Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah, jadikankah dia sihat dan sempurna, berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya dan baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis, dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad SAW dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam

mardi 31 mai 2011

quick update.

1) i am bz like a bee at my work place. there are 2 scientific papers to be sent in june..and i just finished doing the simulation for the first paper..just the simulation tau! paper tak tulis lagi..pestu utk second paper, still tak tau nak tulis pasal ape..adoi..

2) my dearly husband has been ill for a week..he had high fever last week, he was on bed rest for the whole weekend due to flu..and yesterday, he had sever sore throat..nak makan pon tak bole..kesiann..lg2 bile dia komplen lapo..isk..today he is on medical leave..so terpakse saye dtg opis sensorang :(

3) and now, i start to feel weak and tired..lemau gile kat opis ni..rase nak baring je..tp tak ngantuk..pestu lenguh2 badan..especially dari pinggang ke bawah.

4) last nite, i managed to pack my baby's stuff in his bag..tu pon cam tak sure..nak letak baju ape..bape helai nak bawak..err newborn baby bleh pkai baju lengan pendek ngan sluar pendek ke?

5) how about mom's bag? errr...

6) should we sterilize all the new bottles, breast pumps first before using them?

7) for this coming june, i dunt have any plan..except for final shopping for our little baby during the mega sale, and our getaway to Langkawi..havent finalize the plan yet, as we would like to seek dr.'s advice on this matter..klu tak silap, saye dah 35 weeks time pegi langkawi tu..tak sure dr. kasi pegi berjimba ke idak..lagipon i need surat doktor utk dapat naik flight..huhuhu

vendredi 27 mai 2011

antenatal class (part 3)

Sambungan (episod terakhir)

The last session was “breathing techniques during labour” by physiotherapist. Well I am a bit disappointed with this session as we only learned about the exercises that can be done by a pregnancy woman. No breathing techniques were taught. So we did the exercises during the whole session. Most of them can be found in the pregnancy book, and I already practice some of them (ikut kerajinan jugak..hahahha)

On the other hand, the physiotherapist advised all the future mommy to not doing the indicate exercises after 8 months (takut akan mempercepatkan kelahiran baby which is still belum cecah 38 weeks la kan). We were also advised to take a deep breath between each exercise (jgn nak lasak main tibai buat semua serentak).

My comment about the antenatal class:

Overall, me and hubby sgt puas hati la..we learnt a lot..we got new info..yes it is beneficial for both of us..especially my hubby. So my opinion is, this class is a way to expose our hubby to the info related from pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and how to take care of newborn. Listen to the experts are more convincing than read then interpret by us. My cuak feeling to labour has already lessened by half.

You can also learn about the options/facilities and procedures provided by the hospitals. It might help for your birth plan.

To attend this class, you may wait till you enter second semester. But don’t wait too long..nanti banyak useful info pasal nutrition u akan miss….lagipon nanti lenguh2 plak dok lame2..hehehhe

So if you have time, grab you hubby along and attend the class.

p/s: there was a contest, organized by Mamil Gold that day..and thanks to my hubby’s creativity, we won a Medela mini electric breastpump. Sukaa!

jeudi 26 mai 2011

antenatal class (part 2)



Before lunch break, we had a tour to labour room, and the maternity ward. As DEMC just moved to a new building, of course everything looks great and nice. We also had the opportunity to visit the suites, and yes it is like a hotel, with a minimum price rm600 per nite..haha..jgn mimpi le kami nak dok situ..

Then we had our lunch, provided by the hospital at the cafeteria in the building.

Next session was “Successful breastfeeding” by Pn Jasmeen Tan Abdullah. If im not mistaken, she is a lactation consultant from HKL, actively involve with MLO and susuibu.com. She showed us on how to hold a baby while BF, she told us about what do and don’t for BF, she provided us some tips and a lot more. It seems that hubbies enjoyed this session as most of the questions asked were from hubbies..hehehhe wifes bukan tanak tanye soklan..tp kami dah banyak membaca..ecehhh..hahhhaa

Here a long list of things that I managed to jot down in this session:

