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lundi 5 juillet 2010

of wedding date

as u all might notice,my wedding is on hari raya..
precisely, the akad is on the second day of hari raya
during the kursus kawen, some (well almost everyone) b2bs that i met were surprised to know that my wedding is during hari raya..
and i was surprised as well to see their surprised faces :D

apparently here (KL & Selangor), people do not get married on hari raya
perhaps there are a few, but really rare..

au contraire, in Kelantan, weddings are usually held during school holidays, and hari raya is counted in.
it is because, it is the only time of period where u can gather the whole family, sepupu sepapat, sanak2 saudara etc.

in my case, i have a sister who is studying abroad..and she hasnt celebrate hari raya at home for almost 5 years..or perhaps 6 years
i surely want her and her family to be present on my big day
and the appopriate moment is the hari raya
so that my sis and her fam can celebrate both, my wedding and hari raya!
lagipon, a member (sometimes two) of our fam was always missing during hari raya or wedding for the past 10 years
because of that, our last family pic taken is dated 16 years back!

and that's my main reason for my wedding date =)
of course, there was time where i wanted to choose a date which is significant for us
for example on the 19th of any month, because mon prince charmant and me were born on the 19th (sounds silly arent we? )
or on the 10.10.10, mon prince charmant like this date so much..but i had to say no no no

we tried to have 10.09.10 tho..which means the akad has to be the first day of hari raya
but i might have a prob to get tok imam (hellooo..tok imam pon nak beraye ok )
and the bridal boutique told me that they will do the set up for my pelamin on the last day of ramadhan if i wanted it up before the akad
as i want to have fresh flowers, i am afraid it wont be fresh anymore for my reception (the 3rd day of raya)
thus the akad is on the 11.09.10..THE september eleventh. ngeeeeee

on the other hand..we can only plan, but everything is in God's hand
my lil bro is sent to the us for a 6 month training
and there is no chance he cud come to my wedding (sob)
he even has to postpone his wedding as well

hope we can take family picture at my bro's reception =)

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