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mardi 15 juin 2010

quick update on lh creative

as i said in my previous post, mon prince charmant and i ordered our wedding card fr lh creative, despite of having uncomfortable experience with them (refer to previous2 post).
they promised us that the draft will be out within a week
so today, i decided to give a call, asking for news..(walaupon sy bz banget dgn my circuits)
well, after a long waiting, they still cudnt find my invoice, so they told me that they will call me back :(

i was dissappointed, and expected for the worst. i texted my fiance, updated him about the call, and u guys know what he replied to me: if they cudnt find our invoice, or if there is any prob at all, we r going to ask our deposit back, and order our card at somewhere else.
wuhuuuuuu..he has never been this serious before..normally, i am the person who always freaks out in every single thing by turning my self into a godzilla, and he is the person who will calm me down and change me into human form..but not this time. he will become the godzilla, or shud i say, groomzilla?nice

that's me, when im not in a human form

that must be him :D

a couple of mins passed by, and the person from lh creative called, asking me if i already send the map or not. of course i did, i even drew it in A3 paper, in order to give u guys larger view of the map. and she said, she will call me back.

another couple of mins passed by, she called, informing me that it has been sent to the designer, and the designer will call me once it is done. she gave me the name and the number of the designer. nicee..now im going to hassle the designer (just kidding!, of course i wont do it :p )

but i did call the designer tho (politely), just to make sure she got the information, the sample card and the map. we didnt design our own card, we just picked one of the sample in the showroom, and asked them to do exactly the same, but of course, there are certain things that are need to be changed, but we already jotted down everything on the sample card. such as "Majlis Kesyukuran" instead of "Walimatul Urus". She told me the draft will be done this Saturday, but i will be in Kuantan for my cousin's engagement, so i told her i will come next week.I told this to mon prince charmant, he said he will go there and spy this saturday..hihihi..he's cute!

Hoping they wont make any mistake on our card, as they already have everything, and it's their own design. Otherwise, I will really get mad, with a groomzilla right behind me.

p/s: why i call it as a quick update?because currently im waiting for my colleague to debug my layout..i cant understand why i have those errors.

7 commentaires:

NahWaL a dit…

honey, all the french is making me confused. dont know which one is for entering the comment lol.

hope lh creative doesnt disappoint u. nad had a similar experience, being always late with the cards and all. their pr sucks, but lets hope they dont do the same with u then they did with the previous clients

missbutterfly a dit…

wow..so many -ve feedback from previous B2B yah..gulp!

Amalina a dit…

nahwal dear, sorry about the french..it is the only way for me to get connected with my old frenchie life..hihihi..btw commentaire=comment =)

i didnt know about lh creative, till i read the forum rite before heading to their office..i wish i cud know earlier, then we wud just order from jentayu

missbutterfly: b2bs before ni pon pnah ade complaint ek?adoiii..

NahWaL a dit…

too bad cause they have great new designs. lh should just fire their workers who are giving them bad pr.

did u study in france? :)

Amalina a dit…

yup some are very nice..and the price is not that expensive..but their pr is not good, they do not organize well..berterabur je i tgk (and why on earth did i order my card with them??)

and yes, i studied in france..and kinda miss it =)

NahWaL a dit…

awww lucky uuu..hope everything goes well :)

Amalina a dit…

thanks dear =)