  • Breastfeed: sunat start sebelah kanan, then baru pegi sebelah kiri. If susu blom abis dari sebelah kiri tp baby dah kenyang, so utk next feeding, start pulak sebelah kiri. Ni utk balancekan stimulation untuk kedua2 belah breast. If not, nanti ade belah yg asik diminum tu lagi banyak susu dari belah yang jarang diminum
  • Don’t allow your baby to be a lazy sucker..means dia letak je mulut tp tak hisap pon. If tertido, bleh geletek chin or kaki or tangan untuk kejutkan..untuk make sure dia sentiasa nyot nyot.
  • Nursing bra: beli one month before deliver (jgn beli awal) and buy one size extra..sbb nanti breast akan besar (and bertambah sexy..haha). Avoid wired bra for the first 6 months sbb ia boleh block milk production
  • Jgn pegang breast dgn cara scissor shape, but C-shape (yg ni saye nak explain tak reti..kne tgk demo)
  • Usap dari pipi ke mulut bayi untuk stimulate baby utk minum susu. According to her, even org dewasa pon bleh meleleh air liur if diusap seperti itu.
  • To check if it is a good suction(dari baby), si ibu akan rasa ngilu di bahagian rahim. If tak rase (n rase sakit kat nipple) which means tade latch-on, positionkan balik mulut bayi.
  • Priority to breastfeed your baby dari makan jamu.
  • Tanda baby lapar:
  1. Flexing arms and legs
  2. Clenching and unclenching fist
  3. Chewing on hands
  • If u see this signs, bagi baby minum susu..otherwise, the next sign is menangis tanpa berlagu..heheh by that time..susah dah nak breastfeed sbb baby dah merajuk..penat kasi sign, tp mommy tak paham2 :D
  • Cara penyusuan: Jgn bongkokkan badan kepada bayi..nanti bayi pon tak selesa sbb breast kite akan hempap hidung n muka nya. So duduk dgn tegak. There are 3 position to hold ur baby: cradle hold position, football hold position and cross hold position (sile google :D)
  • Some hospitals may or may not support BF..check with ur gynae..and inform them that u want to BF ur baby (by hook or by crook) once he/she is born.
  • To check if ade prob ngan inverted nipples or not..tekan nipples for 10 seconds dgn jari anda, and then release it. Observe if the nipples pop out and membentuk seperti biasa or not. Klu tak, blum terlambat untuk dapatkan bantuan supaya berjaya breastfeed nanti.
  • Bawak picture baby ke mana sahaja, kerana dgn melihat gambar baby, ia akan membantu badan kite utk stimulate milk production. There are a lot of breast pump kat market, tp tak semua sesuai as kadang2 dia hanya pump bhgn nipple je (which is sgt menyakitkan). So recommended breastpump are: Spectra, Medela, Ameda, Callypso, Mamivec and Avent. Double pumping provides better stimulation and jimatkan masa.
  • Kalau simpan expressed breastmilk (EBM) kat bhgn peti bawah (bukan tempat ais di bhgn atas), sila letak di 1st level sahaja!
  • Warmer is optional, klu takde, bleh je rendam EBM dlm air panas/suam

  • Tips untuk banyakkan susu:
  1. Drink hot nutriets soya, red dates, horlicks
  2. Massage breast with warm towel
  3. If ade engorgement, letak cold towel/cabbage kat breast (not more than 10 mins)
  4. Or buat coffee paste(using warm water) and tampal kat breast for (15-20 mins)
  • Express and store up breastmilk 3 weeks before start working.
  • Avoid using plastic bag to store your EBM. It is because, the nutrients of EBM could be lost up to 40% (sbb diserap oleh plastic tu). Best option, use PP storage bottle.
  • Don’t forget to niat before breastfeeding. Semoga urusan kite utk breastfeed anak dipermudahkan..dan semoga susu kite pon banyak. Insya-Allah

Ok that’s all, folks. Tunggu pulak entry antenatal class part 3 ek :D

mercredi 25 mai 2011

antenatal class (part 1)

As we (me and hubby) already decided for me to deliver at DEMC, so both of us attended the antenatal class provided by the hospital. It’s not free. RM100 per couple (4 meals are provided). People had been asking me why I wanted to go to a paid antenatal class while there are free classes in other places. Well the thing is, different hospital got different opinions or policies. In this class, you will be introduced to labour procedures, to your anesthetist so you will know what the options provided by the hospitals.

Antenatal class at DEMC is a one day class (from 9am to 4.30pm), hold on Sunday, once in a month, and it is divided into 4 sessions.

