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mardi 8 juin 2010

im worried...

ari ahad lepas..mon prince charmant et moi, went to jalan pudu
utk tempah our wedding invitation card
well..few months back..we all actually berkenan kad kat jentayu design
they do really have sweet cards
and it is not too far from my place..neighbour next door ok..hihihi
and the owner is so nice

but then, when we went to wedding expo (i cant remember which one)
kat mid valley, we all tertarik plak dgn card LH Creative
well..some looks banal..but ade la yg kitorang rase cam berkenan
and the price is not dat expensive..within our budget
so kitorang pon put rm50 deposit to get that day price

and since then..we all kinda terlupe terus about jentayu, decided to order our card from LH creative
nak jadikan cerita..rite before i went out
i saje2 gatal2 google about LH creative
and i found one forum telling bad things about LH
apparently, some customers of LH are not happy with the services
and those stories really made me scared
but i told myself, well it may happen everywhere
no matter which company that u pick

so i just went on with the plan
the place is a bit far from us..frankly, i've never been to jalan pudu before
tersesat sampai situ pon tak pnah..hihiihi
we arrived there during lunch hour
there were a few customers
and the salesgurls (indonesians) were very nice
they treated us well..which made us comfortable in the beginning

as we already knew which card we wud like to pick,
so we all isi the information form first, then baru nak discuss with the salesgurl on the customization..
and then suddenly, we heard one customer quarreled with LH staff
wat i mean from "staff" here is, this woman (malay) was seated in front of computer
and i think, she is the person who is in charge of keying in the data and the design of the card to the computer..
apparently, the customer was waiting for her bunting, but the bunting was missing in action..
the LH staff said, they already printed it out, but they cudnt find it..so they will print it again..so they asked the women to come back again or perhaps check at another LH office (situated not too far from where we were)
the customer was outraged, asking if LH did really print the bunting or not
the salesgirls tried to calm her down, but it didnt work as she busted out from the office

i tot the not-so-nice scene wud stop there
but this LH staff (yg dok buat kije ngan computer ni) kept saying bad things about the customer!!
some that i cud remember.."dia ni nak kawin ke tidak??kalau muke cantik tu takpe la jugak nak marah2..ni tak lawa pon" and she kept membebel2 for about half an hour
but one of the staff there started to print again the bunting
u know what that rude LH staff said " tak payah buat cantik2..marah2 aku macam tu..buruk pon takpe..biar padan muke"
when i heard that..i was shocked..OMG..she got no rite to say that..no matter whose fault it is, she cant do that!!!
because of her, the environment became so tense
at least for both of us
till nak isi form tu pon asik tersalah je..
and dlm kepale sy, i kept asking..did i make a mistake by choosing this company??

luckily, the salesgurls were so calm..they still can control their nevres despite of what had occured in the office
still smilling to us, and patiently listen to what we explained about our card
the changes that have to be done on the sample card that they showed to us
she promised us that the draft will be out within a week
and if everything is ok, then we can collect our card by the end of this month

on the way back home, mon prince charmant said he really didnt like the way that rude woman treated the customer
eventho the customer was wrong, but she shudnt get too emo and said bad things about the customer..it was so wrongggggg!!!at least show some respect to other customers who were on that place.
and i agreed with him
lebey2 lg dia yg buat design kat computer..klu dgn marah2 cemtu..sure ade manyakk salah
erkk..takottt nye makkkkkk...
pls dont do that to my cards..plssssss

skang sy sgtt2 la berharap our card will turn out to be seperti yg kami harapkan
tp still risau sgt sgt sgt..adoiii
does anybody pnah deal with this company?
perhaps u cud share ur nice story so that i can put end to this uneasiness

p/s: we ordered 700 pcs for both of us..tetibe rase cam tak cukup..gulp

3 commentaires:

Nurulhuda|Adlie a dit…

hey jangan risau sangat.. ape2 pun selalu follow up dn diorang and check the draft as well.. :)

missbutterfly a dit…

kamu..i pun placed the depo rm50 tempohari..dgr cite u mcm takut la plk..

Amalina a dit…

huda: itu lah..mon prince charmant ckp mmg dia akan call to make sure sume ok..nk tergelak pon ade coz dia tak pnah serious macam ni..slalunye dia serah bulat2 kat i soh handle =)

missbutterfly: im so sorry if i scare u with this story..if u nak order situ..just be aware that it may happen je la..so take extra precautions mase order tu..make sure the person notes down all ur requests on the invoice