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vendredi 6 janvier 2012

This is madness!

I feel mad when I read someone’s post about giving her baby a supplement instead of medication to cure cold..

I was speechless when I read it..and my brain busily tried to digest those words on screen..maybe I misunderstood..maybe what she wanted to say was the supplement was for her and family instead of her baby..but it was not!

She suggested giving the supplement to the baby who has cold because the medications contains drugs and the supplement got none! (wth)

Obviously she is one of the MLM people who try to promote the product (the supplement) but to the extend of suggesting other people to give it to a baby is seriously unacceptable.

People should know, how fantastic, bombastic the supplement is to the human body, it is still a SUPPLEMENT! A supplement cant cure anything! And obviously cant replace meds! Ask any doc or paed about giving a supplement to a baby, I bet no one will give the green light (except for several severe cases like malnutrition). A baby is still a baby, she needs nutrients comes from real food (or from milk if she is younger than 6 months). No matter how natural your supplement is, it is not suitable for a baby! And a doc still knows best..If you think the doc give you rubbish..then consult a paed! Ask him anything that you like..the side effect of the meds, if it is suitable or not for your baby, is there another meds instead of the one that he proposes..but do not jump to a conclusion that “meds got drugs, thus not suitable for a baby.”

I also read about giving honey to a baby in order to reduce phlegm.. ok..people should also know that honey can cause food poisoning to babies..and harmful to their teeth..i know honey makes wonders to us, the adult..and it is one of Rasulullah fav. But do consult with doctors first before give it to your baby..understand the risk first.

Another suggestion to reduce cold is to put vicks to a baby..Hakim caught cold for a few weeks..there were time where his cough was severe and I blamed myself for what he just had..I had a thought of putting vicks on Hakim’s chest, but my sis said it is not suitable for children under two. And yes, it is written on the packaging. So mommies, be alert!

3 commentaires:

ettyzukhair a dit…

supplement???wht...hm...its so true bout giving honey to babies..pernah my brother in law MIL give his baby age 4days honey..melambung etty marah..dpn my in laws tu jgk i bg syarahan..selain can cause food poisoning honey panas...than after few day my BIL trus ngadu kate baby naik rashes truk gile seluruh bdn..rasheslah sbb bdn dia panas..

Amalina a dit…

owh man..kesiannye baby BIL u..tuh lahh..org tua2 ni suke benor suap mulut baby..saye kalau balik kampung..risau sesangat..takut ade tgn yg rajin nak menyuap..haih

ettyzukhair a dit…

ha...etty bab menyuap2 ni mmg pantang btol..pnah gak terleka cousin etty suap kek dlm mulut ameer..hui trus berbahasa kena cousin etty tu..habis aku bawak larik ameer..jaoh2..hehehe