Firstly is "Nutrition During Pregnancy by dietitian". It provides useful info to pregnant women, what do and don’t as well about weight gain control. As for me who is already in 30 weeks, I just took it as a reminder for my second child (huhuhu) and at the same time, try to improve my daily intake for the 10 weeks left. =)

Secondly is “Pregnancy & Labour Process” by Consultant O&G. It happened that it was my gynae who gave the talk that day. So she explained in detailed all the 3 signs for labour, the 3 labour stages, the natural birth, the intervention that might occurred during the labour, the episotomy, the complications during the birth.

My note from this session:

3 tanda labour

  • Show: mucus plug, blood stain or spotting
  • Leaking: clear fluid through vagina (air ketuban pecah)
  • Contraction: perut menegang, it comes regularly, and the intensity + duration increased by time

Peringkat pertama labour: 8-16 jam

  • Kontraksi makin kerap (bawak kurma dalam labour utk tambah energy)

Peringkat kedua labour: (1/2 – 1jam)

  • Kelahiran baby.
  • Untuk dibenarkan melakukan kelahiran secara normal, si ibu has to oblige to these 3 rules: laluan terbuka, baby engaged, and ade contraction supaya baby keluar. Otherwise, gynae will advice to opt for external intervention like induce, forceps, vacuum etc.
Peringkat ketiga labour: (i lupe nak catat) rasenye after kelahiran, proses untuk plasenta keluar dari rahim

Third session is “Pain Relief” by Anesthetist

There are Entanox (bile rase contraction datang baru sedut), Pethidine (sort of drug, it last for 3-4 hours and the mother will feel sleepy), and Epidural.

According to anesthetist, if you can survive till 5cm, she will advice you to not take anything, as from 5cm to 10 cm, it will only take about 2 hours, while from 0cm to 5cm, it can last for hours. However, if mase bukaan 1 cm pon dah tak dapat tahan, she strongly advice to take the pain relief.

Forth session is “Care of newborn and effective baby massage” by paediatrician

We watched a nice video on how to do a baby massage..ya Allah..mmg sweet sgt..rase tak sabar nak massage baby sendirik..hehehe..by the way..it is important to do baby massage as it can help baby brain to develop, to help baby to sleep well, as well to increase the bonding between the parents and the baby. So bapak2 pon bleh buat baby massage ye..sekali sehari pon dah cukup. Caranya bleh tgk kat youtube, and just pakai babyoil. To start, gosok tangan kite tu dgn baby oil untuk panaskan tapak tgn before commencing the massage. Boleh start bila kite dah balik rumah, cume bhgn perut tu, massage bile tali pusat dah jatuh.

Untuk jaundice plak, the best medicine is susu ibu. =)

Newborn baby akan kerap minum susu, sbb perut nya still kecil, so dia akan minum sikit, but kerap. So you have to feed you baby every 2-3 hours (eventhough tido pon bleh kejutkan). So jgn terkejut klu baby asik lapar and dunt say susu ibu tidak mengenyangkan or tidak cukup. Set in our mind, newborn mmg kerap minum susu =)

Errr dah panjang plak I tulis..ni baru morning session, nanti I sambung next entry utk afternoon session ek. Ayat2 yang lintang pukang di atas tu adalah hasil nurkilan nota2 yg saye amik dalam kelas..kadang2 kusyuk sgt mendengar sampai lupe nak tulis..hehehhe

Anyhow, hope this info helps u guys.

lundi 23 mai 2011

kasih seorang kakak

Ketika saya belajar di perancis dulu, I was alone..

Saye menuntut di universiti yg tiada org Malaysia

Saya tinggal di bandar di mana tiada orang malaysia

So I learned to live with internet where I onlined 24/7..

Dan peneman bicara adalah2 kakak2 yg di Malaysia

A couple of years later, my sis pulak berhijrah ke England

since then, I learned to catch up flight from grenoble to luton/stansted airport

And I subscribed to easyjet and ryanair website in order to get the latest deals

Most of my holidays, I spent with my sis’s family in England

And some times, my sis paid my flight tickets (feel shameful)

And she bought me a lot of wonderful things (unlisted)

She kept her role as big sister even though we were separated by the English canal.

And me already married and now pregnant doesn’t stop her from lending her hand

Here are the items that she already gave to my baby:

  1. Graco stroller
  2. Graco baby car seat
  3. Baby sling
  4. Avent warmer
  5. Baby cloths
  6. Bekung
  7. Avent manual breastpump
  8. Nappy plastic bags
  9. Pregnancy blouses
  10. Feeding bottles
  11. Pregnancy books

Me and hubby are deeply thankful for her help, and we don’t know how to pay her and her hubby’s kindness. The least thing that I could do now is to pray for their happiness and good health in my prayers.

