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lundi 21 mars 2011

CL was booked, hubby becomes excited =D

Morning peeps

I feel enthusiastic this morning, despite of still ngantuk and penat tak cukup rest during the weekend..well well..where shud I start first?

On Saturday which was on the 19th, which was my hubby’s birthday ::wink::, we went to Shadira Beauty at brickfields in order to book the confinement lady. Yes, to get the service, you have to book 3 to 4 months earlier! The office is in the middle of no where in Brickfields (which is also in the middle of no where for us), luckily the GPS saved as a lot. We were greeted by Pn Norhayati, (I think she is the owner of the spa). She is a nice woman and we had a pleasant chit chat with her. Both of us decided for 7 days Stay-in Package. All the herbes (untuk mandian, berurut, minuman) already provided in the package. Maybe we just have to buy the tuams for ibu dan baby, and mandian elak kuning utk baby, akar kayu untuk minuman ketika pantang dan minyak kuruskan badan utk ibu..hehehehe.

What we appreciated the most during our visit is, Shadira Beauty sells all sorts of jamu, minyak, bedung/bekung, barut but Kak Nor never pushed us to buy everything. When I asked her, what do I need to top-up into the package, she told us to buy just the necessary things (as I stated above). I do really appreciate this kind of attitude, otherwise I wud feel uncomfortable =) So the deposit was paid, and what we need to do is to call Shadira Beauty once I am in the labour room. We did not buy all the stuffs that I mentioned above yet, as Kak Nor said we just can order them thru the phone and pick them up with the CL. Yes, my hubby has to go there once more to pick up the CL.

Owh btw, Kak Nor told me that all the CL from Shadira Beauty are Malays..makcik2 dari kampung berumur 40 and above.

Along with the signed agreement, we received a daily time table of what the CL is required to do. Good sign isn’t it..siap ade time table ko!! We also got a list of food that are need to be prepared so that CL can cook for me during the pantang..hhehehhee =) Nanti kne buat kelas tutuorial to my beloved hubby kat pasar basah..senang dia nak membeli nanti =)

The good thing is, if you dunt want to buy all the prepared akar kayu with Shadira, you can also buy the raw akar kayu like pandan ke, serai wangi ke, by your self, and the CL will prepare it for you…yes, all the ramuan for mandian dan minuman herba utk ibu are also listed…niceee!!!

Seriously, both of us are satisfied with the explanation, we have a black&white agreement, and I just cant wait for my pantang session! ::ngeeee::

My hubby expressed his enjoyment in different way tho. On Sunday morning, he started to clean the room for the CL..can u believe that!! Well to cut the story short, we stayed in his uncle’s house as his uncle and fam moved to Jeddah (his uncle has a job there) so we are the house keeper, and this house got 4 rooms, but only two are available, while the rest stores all the family’s stuffs. As we would like to keep one room for our relatives who might one to stay/visit us during the confinement, we need to prepare another room for the CL..so he cleaned it up..put all stuffs in order..and voila! A room for CL is ready! I was impressed! He did it by himself, as I was bz doing the house work. And to my biggest surprise, he took the besen tempat mandian baby from the store and clean it up! It was his uncle’s and he told us to use anything yg boleh dipakai. Semangat btul hubby ku sorang ni..tersenyum sy tengok..huhu seb baek dia blom kuarkan babycot lagi =)

Voila voilu..that was my weekend =)

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