mon prince charmant mmg sgt layan nur kasih..hihi)

but i have no intention to keep this blog permanent
as i already have one
once everything is settled, i shall close it down
or perhaps to use it as a medium to sell some of materials/equipments/cloths that i am going to use for my wedding
renting is also one of the option
but we will discuss it later ek :)

last but not least,
i wanna thanks all brides-to-be for sharing your thoughts and ideas in your blog
as they inspired me a lot (eg payung lace..hahahahha)
gudluck in your preparation
hoping that everything will turn out gorgeous and the way you want it to be =)