Thank you Kak Tik & Abe Din.

vendredi 20 mai 2011

check up at 30 weeks

this week, saye ade 2 check ups
satu kat demc, satu lagi kat KK
kenape dua?sbb saye dah start buat check up kat demc
dah masuk 7 bulan kan..and saye mmg plan nak deliver kat situ
so saye start continue kat situ lah..dgn dr norleen

but saye kne pegi KK jugak this week utk my second jab utk tetanus

check up kat demc:

jumpe dr norleen yg sgt baik tu..ckp lembutt je
did the normal routine (scan baby, check bp, check urine and check berat)
check darah tadak..so tak tau hb berape
everything sume ok..alhamdulillah..baby sehat dan aktif
maknye pon sehat membesar..hehhhe
seb baek naik 1kg jah despite makan banyak gile kat kampung...fuhh legaa
berat baby plak dah 1.6kg..cepat je kan naik
dr target, nanti maybe berat baby time kuar adalah 2.8kg or 3kg
and kedudukan bayi dah kepala kat bawah..huhuuh
we were surprised..tp bersyukur alhamdulillah
but as i said..ni still awal lagi
still banyak space dlm rahim..so baby bleh buat summersault lg
dr pon ckp cemtu..huhuh

check up kat KK

hb jatuh to 11..huhu so nurse kasi iron tablet
then nurse ajar camne utk isi carta pergerakan baby
so start from today, saye dah kne monitor tendangan baby
pestu nurse tanye if saye ade minum anything yg ade caffein
sejak saye tahu saye pregnant, mmg saye berpantang air teh dan air kopi
sbb mmg tau kedua2 minuman tu ade caffein
cuma saye still amik milo..which is still ade caffein jugak
so nurse tak kasi dah saye amik milo, soh saye replace ngan horlicks
she said, caffein ni bleh menghalang badan kite dari menyerap nutrient2 penting
like zat besi dan calcium (dah le saye mmg minum susu letak milo..huhuhu)
so ibu2 sekalian, kurangkan or cut terus dari consume caffein ye =)

memandangkan saye dah buat check up n scan kat demc,
so nurse ckp tak payah la jumpe dr hari ni (sepatutnye saye kne masuk mengadap dr )
then pegi amik suntikan tetanus utk kali kedua
nurse tanye..suntikan ari tu ok tak.ade kebas2 tangan?
i said ok, kebas takde..cume gatal for a few days..huhuhu
bleh plak dia bantai gelak..haihh

so that was my last check up kat KK
saye dah inform kat nurse yg after ni saye akan continue kat private
seb baek dia tak kasi ceramah soh deliver kat gov hospital..hihihi

so far..saye still suke check up kat KK jugak
despite all the waiting and wasting time
jumpe lagi nurse2 kat KK yang baik hati =)

jeudi 19 mai 2011

entering 30 weeks..

cam tak percaye pulak..saye dah nak masuk 30 minggu
klu ikut kiraan biase..lagi 10 minggu la kan?
wuuuuu dah nak dekat..takutt jugak nak beranak..huhuhu

btw..blog ni senyap menyepi for several days
due to work loads pestu excited nak balik kampung..and of course
bile dah balik kampung..mmg terus tak pandang laptop
facebook pon saye tak bukak sgt..apetah lagi main game
ape dah jadi ngan cityville lani?hihihi

if nak cite pasal ape yg dibuat kat kampung
i can summarize it with this word: MAKAN!
omg..mmg kije nye makan..pestu tido..pestu makan..pestu napping..pestu makan
siap my hubby complaint, tak nyempat perut lapa, dah kne makan..heheh
nak buek camno..both parents excited tgk anak menantu balik
haruslah kasi makan kenyang2 kan..hehhhe
time tu mmg tak pk dah pasal berat badan..nurse nak soh minum air gula pon, minum je lahh

pestu i did some shopping..beli kain flannel je..utk buat kain bedung baby
beli kaler biru and kuningg..sweet sgt..kain pon lembut compares to cotton
nanti nak jahit tepi je..then it's done
tak payah susah2 nak beli yg dah siap..agak mahal
kain flannel ni harga semeter baru rm6..ade yg saya jumpe rm5 tp tak chantek..huhu

