Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

mardi 8 mai 2012

I miss him

He is 9 months ++  rite now..his development, I must say, is excellent. He loves reading ABC’s book..he loves listening to ABC’s song, my own version of 123 song and twinkle2 little star. His favorite channel is of course BabyTv, and his favorite program is Emma’s Theater. He will grin and smile and laugh each time Emma’s face comes out.

On the other hand, he hasn’t crawl yet, neither nor sliding. He doesn’t know yet how to move forth, only move backward. But he already can take position of crawling (lift up his belly off the floor), but he doesn’t move. He knows to clap hand and currently to give five. And sometimes, he can wave back.

He can as well recognize faces, he can easily get going with familiar faces, while he will just be quiet and inactive when I put him with a stranger, but not crying, my tough boy. He is a happy baby, but sometime can be cranky (not too much though), especially when he feels that I don’t spend much time with him. And for the past few days, when he really needs me, I can hear he shouts “miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” or was it my imagination?

His solid food feeding is still a nightmare for me. Sometimes he eats A LOT, and sometimes he doesn’t eat at all. Sighh..I tried all sort of recipes that I could find on the internet to the extend that people laughed and made joke of me for feeding weird things to my baby. Ok..is it that weird to give mango puree with chicken puree? Hakim loves mango puree but I have to ensure that he takes iron too. And he bluntly refuses to eat rice porridge, a must solid food to be fed to your baby according to some people. But they don’t know that and keep asking me why I just dunt give rice porridge instead? Blurrghhh..they can never understand. They think they know Hakim better than me, and it annoys me a lot.

And my baby becomes taller, so he looks like he is loosing weight, which is not. His current weight is 8.9kg and his height is about 82cm. And people keep asking why Hakim is so kurus..tak makan ke? Aiyoo..it hurts ok! What do you want to say..I am a bad mother who doesn’t feed his little baby? Mind your own business will ya.

5 month old..testing bumbo seat

8 month, mild fever due to pneumococcal injection

my favorite happy cheer face

read Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers with umi

i think he got this chinese look from me..hihi

9 month. last check up with dr nazim at az-zahrrah bangi

I miss my baby..uhukss..nak balik rumah lah.bai.

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tik a dit…

Mash potato dia suko dok? cuba try? letok milk byk2.. meme kita akan mudoh terasa kalu oghe kritik anok kita.. me too.. buat kena sabar.. and just ignore jea oghe nok komen gegapo.. :).. do not worry to much pasal hakim pilih makan.. just keep going bg dia mkn.. lamo2.. dia akan mkn.. budok cerdik meme doh.. dia milih skit ;)

Efira Nazri a dit…

My baby is 9months too but she weight 7.9kgs now. Ur baby nmpak je kurus, pedulikan what others have to say. Hee. my baby kurus too but she is tembam.

PurPLe LaDy AiFA a dit…

mmg baby suka mango kot.. skrg musim mango.. mmg seronok my nasuha..

yesssss amalina, your hakim mmg tall! mcm budak umur 2 taun pon ade tu... mesti tinggi n hensem dah besar nnti.. hehe

dinashuz a dit…

Amalina i get that a lot too! zabi aydan kurus lah, mommy x bagi makan yang best2 lah. Hakim is exactly like ZA, kurang suka rice. yes, ppl seem to think it's my fault, ckp salah i sbb tak paksa anak mkn nasi, asyik bg makanan org putih mcmana nak sihat. my hubby suruh buat xtau je. nways,i think my ZA pun dah meninggi sgt2 hence nampak kurus, i think im gonna weigh him when he turns 9 months lah. his last weight at 7 months was 8.3kg. nvm la kan dear, we know what's best for our babies, dun let words of others affect ur mind n emotions (like me hehe). to me i tgk hakim x nampak kurus pun! haihh babies where got kurus~ sume pun berisi lah! ape daaaa

Amalina a dit…

thank u guys..tenang sket rase hati ni..hehhehhe

tik: hakim meme milih sungguh..kejap nok..kejap tok sir..kejap habis semangkuk, kejap make sesudu je..pening2..huhuhu

cik yaya a dit…

hensem nye hakimmm..alaa aassim pon kurus dahh..but he's a healthy boy tho.mmg biasa dah dgr org ckp aassim dah kurus..tapi aassim mkn nasi banyak ok.tp boy kan aktif..whats 'these' people expect?so boo yaa.i know my boy better.gittew haha

btw, aassim panggil aku mom (atau pon mamm singkatan kpd mamamm) tp aku fefeeling lah anak dah boleh panggil LOL

fara a dit…

alaaa semy, pedulikan ape org kata..
diorang tak tgk irfan lg camner..
lg kuruih kering..nih tgh chic pox lg susut badan dia..dah masuk 14months..tp rsnya berat tak smpai 8kg ponnn...how about that???
naknye skrg nih pun irfan dah pndai pilih2 mknn..buat nasik tanak, oat tanak, couscous tanak..tp kalau org mkn chicken foldover..separuh roti abes kat dia sorg aje..haiyohhh!!!
time makan pun ikut suka dia jee..
kadang2 sekali sehari je berjaya bg dia mkn yg berat2..lain2 mkn buahla, telurlah, roti kosong lah..biskutlahh..tp bila time org len nak mkn dia sibuk nak join..tp tanak makan dia py mknn.. nak yg kita punya.. nasik putih kosong pun jdklaa..adeihhh!!
hakim dah 9 mo..sket lg bule try bg telur half boiled kot..mana tau dia suke :)