then my MIL tanye pasal baby
saye ckp la uri dah naik, cuma baby plak songsang
but it is still early la kan
masih banyak ruang utk baby pusing2..so saye relax je la
tp MIL pulak risau..huhu
so dia bawak saye pegi jumpe ustaz ni, utk pusingkan baby dan jugak mintak air selusuh
mula2 dengar cuak jugak..sbb kalau buleh saye mmg taknak lansung berurut or try nak pusingkan sendiri baby ke ape
sbb based on my reading..mmg membahayakan nyawa baby dan jugak ibu..huhuhu

but my MIL said, ni bukan berurut..ustaz tu bace2 ayat je
so i agreed (eventho still cuak sbb ni first time nak gi berubat cara kampung)
ustaz tu tak tanye banyak pon..dia just ckp, klu songsang ni
mesti ade sakit2 kaki kan..which is true
mmg saye sakit kaki dan bhgn paha..sampai kadang2 nak angkat kaki utk berjalan pon tak buleh

so dia bace ayat2 al-quran (yg saye noticed ayat hafazan mathurat) dan azan
dia mintak saya pegang perut..haa mmg rase sgt2 baby bergerak aktif
tendang situ sana sini..
dekat 10-15 mins jugak la dia mengubat
dia cakap, "bende" ni masuk ikut kaki..kaco baby
saye assume "bende" tu makhluk2 halus la kot
pepehal..ni adalah ikhtiar..yang membenarkan sesuatu itu terjadi, hanya Allah yang Maha Kuasa.
mase berubat tu, dlm hati tak putus2 saye sebut Allahuakbar
bukan ape..takut kang mende yg lain yg dibuang..mende lain plak jadi pengganti
wuuuu takutt (tempias dari asik membace kisah2 misteri seram hantu kat porum..huhuhu)

after berubat..saye n hubby bertolak balik kl :D
nak tau jadi ke idak berubat tu, kne tunggu next entry ek =)

lundi 9 mai 2011

So gurls..how was ur shopping kat expo midvalley?

Jmpe sume barang yg dicari?hehhee

I didnt go there yesterday evening..because i was tooooo tired

After balik dr expo jumaat mlm tu..mmg kaki bengkak sgt2

And dehydrated..and kelaparan..tu pon dah bantai kfc dah before balik

On Saturday pulak..we went for my detailed scan appointment

Alang2 kat seksyen 7..haruslah makan nasik Hakim dulu kan

My hubby’s fav..and skang dah jadi my fav jugak

So before scan, dah makan kenyang2

So baby pon behaved je mase scan..siap tidoo lg haaa in the middle of the process..sonograpgher tu kejut pon dia buatt derrkk jee..hihihi

Alhamdulillah baby sehat..perkembangan dan pembesaran baby ok

Tulang belakang ok..insya-allah takde prob spine bifida tu

Mata hidung mulut kaki tangan sume ok

And I am glad that my uri dah naik..skang dah distance 3.15 dr OS

Ya Allah..alhamdulillah sgt..harap2 naik lagi ye

We did 3D..so bleh tgk raut muka nye..yg iras muke ayahnye..handsome like his father..huhuhu

Takde sket pon raut muke cina..

And confirm mmg boy, insya-Allah

Baby’s weight: 1.23kg

We heard his heart beat..first time utk hubby

And siap bleh dgr dia hiccup..hihihi comey jah

Tersedu sbb umi makan nasik mamak ye sayang?=)

Once we were done with the scan, we went to Empire to meet Pn Butterfly

I ordered oreo truffles..and seriously sedap

Masuk dlm kereta laju je bukak kotak and terus makan..hahhha

So klu nak, sile order ngan dia ok

Murah dan sedap!

Pestu, my hubby asked me if I was willing to jalan2 kat subang parade

Of course la!!

Went to parkson, as I said, ade sale utk bonuslink card holder

Pestu tgk plak barang2 baby yg comel2

Ape lagi..terus pegi register utk bonuslink

Siap redeem treats points maybankard

Dapat le cash voucher parkson utk bershopping barang baby ari tu

Another 4 hours spent for shopping..haruslah balik kaki bengkak lagi

Tu yg ari ahad tu..dok senyapp je kat umah

Hubby je rajin kuarkan babycot from the stor

And he did some cleaning (thanks sayang)

While saye banyak rehat..hehehe

Tapi of course la masak for lunch n cuci dapur =)

So that’s my weekend..


p/s: sorry saye takde gambar nak letak..eventho gambar2 shopping

sbb 1. malas nak amik gambar..hhehehe 2. pestu malas nak transfer ke laptop 3. err sometimes, it’s better to keep our private life/things to ourselves..i tried to be as anonymous as I can in this virtual space =)

samedi 7 mai 2011

moms n baby expo (verdict)

salam guys

i hope it is not too late to post about this baby expo..so that u can prepare ur shopping today =)
yes i was there last nite..(ehh how comee?) hahahha
previously i told u i wud be there on sunday rite
the thing is..when we just came out from our office door..i asked my hubby if he wud like to go to mid valley straight away for the expo..
our office is in cyberjaya...and we have MEX to take us straight away to mid valley

saye saje je mengade2 nak tanye..didnt expect him to say yes at all
and as expected..he said tanak..penat katanya..lagipon dah janji nak pegi ari ahad kan
and i said ok
skali, dia bawak keta terus menghala ke MEX..and i was surprised (and delighted of course)
love u much, hon!

so we reached there around 7.30..terus pegi expo
usha2 all the halls, before semayang maghrib
then returned back to the expo

there are a lot of booths! surprisingly ade booth Avent (with 20% less)!
luckily org tak ramai sgt (tu pon saye dah rimas..sbb asik nak langgar orang)
the pathway is a bit narrow la
ari ni and esok sure sesakk gilee

booth yg manyak kami bershopping are kat Pigeon, Pureen and Fiffy
i was excited buying barang2 baby like blanket, towel, pembasuh botol
while hubby was excited tgk baju2 baby
siap beli utk size baby 6-12 months lagi..hehehhehhe

tip 1: gurls, kat 3 booths ni bleh pakai credit card, tp kne expenses more than RM80, so kindly bring cash as well..takut2 nak membeli barang sket ke ape.

tip 2: nanti bile bayar..Ask for free gift, nanti dia kasi sample2 yg cenonet comel..hehehe..
if im not mistaken, Pureen got 20% utk semua barang

i bought my anti strect-mark oil at ModernMum, price RM95.++ slightly cheaper dari yg I beli kat alamanda ari tu..normal price is RM119

i bought storage bag Autumnz as well, rm 9 instead of RM12

i went to MLO booth..tp just pegi tanye package utk spectra 3 (rm588)
lupe nak tanye storage bottle berape rega, as well buku penyusuan tuh..haihhh

nipple cream madela is rm26 (tak dapek la beli sbb dah abis cashh..huwaaaaa)

owh i tak usha pon stroller and carseat..there are some brands, like combi and graco..tp lalu je la..sbb rush jugak..expo tutup at 9pm

i was looking for mr bean warmer, the only booth that sells mr bean is mybbstore
cume dia just ade warmer+strelizer (rm 155..quite cheap jugak la)
tp saye just nak warmer jee :(

bedding set ade yg semurah rm160 utk 5 pcs
cume kain nye tak seelok aussino..hehehe
so i decide nak beli kat aussino je kot

wat else ek..

tip 3: solat dulu, before pegi shopping..nanti barang dh penuh kat tgn..susah plak nak bawak masuk surau yg slalu penuh sesak..hehehe

owhh..for those yg cari BF baju or maternity cloths..they got that too
they are not in my list..so tak terpk plak nak beli..huhuhu
pestu utk diapers..the only brand yg sy kne is petpet
mamypoko or drypers takde (or sy tak jumpe la kot)
tp brand2 yg baru yg sy tak pnah dgr ade banyak n murah sgt
tp sy tak berani beli..nak mamypoko jugak..huhuhu

btw..i sempat singgah caring farmasi (kat LG) utk beli neurogain
terus beli stock utk 2 bulan..satgi malas dah nak cari..huhuh
unfortunately, neurogain takde discount
but i saw obimin 30 tablets at rm14.++ murah gile wei
i just bought 2 boxes kat guardian last week at rm16.++(discounted price as well)

ok tu je kot
happy shopping all m2b!!
jgn pengsan sudahh

last tip: bring/buy large mineral water!! kering tekak gile tau..

p/s: i cudnt sleep well last nite..asik teringat barang2 yg i nampak tapi tak beli..haha..ingat ari ahad ni, petang2 sket..klu hubby rajin, nak ajak dia gi skali lagi kat expo..muahahahhhhaa

vendredi 6 mai 2011

quick update.

  • alhamdulillah, dah masuk 28 minggu, which is dah 7 bulan.

  • dah beli set bersalin NR..pagi2 datang opis terus order kat NR4u..as expected, rega dia RM240. sat agi nak gi amik kat equine.

  • ari ni dah start moms baby expo..kaki ni terketaq2 nak pegi mengulor ke midvalley..sungguh tak sabarr..tp hubby ckp kite pegi ahad nanti ye yang..erk!

  • yes..due to personal matters, plan utk weekend ni kne tukaa..no longer overnite stay kat cititel..and kami hanye dpt pegi ke midvalley on Sunday..plss jgn la barang abis ke tadek ke..and I want goodies bagss plss (cam takde harapan nak dpt )hahhha

  • owh esok ade appointment utk detailed scan..my last attempt..klu tak dapek2 jugak..mokcik nak merajuk tanak buat detailed scan dah..bulehh?hahha

  • and esok nak poei jumpa mokcik jaja..nak collect something that I have been longing for so longg..tgk facebook dia je sure air liur meleleh..eeeeiiii comot btol..

ok nak start nak buat kije (iyo la tuh)..bai.

jeudi 5 mai 2011

Set bersalin (but i prefer to call it as set berpantang)

Salam guys

Have you decided on which set berpantang that you gonna use? Frankly, I didnt do a lot of research on which set is better..sbb lain orang, lain effectnye kan..and currently, dah berlambak2 set berpantang yg ade kat pasaran..however, my bff and my SIL recommend me to buy set bersalin herbanika Nona Roguy.

Dalam set ni ade:

* PhytoNatal - dalam bentuk tablet untuk dimakan (90 biji)
* Akar Herbanika - dalam bentuk paket dan perlu dicampur air untuk diminum (10 paket)
* Minyak Herbanika - minyak sapuan pada perut, pinggang dan badan (100ml)
* Herbanika barut - sapuan pada perut dan pinggang (60gm)
* Uncang Cuci Herbanika - untuk jagaan kebersihan dan kesegaran wanita (10 paket)
* Herbanika Lulur - untuk menyental kulit, kehalusan dan kebersihan kulit (100gm)

Harga bukan ahli: RM365
Harga ahli: RM300 hehehehheehe
quite expensive rite? so mule2 saye decide nak pilih mane2 yg penting je..which will cost me somewhere around RM 243 for minyak herbanika, phytonatal and uncang cuci herbanika. Ok lah..jimat skett..

But yesterday, I received a notification email from nr4u ckp esok diorang akan buat sale sempena hari ibu. 20% less tau. so set ni akan jadi rm240!!! i likeee!!


Inilah saat yang ditunggu-tunggu sejak sekian lama. Sebagai menghargai pengguna setia produk NR, pihak pengurusan Portal NR4U ingin memaklumkan bahawa satu jualan khas Sempena Sambutan Hari Ibu akan diadakan pada hari JUMAAT 6 MEI 2011 untuk tempoh 1 hari (24 jam) sahaja.

Lawatilah laman Portal NR4U di www.nr4u.com.my untuk menikmati diskaun 20% DARI HARGA AHLI bagi setiap produk NR yang ditawarkan.

Terma dan syarat:

a). Tawaran ini adalah sah untuk transaksi dan pembelian di laman Portal NR4U sahaja.

b). Tawaran ini terbuka untuk pembelian di dalam Malaysia dan di luar negara.

c). Tawaran ini hanya sah untuk pelanggan-pelanggan maya yang telah berdaftar di Portal NR4U sahaja.

d). Semua pembelian secara offline haruslah dijelaskan selewat-lewatnya pada Isnin 9 Mei 2011 sebelum jam 12.00 tengahari untuk memudahkan pemprosesan tempahan. Sekiranya sebarang maklumat dan bukti pembayaran tidak diterima dalam tempoh yang berkenaan, status pembelian akan dibatalkan secara automatik. (Sila berhubung dengan pegawai kami Pn Noor Aiza atau Cik Akhma di talian 03-8942 5304 sekiranya memerlukan penjelasan dan bantuan)

So for those yg nak beli n pkai set bersalin nonaroguy, kindly register jadi member kat nr4u..jadi ahli maya je..rm0.50 je kot utk pendaftaran (dah lupe)..and hari jumaat..kite pakat2 beli set ni ek =)

btw kos penghantaran adalah:
  • RM 10.00 Semenanjung Malaysia.
  • RM 15.00 Sabah / Sarawak

p/s: saye bukan stokis/agent NR..ni first time nak try pakai jamu tau..hahha

mercredi 4 mai 2011

Aussino Babies

Lupe nak habaq, ari tu gi Alamanda, saye ade masuk Aussino..hehehhe..and all babies comforter set have 20% less ( without member card..kalu ade member card, ade extra 10% kot

(gambar hiasan. source shoppingNsales)

Yang confirm, utk normal comforter set (bukan yg Disney punye tu) harga dia including diskaun dan member card is RM209.30 (instead of rm299)

Dalam comforter set ni ade: fitted sheet, quilt, bumper, pillow and bolster (skali ngan bantalnye tau)

Sale last till 28 May klu tak silap. Happy shopping mommies!

mardi 3 mai 2011

hectic weekend

I thought I cud have a restful weekend..but I was completely wrong.

Started from Friday night, where dinner with my siblings had to be canceled due to food poisoning! It was so bad and hurt my stomach awfully..tak putus2 mulut ni menyebut nama tuhan..sbb seriously sakit sgt sampai I tot ni contraction nak beranak ke ape..panik ok..so my hubby brought me to Hospital Barakah..tak sempat nak register..i rushed pegi toilet..buka je pintu..terus tersembur kuar sisa makanan..susah2 plak kne bersihkan toilet tu..huhu..dlm hati mmg cursed kaw2 makcik n pakcik kafe opis.

Saturday morning..i woke up lazily..sakit perut memulas tu masih berbaki..nak breakfast pon seriau..takut sakit dtg balik cam smlm..huhuhu..opted for a glass of milk n dua keping roti canai for my late breakfast.

Around 2, went out with hubby to shah Alam to settle a couple of things..and singgah Tesco kejap sbb situ ade promosi barang2 baby..ended up beli baby wipes je..haha..

On Sunday, we went to Malacca..but I didn’t get my cendol..huhu..we started our journey a bit late..around 2pm..and jalan plak jam..especially nak masuk ke Ayer Keroh..mmg sesak gile. Sampai sane dekat kol 5..pegi amik my BIL and terus pegi Umbai as my hubby nak makan ikan bakar.

We tried this restaurant, Parameswara..sbb macam ramai orang n restaurant pon agak besar jugak..so we tot sure sini sedap punye lah..but we were disappointed! Red Wok kat Bangi and Seafood restaurant kat Kg Baru berkali-kali-kali-kali lagi sedap!! Service was poor. Seb baek tak mahal..klu tak..rase cam menyesal gile. After makan, anta my BIL then kitorang pon balik ke Kota Kemuning..hubby rushed nak tgk match Manchester united-arsenal..pestu kalah plak tu..adoiiii..dah le cendol tak dapek..takpe2 cendol kat dengkil pon org kate best..so nak angkut hubby pegi sane plak..hehhe

On Monday, I was excited to do my detailed scan..called Hospital Barakah for a few times to confirm yg detailed scan is available pagi isnin tu and tak perlu buat appointment, just walk in..dgn yakin nye receptionist tu said yes..skali bile saye pegi..dr yg buat scan tu cuti..hishhhh panas ati..i called them to avoid this kind of situation happened..and skali terkena jugak..so please please please..sesape yg kije kat kaunter reception, make sure your info is correct before informing your customer.

Then we headed to Alamanda as we had lunch date with my siblings there (ganti diner yg cancel jumaat mlm tu)..we had great time, especially with our nephews..pestu cuci2 mata kat Alamanda..Parkson has sales for BonusLink card holder..so we bought twin pack Avent bottle 4oz..normal price is rm79..after less 20%, dapat le RM63.20..sukaaa =)

Balik umah..sempat pulak kemaskan halaman..hubby potong rumput while I sapu sampah..berpeluh2..pestu.. kemaskan almari baju..utk kasi space letak barang2 baby..comell..hubby pon cam excited jugak..hihihi tp mmg flat gilee lahh.

So ari ni dtg opis, dgn muke tak bermaye..lemah je rase..pestu perut still rase tak sedap..nak makan kat café pon takutt..haihhh.